11 Responses to SOD.233

  1. Who is this guy suppose to be, guess I dont get it. Some of these black and white look appealing to my taste. He kinda looks like the lost avenger “sneezy”.

  2. It looks a little like Reed Richards to me.

  3. of course it’s richards, but he’s yelling at sue, as always

  4. Avatar Watson Bradshaw

    Reed is rocking the Clooney haircut and screaming at Sue to call him “Mr. Fantastic” in the sack.

  5. It’s not meant to be anyone in particular, it’s just a drawing of a dude.

  6. ah that’s the beauty, its all up for interpretation.

  7. True, but apparently all of us with W in their name agree it looks like Richards.

  8. Looks like a commander cursing the enemy bombarding the city behind him.

  9. @Worf: I don’t have a “w” in my name but I think it looks like Reed.

  10. I think so too. except he looks like he’s african-american.

  11. @Worf (7) Too true, I’m a W and thought it was Richards, too.