Awkward moments in hero-sidekick relations

(From "Amazing Mystery Funnies", volume 2, number 12, 1939.)

11 Responses to Awkward moments in hero-sidekick relations

  1. Dan Gonzalez says:

    Frogga go both ways!

  2. gero says:

    Says the guy wearing a robe and ascot…

  3. ams says:

    Hey, is that a banana in your mouth or are you just happy to see me, FLAME ON!

  4. The Imp says:

    Is the guy in the robe Carson Kressly?

  5. William A. Peterson says:

    “Frogga no like WOMEN! Frogga want beautiful GIRLS! Preferably under 7! Are you no listening?” 😉

  6. McKnight57 says:

    “Hey, Frogga only told you that so you’d stop setting him up with your cousins. Why they all look like Justin Bieber?”

  7. ajw says:

    Well wouldn’t that be awkward:
    man:I’m engaged! Buddy:Is that legal?
    man: Yeah, why wouldn’t be? Buddy:Aren’t you gay?

  8. frankie says:

    “Frogga cross road for beautiful girls. Ribbit!”

  9. punkjay says:

    Wow like Lenny from “Of Mice & Men”.

  10. X-stacy says:

    “Frogga not. But Frogga hope you are, because Frogga need some rest.”

  11. frankie says:

    “Frogga no like woah men. Frogga like girls.”