HM3: The antlers and eyebrows of the chaps-wearing lion

Some new additions to HeroMachine 3 just went live, including some both from me and from dblade. I also have a number of great items from Me Myself and I that I'll be working on this afternoon.

The new stuff is:

That top row shows two different sets of antlers based off a submission by MMI, now available in Ears-Standard. Next is the lion head (which I've long been meaning to add), in Head-Animals, and finally a nifty pair of chaps by dbalde in Legwear-Male-Outerwear.

dblade also sent in a bunch of new eyebrows, available naturally in Eyebrows-Standard:

20 Responses to HM3: The antlers and eyebrows of the chaps-wearing lion

  1. Oh Wow! Those eyebrows look so good for SO many uses!

  2. Cool additions. Right now, the bottom row of the last page of Eyebrows isn’t working for me.

  3. Apologies Jake, I apparently can’t count. Try it now (after clearing your browser cache).

  4. Avatar Me, Myself & I

    Thank you for the mention Jeff but I know the Antler’s needed a lot of work after I sent them to you. The credit is all your’s Jeff.

    dblade, great submissions; thank you for all the new fire elements! That bottom one would make some pretty interesting teeth as well.

  5. Also, the right horn is screwy. You click on it and it gives you the ear in that position on the previous page.

  6. OK, that one was because I can’t TYPE, either. Try it now.

  7. Avatar Hammerknight

    Great additions.

  8. Avatar Watson Bradshaw

    these are some fine new additions, great work dblade and Jeff.

  9. That dark red example head for the first eyebrow is really scary! Anyway, great job on all these items!

  10. The gazelle horns are a great idea. I’ve revamped two of my characters with. They look less ridiculous than my previous cheating montages.

  11. Love The eyebrows.

  12. The second one from the top in the first image looks like Xemnu, the Living Titan from the Marvel Monster days. I had an issue of the Hulk where he fought a whole bunch of those crazy Kirby creations all in a row. Xemnu was behind it all!

    I really like those brows! Plus, they’d make a great ‘stache!

  13. Great stuff! Any chance the chaps can be split in 2? Or a separate item just of one leg? Makes them more versitile.

  14. It just keeps getting better and better. Thanks, Jeff.

  15. Awesome antlers! Grrrrreat lion head!

    The other stuff is okay I guess. πŸ™‚

  16. Hey Jeff,

    One set of eyebrows wasn’t added to HM: the simple tentacle ones. Unless of course you were waiting for me to create 5 more eyebrows to completely fill the next menu screen. I’M ON IT! πŸ™‚

  17. @ams (13): I can see what Jeff says. I can resubmit a single leg if he likes.

  18. many thanks to all of you. you keep adding the coolest things.

  19. dblade: Thanks for adding the chaps. I’ve been needing them for a cowboy-like character, but I kept forgetting to ask.

  20. dblade (16): Oops, sorry about that — I had added them, but forgot to put them into the preview screens. I’ve just uploaded the updated file.