12 Responses to SOD.231

  1. Avatar Worf says:

    UH! Crazy Old Man/Wizard! Cool!

  2. Avatar Quark says:

    He looks a bit like the First Doctor (from Doctor Who,obviously).

  3. I was thinking Miracle Max from ‘The Princess Bride’ or Riff Raff from ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show.’

  4. Avatar ajw says:

    It could be an updated Vulture!

  5. ams ams says:

    Good sketch. Nice texture for the skin, age spots, big ears and nose. Great old man composition! Cheers!

  6. Avatar punkjay says:

    Ebinezer Scrooge

  7. Avatar Joshua says:

    An updated E.C. Comics The Crypt Keeper? “Hello, kiddies!”

  8. Avatar dblade says:

    Awesome! It is worthy of awe.

  9. Avatar Tango says:

    Looks a bit like Uncle Creepy to me. Very nice.

  10. Avatar Steve M. says:

    I agree with The Atomic Punk on the Miracle Max resemblance. May have to pop the Princess Bride in the player tonight.

    “Good luck, boys!”
    “Have fun storming the castle!”

  11. Avatar The Eric says:

    He does look like a vulture, with the bald head and fur below.

    I really have to watch The Princess Bride soon, it’s one of the few good things on Netflix up here.

  12. Avatar BroCoyote says:

    My first glance I saw Gargamel the sorcerer, sworn enemy of the Smurfs.