SOD.226 – Cowboy Ninja

23 Responses to SOD.226 – Cowboy Ninja

  1. Okay, the entire idea of a cowboy ninja is awesome, and you’ve just proved it.

  2. Yippy Ki Yay, Jeff-san!

  3. Looks like Deadpool meets the Lone Ranger.

  4. Reminds me of Dr. McNinja.

  5. Avatar Me, Myself & I

    That’s awsome. Love it Jeff.

  6. Kinda reminds me of that old kung fu show with David Carodine.

  7. cool

  8. When I first saw the post I thought “Red Steel 2?”

  9. like a gi joe character, awesome

  10. Love that the clothing & sword are in negative perspective and that the eyes & chest are regular. Very creative in combining the two styles. Bravo!

  11. Avatar Wierdrocks

    Whoa… Jeff, you just settled like, SO much sibling rivalry…

  12. Avatar Watson Bradshaw

    This needs to be an ongoing series right now! Very cool stuff Jeff.

  13. Wierdrocks (12): Pretty sure you’re thinking of ninjas vs pirates. Or was it cowboys and . . . no that’s a movie.

  14. awesome
    now I am imagining ninja cowboy v.s. pirate robot.

  15. nakiato (15): That actually does sound pretty awesome.

  16. Is this the next Character contest? Make a ninja cowboy? Interesting……..

  17. Avatar Captain Kicktar

    Yeah, same here, mashlagoo.

  18. Awesome mash up!

    Actually a mash up of two different character types would be an interesting contest. Nun/Assassin, Pirate/Space Marine, etc…

  19. Great idea, dblade (19)!

  20. Very nice, good job.

  21. Avatar Wierdrocks

    Mcknight57 (14): Not in my house it’s not.

  22. Jeff, here it is, my HM3 representation of the Cowboy Ninja.