RP: That’s a lot of awesome in just one panel

(From "Man'O'Mars" number 1, 1953.)

7 Responses to RP: That’s a lot of awesome in just one panel

  1. There’s queer powers involved, and faking it. Did I stumble onto some gay porn on HeroMachine? You need to double check this stuff for us, Jeff.

  2. Jack Tripper, Space Ranger. Faking it so he can share a berthing with Ensign Janet and Nurse Krissy. Space Mr Roper has a HUGE forehead.

  3. That smiling asian guy with the pink ray gun on the right freaks me out.

  4. Uh-oh, someone call Green Lantern and let him know Pieface has turned evil.

  5. Avatar Nicholas/GtaMythMaster43

    Oh sh*t! Queer powers? What? Is he a gay jedi?
    Oh yeah, and Jeff, I second what Myro said.
    Tsk….making us see gay porn on HeroMachine….
    You Crazy Guy, You…

  6. If space training is no defense against Donovan’s powers, and if Reef’s mind was wavering, how was he faking it.?

  7. Maybe the dude’s just paranoid. I mean, you fake it just once and some people never believe you again.