HM3: Lab coats and tied bust shirts

I've just updated Tops-MaleStandard (clear your browser cache if it doesn't show up) with the following items from the Replacement Prize list:

There was only a call for one Lab Coat, but I saw the diagonal one while getting reference and loved it too much not to throw it in.

After the jump I'll post the latest version of that list so you can see where we stand.

You'll note I'll have Mouths open anyway (ha!), so if there are other ... mouth poses? Is that a valid concept? ... you want, speak up now.

16 Responses to HM3: Lab coats and tied bust shirts

  1. I’m really glad that you made the diagonal lab coat too. It just screams mad scientist.

    As far as mouths go, I’d love to see one with a harelip. Maybe one with crooked teeth would be cool. How about one with braces?

    Ooh, one like that James Bond villain, Jaws.

    Maybe a mouth with rabbit-like front teeth? We could have one with missing teeth too. That would be great for a boxer character or to make a little kid. How about sharp teeth, like a shark?

    How about an underbite with small fangs?

  2. For some reason, that tied shirt isn’t as thrilling as the Lynda Carter photograph… hmm…

  3. Tooth elements.

    That is, a fang we can transplant and rotate to fit open mouths.

    I mean, look at this — I would love to put pointy canines into that mouth, just for that perfect psychotic look of my insane psychic warrior.

  4. *Looks at the Lynda Carter photograph, then looks at the actual HM3 item.*

    That’s definitely not the “Shirt tied under bust” that got 178 votes. Which is confusing and disappointing.

    Seriously, I wasn’t expecting the male version of the clearly female item that was selected by the community.

    Anyway… the Lab Coat looks very good 🙂

  5. Oh yeah, and it would be nice to have more feminine lips as well. With suitable detail, some alpha shadings and such.

    Like here. The current ones don’t seem to quite do the justice to the ladies, I’ve noticed. 🙁

    (Also, it would be nice to get some make-up elements, such as small round and oval patches that can be faded from one color to another, for eyeshadow and blush/rouge.)

  6. Couple of mouth designs from HM2 that I could get some immediate use out of. I’m not sure what to call them, so I named them based on what my impression of them are.

    Don’t judge me!

  7. I agree wtih Skiriki. It would be cool if lips and teeth were separated. There’d be a couple different open mouth lips to show different expressions (smiling, grinning, confused, surprised, angry, etc) that would have the interior of the mouth cut out. Then, you could put various kinds of teeth behind the lips.

    Might not be the most fun thing to draw, but I think it’d add a lot. Teeth are fun to draw, right?

  8. Neon (4): That would be because there aren’t any breasts in it. When I do the final conversion of male-only items to female I think you’ll find what you’re looking for. Both of them.

  9. Nice work, Jeff. I love the labcoat. The new Khopesh looks great too.

    Are the bottom white/grey boxed ones going to be included too? I’m confused about those.

  10. No, only the colored ones are going in, unless future contest winners elect to choose “next item on the replacement list” like others have.

    Or, unless I null previous contest winners who never let me know what they wanted, in which case I’ll just take the next item on the list.

  11. Avatar Nick Hentschel

    First the Sixth Doctor’s coat; now Peri’s blouse! YIPPEE!!!

  12. That’s a shame. Most of those items sound great and would certaintly come in handy. I hope they get used.

  13. I would bet that between unclaimed prize and the occasional beneficent contest winner, most of those will end up making it in before all is said and done.

  14. Is that what those are? Google Images is not always helpful at identifying what I’m looking at.

  15. I hope they are used. I think a lot of users would agree too, they could come in handy. Plus you seem to be on a roll lately with the HM3 items, so why not?

  16. I’m still hoping sometime down the line, we get a wheelchair.