HM3: Dragon whip

Asder and I have completed work on his prize for winning Character Contest 49, now available in ItemRight-Blunts -- a dragon whip:


9 Responses to HM3: Dragon whip

  1. Awesome!! Zabimaru!!

    Thanks to both, Jeff and Asder for this very cool item 🙂

  2. Avatar Me, Myself & I

    Hey Jeff, do you think you could section off the head so it can be used independently of the spine?

  3. Holy moly… that’s one hell of a something!

    Damn, I wish I could win one of these contests. You get some out-and-out badassery, yo.

  4. I agree with MMI. And I also agree that this thing is pure awesome.

  5. I still had the window open that was just the head, so I made it into an entry in Head-Animals, now live. Without the flowing hair, since you can add that yourself (or not) and get a more flexible look.

  6. I’m always excited when new stuff is added, but I don’t quite understand that section of the whip above the head, is it still part of the whip or does is split?

  7. Avatar Me, Myself & I

    Thank you Jeff!

    Great addition.

  8. @ChrisN.: It looks to me like the whip attaches to the head on the right (that black area) and then does kind of a figure eight to the left.

  9. @ The Imp: Ahh, I see. Just kinda tricked my eyes.