Friday Night Fights 2, Round 2: Little John

Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please! For your delight and amusement we now present four knock-down, drag-out, in-your-face heads-up matches pitting the creativity of some of the Internet's most creative people tackling the challenge of creating "Robin Hood in Space" using HeroMachine 3! The following Elite Eight players survived some tough contests that saw their versions of "Friar Tuck" beat the competition, and now we're moving on to "Little John."

Your votes decide who wins each matchup: You can vote once per day in each of the four matches. That's right, once per day! So get all of your friends to come back to each day to stuff your ballot box. You can see a larger version of each entry simply by clicking on the thumbnail and you can read the stories after all the polls are listed. The winner of each match as of midnight Thursday receives their choice of either a) any item they like to be included in HeroMachine 3; b) any portrait they like to be included in HeroMachine 3; or c) a custom black and white "Sketch of the Day" illustration.

Finally, we also have all of the "Little John" entries from everyone who's been eliminated thus far. You can also vote in that all-in scrum once per day, with the overall winner as of midnight Thursday will receive the same prize choices as the matchup winners.

Main Brackets

MMI vs. Imp
JordanXord vs. Myro
Frevoli vs. VonMalcolm
Gargoyle323 vs. DiCicatriz

Consolation Round 2:

Each of the contestants was invited to provide a story for their setting, but it wasn't mandatory. For a more complete overview of each concept, here are all the entries for both the brackets and the consolation round in a larger format along with the story for each.


The sith were attempting occupy Kashyyk when from the brush Little john and his band of Wookies brought the sith to their knees, holding hostages, and attacking transport vehicles. When the sith finally left news of Little John spread through the galaxy becoming almost a legend, eventually Robin went looking for Little John on Kashyyk, only to be captured and eventually recruit Little John and his band of guerillas.


Robin's best friend and pilot of the "Loxley".Before he and Robin met Little John was a gun for hire but Robin convinced him to join the fight against the government.


No story provided.

Atomic Punk

Robin Hood gave the name "Little John" to a Domestic Sentry Mark IX (DS-9) in memory of his academy bunkmate John Little. At first, neither cared for the other. During a training exercise, John threw a rock that hit Robin in the head, causing him to bleed.

The Instructor broke the two apart. He decided that they should settle their differences right then with quarterstaffs. John was far taller than Robin. He used his height to great advantage. He frustrated Robin - who vainly attempted to guard, turn, parry, dodge, spin, and thrust.

John knocked Robin into the river. The giant went to help Robin, but Robin pulled him into the water. The cadets cheered. Even John laughed. Robin's "never give up" attitude not only won over his classmates, it served him for a time as he rose through the ranks of the Royal Expeditionary Forces.
There is a fine line between tenacity and foolishness. Robin was the commander of the ill-fated Defence of Loxlie. L'Arme des toiles had landed on the planet. Robin ordered his units to hold the line. Despite pleas from his Second-in-Command and first friend, Leftenant John Little, Robin refused to budge.

Facing overwhelming odds, Robin's men abandoned their post. During the retreat, Robin's ship was shot from the sky. He lost his right arm and right eye. John paid a heavier price.

Robin awoke in a cell. The French had taken him to the prison colony of Papillon. King Louis XXXIV wanted to exchange Robin for the Dauphin, who was in his enemy's hands. His Majesty would have nothing of it. Though it pained him, His Majesty was convinced by the Sheriff of Nottingham and Prince John that Robin was a traitor unworthy of rescue. Robin was able to escape execution with the help of Mech Marian and the Domestic Sentry Mark IX.


No story provided.

Danny Beaty

No story provided.


Diminutive Zhan, an outworlder exiled by his people for his genetic
experiments, Zhan joins Robenne's crew as a science liason. When pressed or threatened Zhan's species can increase their mass, but tampering with his genetic code has left Zhan's altered form dangerous and uncontrollable.


Realising they'll next some extra muscle, the duo track down Jonkwart Erstaff - owner of The Bridge Tavern - a veteran of the PKF. Jon is reluctant, but agrees to join them. Wielding a pole of concentrated light, he's "Little" John


John is another of the M.E.R.-E men (Mechanically Enhanced Rebels-Earth class), led by Robin Hood. He is one of Robin's best and trusted soldiers.John was seriously injured by the Sheriff's attack on Earth. He agreed to the enhancements so he could continue his fight against the evil forces that destroyed his home world. The weapon arrays in his arm can be switched out depending on what he needs.


No story provided.


Around 2100 the John Deere company began to make A.I. units to run other farming equipment. These units took on the name John. They were a wonderful addition to the farm. A.I. units were being built to work almost every job out there. When Earth's population began to rise, jobs were hard to find because everyone was using the A.I. units for labor. In 2143 a call for the end of the A.I. units was made. With big businesses not wanting to pay for human labor, they did not want to end the use of the A.I.'s. In 2147 the war against the A.I. erupted into chaos. People began destroying the units every chance they got. By the end of 2152, A.I.'s were outlawed on Earth. A.I. units, including the Johns were ordered to be destroyed. There were some units, knowing they were going to be destroyed, went into hiding. One of the John units found a hiding place on the farm of Robert Locksley Sr. Years later this unit would travel with Robert Jr. to the planet of Nottingham. The colonies did not outlaw the units, so the John unit was safe. Robert Jr's grandson, Robin, would later develop a friendship with the John unit, calling it Little John.


Robin's first mate and second in command, Little John fought the Muslims but lost and was bound to watch over the Star-Bridge, the high-speed gateway away from the Nebula. John lost his right arm and leg from an explosion when he was captured.
The Star-Bridge was parked right outside Loxley when Robin came home. Trying to escape the system, Robin faced John and beat him. John has pledged his allegiance to Robin.


A member of the Varsulan race.  A hero on his native planet during their war against the Empire thirty years ago (a war which the Varsulans lost; they were inducted into the Empire as part of Covington Sector), John has joined Hood's Rebellion on the condition that Varsu be freed when and if they triumph over the Marshalls.  'Little John' is Hood's nickname for the alien; his real name is pretty much unpronounceable by the human tongue.


Dr. John Little isn't just a medic, he was also a former Arenaball player who was considered one of the toughest in the  Northwest hemisphere devision of the Terran league.  An old college friend of Robin's, he was horrified when his friend asked for his help in trying to restore TUCK to a normal body.  While unable to help he did decide to join the two and work outside the system that he could no longer trust.  He currently serves as the Sherwood's medic. Little is a mutant who can compress the space in his molecules.   By doing so he can shrink in size down to only an inch tall (while still retaining his full mass and strength).


Lyjorn is an alien from a planet called Harius. While travelling to Earth with the purpose of making some business, his transport suffered a serious accident and he was gravely injured. Lyjorn was then submitted to extensive surgery in which he was rebuilt as a cyborg, removing damaged body organs and limbs and replacing them with cybernetic prosthesis. When the evil Baron Mordach started his tyrannical rule, Lyjorn opposed his reign and was arrested. When he was transferred to another prison in outer space, he was rescued by Robin Hood and became an ally of the now feared outlaw. Robin called him affectionately “Little John”. His massive physique is enhanced with cybernetic devices, making him strong and fast. He has great fighting skills and is a brilliant master planner.


No story provided.

Me, Myself, and I

John spent most of his life in the military, first as a cadet, then as a soldier. He was an infantryman trained in the use of heavy weapons such as the old machine gun or recoilless rifle. Due to his large size, John was the only man he knew who could actually fire accurately any of his weaponry without using the associated tripods or supports. He still remembers when the UN Defence Force introduced the new weaponry. The Energy rifles were nice and really quite powerful in their own way but John never really did take to them. Give him an old machine gun any day over a laser rifle and he would be a happy man.

Unfortunately John’s military career did not end as he hoped. Eventually John had found himself court-martialled and sentenced to a year in military prison for disobeying a direct order. He felt that what he was asked to do was wrong and, though it didn’t matter anymore, still held to his convictions. Having a criminal record and being discharged from the military he found his options few. After years of trying to make ends meet John ended up in Nottingham’s sprawling shanty town doing odd jobs when available or stealing what he needed to survive. He would always try to steal from those that could afford it and wouldn’t feel the loss to hard but it never sat well with him.

It was in the shanty town that John met with Friar Tuck. This was a man in need even more than he was and he felt pity for the Friar. If it wasn’t for the fact that the authorities seemed to have a reel interest in Friar Tuck, John would have simply chocked his crazy stories up to madness. The Friar’s lack of understanding of any of the modern technology helped emphasize the point that The Friar may be not as crazy as he first seemed.

Meanwhile in the mirror dimension Jenkin Slater had come down from the Highlands of his ancestors looking or his old friend Friar Tuck. He had heard of the disappearance and wouldn’t abide the loss of a friend easily. When asked his name he of course used a pseudonym; Little John is what came to mind. It was an easy name to remember as it was a very literal English translation of his first name Jenkin.

Though risking great danger to himself, Little John eventually discovered that Friar Tuck had been taken to the Sherriff’s world or dimension as these invaders liked to call it. He returned to The Merry Men with the tale and they began to make plans.


Jane Smalls was born on Taledu III, a center for genetic research.  As a result of pre-natal genetic manipulation, Jane had developed her unique Amazonian stature and quick mind.  She enlisted in the Galactic Army as a grunt, specializing in heavy weapons use.  She was on Andora IV during the bombardment, to which she lost her right arm and suffered severe facia-cranial damage to the right side of her head.  It was only by a miracle that she was discovered by a patrolling medical team that her life was saved, and she was transported back to a medical planet for surgical reconstruction.  Her skull was repaired through the use of cybernetic implants and a bionic skull section, and her arm as replaced with a cybernetic prosthetic.  The depression and post-traumatic stress disorder took longer to treat, but she was reassigned, upon being given medical clearance, to the military hospital’s mechanical pool, to work on land, air, and space vessels, where her immense strength, and electronic sensors made her invaluable.  Feeling useful again and interacting with others outside of the medical team helped her deal with the depression, and she was surprised to still find that she attracted male suitors, despite her size and cybernetics.

After her tour of duty, Jane returned to a galaxy crippled by an intense taxation policy.  Turning quickly to a life of crime to make ends meet, Jane founded a gang of thieves and crooks composed of like-minded, and often similarly experienced individuals.  Soon, they fell in with Robyn, who helped them plan and execute the hijacking of a space destroyer, turning them into intergalactic pirates.   Jane currently serves as the ship’s mechanic and weapons’ officer.  She is known for her ferocity in battle, sexual aggressiveness, and crude sense of humor.


A nomad with no alliance to anyone. He guards the bridge to Sherwood Forest and the towers.


No story provided.


Little by no means, John Little was a grunt, hard chargin Tech Sergeant in loxly's devision. Because he has the upmost respect for his former commander he vowed to always fight at his side.


The Robbing Hoods primary fighter is Little John:  Prince John’s giant first android Avatar.  Little John is a chip of the old block being infused with the same twisted ambition that Prince John had accidentally been infused with.  Before switching sides from Prince John to the Robbing Hoods, Little John ripped Robbin’ Hood’s arms off in a duel;  this led to Robbin’s cybernetic replacement arms.  Big John, Prince John’s new Avatar, was purposely stripped of its soul by its maker to ensure absolute loyalty and dedication to all that oppose its master:  namely The Robbing Hoods.

50 Responses to Friday Night Fights 2, Round 2: Little John

  1. Me, Myself & I says:

    I am concerned that I didn’t make this Little John appear as “science fictiony” enough. The whole point to the the Little John from the futuristic setting was that he rejects all the new technology and embraces the old tech. Of all the characters from the dual dimensions the two little John’s are the most like their counter parts.

    (Don’t ask where I can up with the term “science fictiony” because the answer isn’t worth the question :))

  2. VonMalcolm says:

    For those wondering who the Fox Swordsman is in front of Little John:

    The final member of the Robbing Hoods is the FABULOUS Will Starlet (The Scarlet Letter Opener as Prince John calls him). Will O’ Winchester (his given name) can take an electric form to infiltrate and disable computers or other electronic devices. Willow (his nickname) finds refuge in Little John’s large metallic hide.

    @Jeff: If you think it would be fair/appropriate: Could you add the above blurb to my entry to better explain the picture?

  3. ajw says:

    WOW imp awesome design love how he personifies the oxymoron of little john and the science fiction mercenary.

  4. Phatchick says:

    Aside from my work, I’d have to Alex’s is my favorite. I love the sci-fi/western look.
    Will there be a chance to show off the rest of the crew as well? I have a couple of other characters I didn’t get done in time to send in with the big 5.

  5. Oh you’re so cruel Jeff! Dx<
    I couldn not decide which 3 I liked best! I wanted vote for all three….:-(
    But….Decitraz and MMI did some awesome ones! HammerKnight and Imp did to…so hard to choose!

  6. lol…when I read Imps little writting on the entry I thought it said “republican” not “rebellion”… :#o
    *Whistles with keybord to distract akward-ness*

  7. Alex says:

    @Jeff:Would you consider uploading all of our sets after FNF is over so we can see them ,comment and what not.Especially for those of us who got eliminated ,to show off all our charachters.

  8. VonMalcolm says:

    @Hammerknight: I got a kick out of your John Deere story!

  9. John says:

    Man, I loves me these Friday Night Fights. Well done to all competitors. I almost hate to see anyone get eliminated!

    …but then again, it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun, now would it?

  10. Myro says:

    MMI (1): Your Little John is a Luddite, and I can’t respect that. j/k
    In all seriousness, I’m having a hard time deciding between your entry and Imp’s. I have enjoyed the premise of your backstory, and how you fit each “future version” in with their alternate universe Merry Men of Yore, but at the same time, Imp’s design is both “science fictiony,” but more importantly, very good. I may end up splitting my vote on your bracket flip-flopping between the two.

  11. Jeff Hebert says:

    Alex (7): By the time it’s over, everyone will have had their entire set uploaded, since each week the people who didn’t advance in the previous round get the next week’s characters added into the Consolation Round.

    Hope that makes sense …

  12. Me, Myself & I says:

    Nicholas/GtaMythMaster43 (5) thank you for your support and feedback, it is certainly appreciated.

    Myro (10) I understand your perspective. Feel free do do what you think is best; I like Imp’s character a lot too. If it helps any I promise to appreciate every single vote you give me :).

    Gargoyle323: I like the acronym you came up with for your character’s logo, its a nice touch. I like that it carries forward from one character to another. It adds consistency.

    DiCicatriz: great character. The colors look really good together. Your concept is pretty cool and carried out well.

    Frevoli: he’s got attitude, I like the shades. I could see how four arms could come in handy.

    VonMalcolm: neat idea with the Will Scarlet addition. I wish I thought of it.

    JordanXord: its nice to see that the armor is consistent on your guy.

    Myro: can you say bad ass? She reminds me of Ridley from Alien’s. Nice touch on with the volcano!

    Imp: I couldn’t imagine better competition to be pitted against. You had a great concept for your series of entries and the concept really helps.

  13. So Jeff, when will we get to do the ‘princess’?
    (Sounded wrong there…)

  14. Oh, and you’re welcome MMI.

  15. Frevoli says:

    VonMalcolm (2) Not sure if I should be saying this, but nice addition with Will Scarlet

    I had vague ideas of Will, Alan-a-Dale etc but never thought of including them with one of the others

    Still although it’s two on one, I’m sure my Little John can take it

  16. Frevoli says:

    I also think it’s interesting how me, AJW and GeneH all picked the same head piece… although we did different things with it

  17. VonMalcolm says:

    @Frevoli: Thanks for the props.

    At first I thought Jonkwart Erstaff was styling with a pair of sunglasses like Teen Wolf! Was that your intention? Are those his eyes or are they shades? -Shades would be cool!

    Nice character: I had to warm up to him though: I had to get used to the idea of the second pair of arms being at his hips: at first I was opposed to the idea: then I thought: ‘Why not?’: they probably would be more effective there anyhow!

    It is a close contest so far!

    Same ‘Chewbacca Head’ for three characters? Chewbacca equating to Little John: not a stretch!

    Robin Hood = Han Solo
    Little John = Chewbacca
    Maid Marian = Princess Leia
    Will Scarlet = Luke Skywalker
    Friar Tuck = R2D2?
    Much The Miller’s Son = C3PO?
    Prince John = Emperor Palpatine
    Sheriff Of Nottingham = Darth Vader
    Guy Of Gisbourne = Boba Fett

  18. VonMalcolm says:

    @The Imp: *IMP*erials Trading Cards: I take it that isn’t a coincidence!

  19. Frevoli says:

    @VonMalcolm well actually my intention was for them to be his eyes. Although with people interpreting them as shades… I must admit, although never considering it, I do prefer that as an idea.

    As for the arms – I just thought it would make him more of a brawler

    Something else which you may/may not have notices, is that all my team have the green archer emblem somewhere on them

    Final thought: Good star wars equation, although I would switch around R2D2 and C3PO

  20. @MMI: Nope, your backstory is what swayed my vote. I like the idea of the team’s old school grunt.

    @VonMalcolm: I instantly thought Will Scarlet. The only character in Kevin Costner’s “Robin Hood” that spoke with a believable accent. Excellent touch.

    @DiCicatriz: Just awesome.

    @All: Great designs, but if I stay to comment further, I won’t get anything done today!

  21. The Imp says:

    @Myro (10): that’s exactly what I’m doing.

    @VonMalcolm (18): 😀

  22. The Imp says:

    I think I’m liking Gargoyle’s and Atomic Punk’s stuff the best overall: Gargoyle’s because like MMI said, the motif really helps hold them together and work well as a unit, and Atomic’s because they’re just really outside the box and unique.

  23. Myro says:

    MMI (12): Well, I didn’t do nearly as much with the volcano as you had once, but I do admit that I did peek at your recipe card to get some ideas. However, with so much else going on in the picture, I thought it best not to get too wild with it, for fear of crashing HeroMachine.
    The resemblance to Ellen Ripley was somewhat intended. I had a number of influences for my entries, but I do know when I started working on Little Jane, I wanted her to have a similar presence to Ripley in the power loader exoskeleton. I ended up scaling back on the cybernetics that I may have originally intended, going with one of my other influences, Jet Black from Cowboy Bebop, and sticking to one arm and the face (although a bit more in the face than Jet Black).
    Frevoli(15): I had also come up with a bunch of unwritten back-story involving some of the other Merry Men not involved in the contest, but never included them, apart from a brief mention of Elaine O’Dale (Alan-a-Dale) in my Sister Tuck entry. I ended up trimming a lot out in order to “keep it brief.” If I had known how much MMI and Atomic Punk had written down, maybe I might have elaborated more.

  24. ajw says:

    Hey jeff could you draw this for my prize just the guy not the background, he’s a Japanese style demon samurai from a comic i want to make he’s the villain Oni

  25. VonMalcolm says:

    Robin Hood / Star Wars continued…

    Alan-a-Dale = Figrin D’an?

  26. @Imp: Thanks, I’m glad you’re enjoying my storyline.

    @Myro: Your backstories are great. It’d be one thing to just flip genders. You add history and motivation.

    Buried in my story of Little John, there’s a couple of pop culture references. Here’s a classic. You’ll know it around the 1:58 mark. ;9

  27. Hey Jeff, may I make and rip a few items for you to put into heromachine? Because some brazilian guy stole(ripped?) some of your stuff and he has a few great weapons I could rip for heromachine.
    (They are not copyrighted, also eye for and eye?)
    Also I had some ideas I made. May I email them to you or…something? Thanks if you respond.

  28. …….Jeff? Why are my comments “awaiting moderation”?

  29. Myro says:

    VonMalcolm: (16,25), Frevoli (19): On the Star Wars-Robin Hood analogy, wouldn’t Yoda or Obi-Wan Kenobi make a better Friar Tuck than either of the droids?

    Atomic Punk (26): Oh yeah, there’s a ton of history and motivation in the stories. There is no in-universe explanation why I swapped the genders of all the characters though. I suppose the implication that because Captain Nottingham, Little Jane, and Robyn Loksley all served in military combat, and that Sister Tuck (given that she put in to be a military chaplain) has the same duties and responsibilities as a priest, just shows that my future society has a lot more equality between the sexes than ours.

  30. Myro says:

    Atomic Punk (26): Oh, and I was reading through your entry again, and I knew exactly what part in that Daffy Duck cartoon you were referring too. That was hilarious!

  31. Jeff Hebert says:

    Nicholas (28): I don’t have any control over what WordPress holds for moderation. But spamming six “why aren’t my posts showing?!?!??” comments doesn’t help. I manually approve all appropriate pending comments the next time I sit down at my computer, just be patient.

    I would prefer you not to “rip” anyone else’s work, I don’t care if they stole from me first. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Three lefts, of course, do.

  32. Sorry if I was “spamming” I was just freaked out.
    Thanks for telling me so next time I won’t make a fool out of myself.
    But, I’ll show you them. Since…well they’re traces of real animals. Also 2 are mine and 3 are helmets traced of pictures I found on google after about 4 pages.
    So you aren’t ripping from rippers. Oh and they will work wonders for the cartoon body. (Which he stole)

    Sorry link died.
    Also thanks again.
    (And these are just ideas I wanted to share, it’d be nice to know what the others think)

  34. VonMalcolm says:

    @Myro: Darn, you’re right: How did I miss that? -Especially if Obi-Wan spent a little too much time in the Mos Eisley Cantina.

    P.S. At first I was a *little* ‘unaccepting’ of the gender reversal of your characters but your ‘Little John’ has completely won me over: now I can can’t wait to see your Maid Marian and Robin!

    @JordanXord & Gargoyle323: Good Characters: a minor criticism from me is that they both seem to lack a sense of scale: Your ‘Little Johns’ actually look little to me.

    @MMI: I think your Good Character just ran into a Buzz Saw!

    My Top 2:
    The Imp & DiCicatriz

    Top 4:
    Myro & Rozenstal

    Top 6:
    The Atomic Punk & Frevoli -Top 3 if those were Shades!

    Top 8:
    GeneH & Alex

    @Phatchick: Let’s see your stuff! Set up a link: -Or are you saving your characters for a future contest?

  35. Frevoli says:

    @VonMalcolm yep, they’re shades alright

  36. Gargoyle323 says:

    DiCicatriz-Congrats on the royal butt-whoopin’ you are putting on me! I have no shame in losing to a great character. Good luck moving forward. Also good luck to the others that will be moving on. Everybody really brought their “A” game and I’m looking forward to some really good stuff yet to come!

    @IMP-Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad you liked the work I put into trying to tie the characters together. Good luck moving forward!

  37. Me, Myself & I says:

    VonMalcolm (34) You might be right, I’m getting spanked here.

    I’m an optomist though, maybe some people will add a few votes for the underdog here. Maybe Imp will give me a vote! 🙂

    I can’t really complain though; Imp has a really great entry this time. Its unfortunate that this one ran into my Little John character because I might have had a better chance with my next two. I was hoping my Maid Marian would make it though because I like that character a lot better than my Little John.

  38. Me, Myself & I says:

    I don’t know why I never thought of this earlier. You asked for Little John in space Jeff. Well here’s a little “John” in space. I hope every one knows what ‘The John’ is slang for otherwise they won’t get this joke.

  39. Me, Myself & I says:

    MMI (38)

    I suppose I ought to add the link as well.

    A little ‘John’ in space.

  40. Myro says:

    MMI (38, 39): Resorting to “toilet humor?” That’s pretty low. LOL!

    I.had the brief idea of making all five characters in their traditional medieval garb, floating in space, dead from exposure to the vacuum. But I think the novelty of that joke would have gotten cold, very quickly.

    Anyway, good luck on the remainder of this round, and if you don’t make it, given the quality of your work, you could stand a fair chance in the consolation rounds.

  41. MMI, I thought it was going to be a toilet in space…
    But a port’o’potty is pretty funny.

  42. Me, Myself & I says:

    Nicholas/GtaMythMaster43 (41)

    You see the best part of the Port’o’poty is that its supposed to be portable so it seemed like a more natural fit (wow, that’s a stretch!). Oh well I thought it was funny anyways.

    I can’t help but think how much it reminds me of Doctor Who’s Tartarus though. Kind of a Doctor Who gone totally wrong tangent.

  43. Let’s hope no one is inside of it.

  44. Frevoli says:

    MMI (42) I’ll assume you mean Tardis, seeing as Tartarus is an ancient greek plain of hell.

    I was really suprised when I first saw the result, throughout I’d considered you as the one to beat (with the detailed designs/backstories etc)

    It seems the only close match this time is me/VonMalcolm… ?

    @JordanXord I like your one; he reminds me of captain planet and I could see him being a character in his own right

  45. Me, Myself & I says:

    Frevoli (44)you are correct, it should have been Tardis. It looks like my spell check got the best of me.

    Regarding the entry results, it just goes to show how subjective art really is. I really appreciate your comments and support Frevoli.

    The result so far isn’t to much of a surprise to me really. I often tend to focus a lot of my efforts on the small details which are often not appreciated as much as the larger overall themes. I wanted all the positioning to make sense and the story to match the imagery so I spent less time on making it sensational. They details are important to me though so I continue to put in the effort.

    Besides, Imp did a really good job and if I end up loosing, at least its to a good competitor.

    . . .

    Now its time for one last push. Come on guys, only one day of voting left!

  46. VonMalcolm says:

    @Frevoli: What Happened? When I went to Thanksgiving Dinner my entry was only down 2 votes; I just got back to see it’s down 7! It’s not looking good for my ‘Little John’: especially if any potential voters out there are passed out on their couch for the rest of the night. I need a Festivus Miracle! … I mean a Thanksgiving Miracle!

  47. Frevoli says:

    @VonMalcolm there wasn’t that much in it really, you fought a good fight,

    So now I get to advance to the semis, for my Marian to get her face ripped off by whatever DiCicatriz has planned?

    Still, further than I thought I’d get


  48. VonMalcolm says:

    @Frevoli: When the contest first started I thought I had you beat, but if you really look at my ‘Little John’ without the Will Scarlet character: he is really just a ‘BDR’: a Big Dumb Robot! Congrats and Good Luck against The King DiCicatriz. I was thinking my Maid Marian was going to be lunch meat for DiCicatriz too!

    In echoing MMI thoughts it’s interesting what people like and people don’t like: I thought my Sheriff was my strongest character and yet it barely got me into the first round; I thought my Tuck was my weakest character and yet it knocked off a top contender in Alex; I thought my Little John was my second best character and yet down he goes!

    Congrats as well to The Imp; Myro; and DiCicatriz! I can’t wait to see your stuff! MMI, JordanXord, and Gargoyle323: I’ll see you in the Loser’s Bracket: I mean the Consolation Rounds!

  49. Me, Myself & I says:

    In a way I thinks its good that the votes were so close between you VonMalcolm and you Frevoli. I think it is far more interesting that way and keeps you on edge the whole time.

    When there is a large spread in votes every one knows what is going to happen and there are no surprises. It becomes a little anti climactic by the end.

  50. Me, Myself & I says:

    Let me take a moment to congratulate you as well Imp. A job well done! I think I will now flee the playground bleeding all the way! 🙂