Caption Contest 85 – Tiger Guy

Figuring you all are a) busy creating costumes for real life (Halloween in America is coming up this weekend!), b) busy creating digital ones for Friday Night Fights (deadline is NEXT Friday, so get busy!), and c) we've had a bajillion character design contests in a row, I thought we should return to our infamous blank captions.

In honor of Halloween, I challenge you to come up with the funniest replacement dialog for what looks like a Trick Or Treat encounter gone awry:

The rules are:

Entries must be left as a comment or comments to this post;
Keep it clean, appropriate for late-night broadcast television;
No limit on entries but be a good editor for yourself and don't just spam every idea that pops into your head, just the funny ones.

Deadline is next Monday, when I'll pick a winner, who will receive their choice of any HeroMachine 3 item or a portrait, or a "Sketch of the Day" style custom black and white illustration.

Good luck everyone!

89 Responses to Caption Contest 85 – Tiger Guy

  1. 1. I need an adult!

  2. Ok, ok! You’re not too old for Halloween.

  3. 1. I take it back! You don’t have little furballs!
    2. They give me cat scratch fever!

  4. 1. ok, ok no apples or pennies this year, I SWEAR!

    2.Fine, kitty costumes can be scary too


    4.OUCH, wow i didnt think you’d be that mad were outta reese’s

    5.Hey cat-man-do, cat-man-dont twist my wrist

  5. 3. Catnip? Weed? They look the same, I didn’t think you’d know the difference!

  6. 4. Ok, ok! I’ll never make fun of Mrs. Slocombe’s pussy again!

    (Not over-the-line… )

  7. 5. Please don’t kill me, Cat…I mean, Mr. Stevens!

  8. 1.Safety word! Safety word!

  9. I take it back! you do look cat-tasic!

  10. Yes! You can “has” a cheeseburger! Just let go!

  11. “I told you i have no candy! Some other bully took it from me!”

  12. Ow! I was wrong, stripes ARE in!

  13. Please don’t I’m not into this kinda stuff!

  14. 1. Uh…Woof?

    2. NO, I won’t “pet the kitty!!”

    3. No, Sheldon, this is NOT a “bazinga!”

  15. Dude, I told you not to go to that furry convention in Vegas!

  16. Egads! The Village People! THEY’RE BACK!

  17. Yes, the sir, I too is very glad to acquaintance!

  18. I haven’t had my rabies vaccination!

  19. They are NOT leg warmers!!

  20. “O.K., O.K., I think you really DO look like Lion-O from the ThunderCats!”

  21. “Yes, Cats IS the best musical of all time!”

  22. “I’ll quit telling people to spay and neuter their pets.”

  23. “I didn’t know the life size Lion-O action figure came with Kung-Fu grip.”

  24. 1. I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to call you a Thundercats ho!

    2. Yes, I’ll vote for you this November, but you’re crushing my hand!

    3. I’m your biggest fan, Jane Fonda!

  25. 1.”No,no, your butt doesn’t look big in that, I swear.”
    2.”I didn’t mean you had to have big hair too, to pull off that 80’s look, you look fine the way you are.”
    3.”I’m sorry, it’s doesn’t look like something my little sister would wear for Halloween.”
    4.”I was just asking where my extra pair of socks were, I didn’t mean you had them.”

  26. 6. Ok ok, you win! Kitty by PUSA is the best song of all time!

  27. 7. What’s up pussycat? Owwww-ow-Owwwwww!

  28. EDIT: Apparently, I had the lyrics wrong. #27 should read “What’s new pussycat?”

  29. Okay, okay! I take back what I said about Siegfried and Roy!

  30. 1. But… I HAVE to go that high to measure the inseam…

    2. Okay… Turn your head and cough.

    3. you know you gotta step to the p-u-s-s-y… What? I’m an NWH fan?

    4. Come and pet the… Okay! Okay! I’ll shut up now!

  31. I’m your tailor, trust me when I say you look FABULOUS!

  32. “You paid 3000$ for that outfit!?!”

  33. Even I think it makes you look gay!

  34. “Okay,okay, I won’t tell Jeff you’ve been in his closet again.”

  35. I take it back! Treat! Treat!

  36. – “They’re Gr-reat!”

    – “You haven’t earned your stripes yet!”

  37. 3. Fine! Fine! *sings* I’M A LITTLE PUSSY CAT MEOW MEOW MEOW!

  38. 1. “Your costume…Still…Sucks…”

    2. “I’m sorry, but the stripes make you look fat!”

    3. “Okay, I’m sorry! You’re NOT a fursuiter!”

  39. Avatar samurai pineapple

    no! my cat nip!

  40. Do what you want, but I’ll never tell you were the candy is.

    This takes cat burglar to a whole new level.

    I still won’t take back what I said about your mother.

  41. No I’m allergic to cats

  42. Ok ok you don’t have to get in the water

  43. Ok ok I’ll take it back your way much cooler than Black Panther.

  44. alphaalpharomeo alphaalpharomeo

    Ok Zod, you can have all the candy!!!!!

  45. I’m sorry stripes don’t make you look fat.

  46. Ok ok Black Cat is hotter than Wonder Woman.

  47. Im sorry I take back that pussy cat joke.

  48. Ok ok the cat nip is in my coat pocket.

  49. Ouch ok Ted Nugent Cat Scratch Fever is a good song.

  50. Im not even a cat person.

  51. “I swear! I don’t know where John Connor’s catnip is!

  52. ok im sorry for taking your tiger skin thong but I don’t think you want them now you kinda scared me just now.

  53. ok your not a furry.

  54. Ouch ok i take back that there great crack.

  55. ok im sorry I killed your mother and made her into a rug.

  56. Im sorry your neutered but what do you want me to do?

  57. I’ve been having these fits and hallucinations since Character Contest 48!

  58. 1. Aaahh! Cats rule, dogs drool! Cats rule, dogs drool!

    2. I thought you liked being scratched there!

  59. Ok you can scratch up the couch.

  60. Ok you can be an inside cat.

  61. Ouch ok im sorry feline leukemia is a big deal.

  62. “I said you were a little pushy, I didn’t say what you think I did.”
    “No, that isn’t any thing like the outfit my wife has, my mistake.”
    “How many times do I have to say I’m sorry for breaking the Pedi-Paws.”

  63. 1) To hell with society, Brian! Marry me!
    2) Okay, okay! You can lead!
    3) I mean orange with black stripes! Orange with black stripes!

  64. ok i take it back, you do look good in a speedo!!

  65. Avatar Me, Myself & I

    Frosted Flake’s; the’re greeeat!

  66. Avatar Me, Myself & I

    OK, OK . . . You aren’t the Frosted Flake’s mascot. I get it.

  67. Avatar Me, Myself & I

    Sorry, ugly outfits give me seizures.

  68. Avatar Me, Myself & I

    Note to self . . . No calling wierd cat suit guys p**sies.

  69. Avatar Me, Myself & I

    Help me . . . I’m about to fall and not get up.

  70. Avatar Me, Myself & I

    OK, OK! Your outfit is better than his. . .

  71. 8. AHHHHHH! This eye bleach burns!

    Also in response to MM&I’s link in #52.

  72. Avatar Watson Bradshaw

    “now cough up that fur-ball Mr. Fuzzybottom!”

  73. Avatar Watson Bradshaw

    All alone in the moonlight…”

  74. “Ok,Ok I’ll sing SOFT KITTY to you at bed time!”

  75. Holy cat fetish Batman!

  76. “come on, pal, it’s not funny anymore. My 8 year old wants his Halloween costume back now.”

    With all due respect, Mr. Meyers, that is a scary costume, but it’s probably not scary in the way you meant it to be.”

    I don’t think CATS really needs a grim and gritty 90s reimagining.

  77. Avatar Me, Myself & I

    Not quite the “FURRY” I was looking for.

  78. “But I just wanted to see if you were furry down there too”

  79. But, But… I DID clean your litter box! I swear!

  80. “Sorry, Roger. You tiger now.”

    If anybody remembers those old comcast commercials…

  81. Avatar Arch-Squirrel

    1. I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!
    2. Would you like some ketchup with those fries?
    3. Okay, Okay your right. The catnip is a lie.
    4. Alright don’t hurt me, your much cooler then my cat!
    5. No, I’ll never join you! I’m team Edward all the way!
    6. Stop, don’t touch there! This is my no-no square!
    7. I’m sorry I don’t have catnip to give out. Most kid don’t want animal food. Wait! I mean ‘adult’ food.
    (Okay so none of them are really funny but I wanted to at lest try.)

  82. Avatar Montana Player

    1 You can’t be the new Batman villian!
    2 THIS is why I got a restrainig order!
    3 Mike Myers you are not.

  83. So this is Tiger Woods power

  84. OK, OK, I’ll look at your eyes!
    Hello Kitty
    I told you not to go through your mother’s things

  85. 1. No more neutering jokes, I swear!

    2. THIS for a ten cent raise?

    3. You’re GRRRRREAT!

  86. the voice doesn’t know what it’s saying, don’t finish him! you don’t have to finish him!

    Catwoman, you just haven’t been the same since the sex-change.

    …. it’s the thrill of the fight. rising up to the challenge of our rivals.

  87. “Down Kitty, down! I’ll give you a nice bowel of warm milk!”

  88. “Sorry! I ran out of candy and all I had left were paperclips!”

    “Yes, I’ll empty your bag of candy and we’ll go back out again!”

    “No one will recognize you Gov. Shcwarzenegger – I swear!”