SOD.220 – Vector Thor

More fun with lines.

3 Responses to SOD.220 – Vector Thor

  1. Beautiful helmet. Love it. Wish I could see more of the eyes. Also it might just be me, but I feel as if he’s got sunken cheeks. I know they’re the lines for the top of the beard, but…..

    On a completely different subject, I would like to ask for the continuation of out book adventure… However, if I’m the only one interested, feel free to tell me to shut up 😉 (Not that I will shut up, but I can take a hint… eventually, hehehehhe)

  2. I was enjoying Lone Wolf’s adventures in fleeing as well, Worf, even if I tend to be kind of snarky about it.

  3. The oversized right shoulder leads me to believe that maybe Thor wasn’t as popular in his adolescence as Kirby and Lee would have had us believe.