HM3 Reprizing Results

The results are in for deciding which items will replace those unclaimed contest prizes from months gone by, and they are:

Thanks to all who submitted ideas, and who voted, your feedback is always very much appreciated.

I tend to work very slowly on these prizes, so you might not see these start to appear for a while. Or they might get done tomorrow! That's the joy and wonder of working in a completely ad hoc and random manner, not even I know what I am going to do next for sure.

But they are on The List and I will definitely be getting them added at some point.

29 Responses to HM3 Reprizing Results

  1. The 3 swords and the shirt tied under bust made it, awesome!!

    But… How many of these items will you do Jeff?

    10? The 11 ones in yellow? The 19 ones with green squares? All the 26 in the list?

    Anyway, I’ll be looking forward to them 🙂

  2. Sorry, should have made that clear — the ones in yellow. I was only going to do 10, but the last two tied so it’s 11.

  3. Oh come on!!!! Pumpkin head? Halloween? COME ON JEFF PLEASE!!!! Me and vaste majority of the guys want it!!! Please? I’ll cry, it won’t be pretty if I cry.

  4. Hardly any of the cool useful stuff was chosen….come on guys really? COATS AND “MEAN” EYES?!?! I’m going to be a baby and throw a tantrum!!!!
    This sucks, half these choices suck…!!!

  5. One suggestion on a serious note could you create two versions of the “shirt under bust” like one with long sleeves and one with short? So we can make magician girls and mixed shirts?

  6. was hopin for recon hood but no big deal how bout doin these more often jeff?

  7. I, like Aaron, was rooting for the Mass Effect 2 recon hood and the singularity glove. But yay for the patchwork coat! The other choices however, boo. Especially the whip sword…. Mainly because it looked kinda lame.

  8. Was hoping for the profile image mostly. Shame it didn’t make it. That would have been useful.

  9. You know how they say hindsight is 20/20? Well, my hindsight told me I should have suggested Batman-style cowl “ears” today.

  10. Avatar Yojimbo Jones

    so close yet so far away my crouching legs tied just outside the top ten at least we got some cool stuff….with the exception of the dorkhawk helmet 205 votes!!! booooooo

  11. How Whip sword beat Pumpkin, I just don’t understand.

  12. Are some people really surprised that this…

    got a lot of votes?

  13. whats the deal with taken so long putten items on HM3 you got that much other stuff to do

  14. Well, I hope a lot of the ones that didn’t make the cut will eventually find their way into the program. Facial wrinkles would have been very helpful and I really loved that wheelchair idea. With any luck, we can eventually get these items when Jeff makes another pass at items after the transition to Beta.

    I know a lot of people are disappointed that some of their favorites didn’t make the cut. I think the poll might have been more accurate had there been a limit to the top five items people wanted. Anyway, just be glad we still end up getting some cool stuff out of this. Jeff could have just said that the people that didn’t respond to winning a Contest just doesn’t get a prize. And keep working on your character contests. You might be able to win it yourself. 🙂

  15. No rubber chicken. Sigh.

  16. I only have a proboblem with 3 of the winners….however 20 out of the almost 50 or so there where would have made sense and givin the fact we gave pictures I’m sure it wasn’t that hard a process. And if you say “how about you try it?” Well I did, and I created the A. Singularity glove, B. Pumpkin head, C. Robot heads, D. Throne. All of those I did. They don’t look as good maybe but I did them all within TWO days. So….. 😀
    Also… Wheelchair!! WAHHH!!! Wheres my wheely chair?! Dx

  17. Mass effect hood thing would have been a useful piece shame it and the robot heads (Halo helmets) didn’t make the cut…
    Oh well just gotta try for the contest…

  18. I can not believe that Bandaged hands didnt make the list, this is a damm shame, a damm shame.

  19. @Jack, you can make a bandaged hand, using the bandaged glove and some of the belts.

    Like so


  21. Avatar Me, Myself & I

    Chisoph (20) I suspect you can get a very similar result by using other facial hair items and increasing their y dimensions.

  22. @Vampyist, thanks that kinda works

  23. Avatar spidercow2010

    @ NEON_N64: (#12) It all becomes abundantly clear.

  24. No wheelchair? BOOOOOOO.

  25. Awesome! Three of the best weapons made it! Can’t wait for them to go live. And hey, children, let’s not whine about what we didn’t get, huh? There”s contests to play for, after all, and who says you can’t use the new stuff to win one?

  26. I like all of the choices here. But I do admit I wish people had been more interested in the pose items, like the crouching legs, etc.

  27. I think the assassins creed hidden blade and tomb raider usp pistols would be awesome.

  28. so will you ever publish the rest of the list…they are all awsome

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