HM3 Animation Recipe

(If you've ever wondered if you can use HeroMachine to create an animation, you can! Thanks to frequent commenter Nite Rider and an assist from a movie making program, that is. Take it away, Nite Rider!)

With HeroMachine 3, you can create animations of your favorite heroes and villains and post them on sites such as YouTube. But, I must caution you not to violate any copyrights in the process.

You will need programs like Windows Movie Maker and Sound Recorder, a little patience, and a huge imagination.

First, create and copy multiple images of your character in each position of your animation sequence from HM3 to your pic file. Note the sample pics below:

You can see the sequence that creates a cowboy drawing his pistol, twirling it, and then returning it to his belt.

Set each pic in Windows Movie Maker, or similar program, as a frame in the animation sequence.

Use Sound Recorder for audio effects. You download the effects from the web, but I had to use a microphone to record off my computer's speaker. In this animation, however, I just made the twirling sound with my mouth and the mike. After recording the effect(s), download then to Movie Maker and insert it into the sequence below the pic frames. Getting the timing can
involve some trial and error. Again, patience.

To save it to your hard drive, click "Save to my computer," then you can post the saved animation to YouTube or your favorite website. Bottom line, let your imagination run wild.

Here's the link to my finished video:

If you have any questions, I'm at

8 Responses to HM3 Animation Recipe

  1. The Imp says:

    That was awesome! 😀

  2. Brad says:

    Pretty nifty for the limits imposed by the application. Certainly much easier than trying to animate a full 3d model.

  3. tristan says:

    Thats is awsome. You could proberly do the same thing useing power point.

  4. this was kinda…lacking??? I dunno felt maybe…maybe it was the sound. But….looks cool anyway! Didn’t really think about it before! And Brad….
    3D animating is not hard. CREATING the eviroments IS.
    Trust me I’m learning the basics. Its scripting and voice acting on que and eviroments that take up most the time, not the movements. :p

    Thanks for posting jeff!

  5. cavalier says:

    I’m repeatedly awed by what people are able to do with Hero Machine. Thank you Jeff, Nite Rider and everyone else who’ve done such amazing work.

  6. Invisiboy says:

    It looks and sounds cool, but I would think you’d be kind of limited in terms of how much in-depth you could make the animation. Granted you’re probably not going to be making Citizen Kane with this thing, but wouldn’t it get a little boring just switching back and forth between characters’ faces? On another note, you probably want to either get an mp3 of the actual sound or just make it silent. That gun twirling sounded like a mini-hurricane.

    I probably sound like all I can do is bitch about it, but you clearly put some time and effort into that and, like I said, it does sound and look cool. Just take these things into consideration, for what little its worth.

  7. Nite Rider says:

    More of my my works, both still and animated, are at UGO Forums at this link: