HM3: Capes

With thanks to Imp and others for pointing out the lack, I've added in 15 new cape backs to the "Backplane-Standard" set, for the most part designed explicitly to go with the items in "ShoulderRight-Capes":

Hope you like 'em. If you see something out of whack, or have a cape back you were really hoping for but which I didn't draw, let me know.

32 Responses to HM3: Capes

  1. AWESOME! Great addition. Thank you,Jeff!

  2. Avatar Captain_Kicktar

    Awesome! Now to go have some fun.

  3. @the J-meister: How about a cape with scalloped edges like the cape worn by a certain dark avenger in Gotham City?

  4. Oh, awesome I was about to make something with a cap too.

  5. @Jeff: Forget my suggestion as there is already a scalloped cape in HeroMachine.

  6. Avatar Me, Myself & I

    Absolutely fabulous Jeff!

  7. Shouldn’t those be in the Backplane area? All the early capes are there.

  8. Never mind, I’m dumb who didn’t check

  9. Awesome Jeff, just awesome! Like it.


    – Splitting cape?

  10. “No Capes!”

  11. Very cool πŸ™‚

  12. Avatar Watson Bradshaw

    Great stuff Jeff, even if the Incredibles said no to Capes!

    I second the split cape like

    or a more battle damaged look like

  13. OK, check it out now (clear your cache if necessary), I have a split cape and a big flying Dr. Fate style cape now live. How is THAT for customer service?!

  14. That was fast!

    But I think there is a problem. Dr. Fate’s cape is working well, but nothing happens when I click on the split cape.

  15. I would like to see what I call a “birdcape” like the characters in Gatchaman had

    I really enjoy your work!

  16. Awesomesauce. I’ve been waiting for this update.

  17. Sorry about the split cape problem, I didn’t set the export name properly. Try it now, I’ve uploaded a fixed version.

  18. Yep, it works fine now. Thanks!

  19. Why am I not seeing these?

  20. Never mind, got it.

  21. Oh, thank goodness! I’ve been trying to find a counterpart to the bearskin cape from 2.5 for ages! The existing HM3 options just weren’t enough; thanks for addressing this.

  22. On second thought, I have to echo Blue Blazer: I’m not finding these new items.

  23. YES!!! Thanks, Master J!

  24. I found ’em, too: just had to take your advice, and clear the cache. Thanks again!

  25. @ Jess … this is probably my and my perception, I am leagally blind, but most of the capes look like they are seen from the BAKC, the folds seem to sweep into the legs and not away from the back.
    Page 3 Line 3 #4
    Page 4 Line 1 #2
    Page 4 Line 1 #4
    Page 4 Line 2 #1
    Page 4 Line 2 #3
    Page 4 Line 3 #3
    Page 4 Line 4 #4

    If no one else sees it, it’s obviously my perception.
    Either way I am sorry to be a pain in the ….

  26. pardon the typos too. This tiny font is hard for me to see even with my magnifying glass.

  27. Wow, that was fast. Thanks for adding the split cape Jeff!

  28. Will you be doing more back panel things after caps?

  29. A certain upside down cape, makes great plants

    Jeff, PLEASE don’t think I don’t appreciate all you do for us here at Hero Machine.
    You rock dewd!!!

  30. why arent these capes showing up for me? i look it backplane-standard and they’re not there. Please help!!

  31. They’re there. If you are not seeing them, try clearing your browser’s cache, sometimes your browser refuses to load a newer version of a file it’s loaded previously for some reason.