Ewok sketch?

Do you guys want me to get an artist here at the con to do an Ewok vs someone sketch? Let me know what you'd want!

16 Responses to Ewok sketch?

  1. Avatar Me, Myself & I

    Tele Tubbies!!!!

  2. Smurfs…Kill them all!

  3. Ewoks riding dinosaurs battling teletubbies riding on saber tooth tigers.

  4. Avatar Me, Myself & I


    Are you kidding. The Tele Tubbies don’t have enough mojo to manage riding Saber Tooth Tigers.

  5. Vs. George Lucas?* (Haha)

    Vs. Aliens! Let’s get serious with these battles!

    Vs. Jar Jar Binks – Old school vs new!

    Vs. Hannah Montanna!!

    *Disclaimer – I’m not a Lucas hater, but it would be funny 🙂

  6. Devil Dinosaur picking an ewok hood from his teeth!

  7. Avatar Nick Hentschel


    …the vampires from Twilight.
    …the California Raisins.
    …the Tribbles.

    Or better yet, a TEAM-UP picture: the Ewoks and Bambo (from “the Deer Avenger”).
    The caption: “Live in fear, rednecks!”

  8. I second Jar Jar.

  9. Dino-Marines!
    Let Ewoks Burn!

  10. @NIck: c’mon dude the vampires from Twilight ,the Tele Tubbies can wipe the floor with those guys!

  11. Avatar William A. Peterson

    Ewoks versus…
    {In the fine tradition of “Bambi versus Godzilla!} 😉

  12. Avatar William A. Peterson

    Okay, so the ‘Size’ thing didn’t work…
    You still get the idea!

  13. Vs. Cheburashka.
    Vs. Juggernaut.
    Vs. Jeff))) Sorry)

  14. I want to see the Ewoks being roasted to death by the dragon from the movie “Dragonslayer”.

  15. Avatar Nick Hentschel

    I wanted to see the Ewoks fight the Twiighters, less because I expected a good fight, than as a comment on their relative entertainment value: “Even the EWOKS weren’t as annoying as these jerks!”

    But here are some other ideas:
    Ewoks vs. the Mole Men (this could actually be an even match!)
    Ewoks vs. the Orcs, esp. the Hobbit-cartoon versions (THIS could get ugly)
    Ewoks vs. the Tribbles (evil cuteness fight!)

    And to top it all off…
    Ewoks vs. Al-Qaeda – there’s no Geneva Conventions on Endor!
    “Dear me, Mr. Bin-Laden, but it seesm that you are to be the main course at a BANQUET in my honor!”

  16. Batman?