Character Contest 41 – Art Martial

Your character design challenge this week is to put together the best illustration of that classic genre type called the "Martial Artist". The history of comics is replete with this kind of deadly serious, enormously skilled hand-to-hand specialist, from "Iron Fist" to the Legion's "Karate Kid". If you can design the best example of a super-hero Martial Artist using any HeroMachine version, you'll win either any item you like, or a portrait, to be included in the final HeroMachine 3 version.

Before we go on, let's take a moment to talk about what a Martial Artist is, and isn't. While they might use a ranged weapon like a bow or blowdart occasionally, it's definitely not their preferred method of attack. Green Arrow, for instance, can handle himself in a melee but he's definitely not a Martial Artist as I mean it here. Black Canary, on the other hand, despite having a sonic scream most definitely is.

Martial Artists aren't usually bruising brawlers like Juggernaut. Characters like him and The Thing and The Hulk fight hand to hand mostly, but they're Bricks, built for dishing out and taking punishment. I'd even put Wolverine in the Brick category -- he's made to get the snot beaten out of him and still coming back to gut his enemy. The Beast, on the other hand, is definitely a Martial Artist, relying on his strength, yes, but more his agility and quickness and combat prowess to get through his melees.

Of course you could take this out of the realm of super-heroes completely, instead choosing to design a classic Ninja, or a Green Beret, or even a character from ancient Chinese myths.

Having said all that, the other rules are the same as always:

  • All entries must be submitted as a comment to this post;
  • Each entry must have a link to a publicly accessible web site (i.e. the UGO Forums, ImageShack, whatever) where the image of your character is posted;
  • The contest ends next Monday, whereupon I will choose an overall winner.

I've been pretty "specific" with the last few contests so I thought something a little more open-ended might be fun for a change, I hope you like the idea.

Finally, let me reiterate a plea to name your files in a sensible way, because it makes my life much easier when organizing these and thus, makes me like you better. For instance, I have a man crush in DiCicatriz because he does all of his files the right way.

Please name your files as [your name]-[character name].[file extension]. So DiCicatriz, for instance, would save his "Bayou Belle" character image as DiCicatriz-BayouBelle.png. He also has the grace to make his link go DIRECTLY to the file, instead of making me go to an ImageShack jump page, find the character, zoom in on the image, then save it. I can just right-click on the link in the comment, and choose "Save Target As ... " and presto, I've got his image, properly named, on my hard drive. Lovely.

Here's a good link:

See how I can just right-click on that and get the image? Or if you just regular-click it, you go directly to the image and ONLY the image? That's awesome.

Now here's a bad link (not to pick on Aaron, it's just the first one I came to):¤t=KentuckyFriedChicken.jpg

Try regular-clicking that and you go to the PhotoBucket page, with all the surrounding crap it has on it. Try to right-click it and "Save Image As" and you get an html file instead of the image. So to get the image into the judging folder, I have to right-click, Open Link in New Tab, wait for PhotoBucket to load, click the image AGAIN to get it at full size, THEN right-click and Save As. It drives me nuts.

This isn't a rule or anything, but it sure puts me in a nice happy place to get one like DiCicatriz's and not like the other one. And that's a good thing when it comes judging time.

Good luck, everyone!

(Karate Kid image by Ed Benes via Wikipedia. Character ©DC Comics, Inc.)

222 Responses to Character Contest 41 – Art Martial

  1. remy says:

    Does the way you recommend saving files apply only to those who use photobucket?

  2. Jeff Hebert says:

    No, to everyone. No matter where you put your character, please name it something sensible as I’ve outlined. The worst is “hm3beta1.jpg”. Then I have to actively go in and remember who submitted it, what it’s called, and then rename the file.

    People on Facebook keep putting up links that are in preview mode, which I can’t get to without divining their base directory. Same thing with ImageShack.

    Wherever you put your file, the most ideal thing to do is like DiCicatriz does — name your file appropriately, and make the link you post go directly to your file and not to the site’s general hosting page.

    That may not be possible in all cases (for instance, Atomic Punk usually puts together a whole page about each character) but where it is, I would appreciate it.

    Note that NOT doing it this way doesn’t disqualify you or anything. It’s just more work for me.

  3. Vampyrist says:

    Here’s my entry, the Red Dragon.

    Chris Shepherd has no special story, his family’s all well and in Florida, he was just your average guy who just happened to excel in martial arts. Whatever it was, he was good at it. By the age of thirty, he was a master of several art forms. He just decided to use his natural skill to clean up his town of it’s drug dealers and criminals. He became the Red Dragon, so as his family couldn’t be hurt from his heroics. Chris Shepherd, the Red Dragon, was ready to fight crime, one hit at a time.

  4. Me, Myself & I says:

    Jeff, how abou the posts I’ve entered? I often include a close up and a wider view. Does that cause you anyextra challenges or is it a good idea?

  5. Danny Beaty says:

    @Jeff: My facebook pictures are always set on “Public”; have you been having a problem with them?

  6. audiofarmer says:

    heres an entry from me, i might do a couple more.

  7. audiofarmer says:

    heres another, a little better i think.

  8. audiofarmer says:

    and finally, here is a less asian one, to change it up a bit.

  9. Jeff Hebert says:

    Danny, yours are great. One or two other folks (can’t remember who at the moment) post links that don’t work, and I have to go hunt down the root of their album. But yours are good.

    MMI, multiple image posts are ok, I am sure people click through and enjoy them (I’m not the only audience here after all), but personally I’m so rushed for time on Mondays that I just go for the main, full-body image if I can tell which one it is. Not for you specifically, just in general — it already takes so long, I get confused and jumpy if I am sifting through multiples of the same character.

    Vampyrist, a better link would be

    That’s from the “Direct Link” box on the left of the one you put up. See how that link goes to your image and ONLY your image, while the link you posted goes to a page that has all the Photobucket stuff around it? Again, not a disqualification or anything, it’s just easier on me to go right to the image.

  10. Vampyrist says:

    Thanks Jeff, I actually didn’t know that, so my later entries will be from there. Sorry for the mistake.

  11. remy says:

    Just one more question: Can we give our characters weapons such as a bo staff, sai, or nunchucks? Or is this strictly a hand-to-hand combat contest?

  12. Haxxx says:

    This is a character for a Necessary Evil campaign I am working on.
    Themba Osei, known as Swarm, was a lost boy during the many uproars in Africa. He was found by a UN soldier from the Philippines in a mass of bugs. The soldier raise Themba as his own and thought him discipline and strength using the martial art of Eskrima.
    As he grew Themba got more skilled until he became champion of the martial art at the age of 16. When he returned from the match his father was beheaded by a cruel former commander who served with Themba’s father.
    Filled with rage and vengeance, Themba’s searches for the commander led him tho the US where he swore that no child would have to have to see his father dead.

    Later on when the Aliens arrived he returned to his homeland where he got the powers to control insects.

    The name swarm was given to him because of the swarm of blows he deals to his foes


    I finally got how to make an action pose!!!

  13. Jeff Hebert says:

    Weapons are fine Remy, especially hand-held ones.

  14. Monkey King
    He got his powers from combining his dna with primate dna to make him more agile, acrobatic, and stronger along with his knowledge of marshal arts to make him one of the strongest fighters ever. And he got his name from after getting reading the book “Journey to the West” and being so amazed by the Monkey King character so he adopted the name.
    And yes I know he has a bow staff but he doesn’t use it as a weapon but more of tool to use as a spring bored or pole vault to jump high or change directions in mid air he also uses it to distract his opponents using the style of the Monkey King to use trickery to win.

  15. Hammerknight says:

    Here is the Kung-Fu Master Himself, Dragon Fist Jeff. The real reason the song “Kung-Fu Fighter” was written.

  16. brian says:
    ninja. this is a test to see if the link works

  17. brian says:

    it worked that was my first entry

  18. Phantom Phoenix
    After years of being raised by the secret assassin group and after following orders killing people for years not feeling right doing it but be convinced that those people were bad and deserved to die Phantom Phoenix finally witnessed something that broke him his fellow assassins killed an innocent priest. He decided to runaway and never fight again the assassins had a different idea he betrayed them they had to kill him. So Phantom Phoenix he took the knowledge and experiences he learned from the assassins to fight and defend others and stop the whole assassins organization.
    Along with the marshal arts skills he learned from the assassins “like the 7 stance blow that hits every major pressure point on the human body that expediently causes death” he also has the high tech living metal staff that is the Escrima Sticks as there true form on his arms but they can stretch and form any weapon he chooses with electric impulses in his gloves.

  19. Gargoyle323 says:

    A mysterious figure who is a master of various martial art styles out to clean up the streets.

  20. Dal says:

    This is my first attempt at a contest. I hope my Character is okay.

    Yun Gahno of the Raven’s Claw. His clawed Gauntlet were not only responsible for Yun’s Infamous title of ‘Raven’s Claw’ but also for his brutal fighting style which is a combination of lunging, stabbing and slashing movements combined with lightning speed and snake like flexability. Benith his gauntlets lay horrificaly disfigured hands which Yun recieved as a young man while defending himself from a mysterious enemy. Yun does not believe in the slaughtering of innocents, but he does not hesitate to rip ‘Sinners’, as he called them, to shreads.

  21. The ancient “Chines” myths? Like Bruc Le? Sorry, couldn’t resist. :9

    I do all my posting on my own Private Idaho. Which is, I opened up one of my e-mail accounts to the web. I know a lot of people like to use Photobucket, Facebook, DeviantArt, and other free sites. Especially for exposure.

    Oops… getting off-topic. A fast, furious, flurry of flying fists and feet is forthcoming! Good luck, all!

  22. Danny Beaty says:

    Hi gang! Here are my first two entries!


    She is beautiful, she is deadly. She is the mistress of all silent weapons. She is Softkill!


    The Cobra is the master of the sai. The Cobra’s sais also act as hypodermic needles, injecting cobra venom into his victim.

  23. Danny Beaty says:

    The Cobra uses spooky contact lenses and fake fangs to instill fear in his opponents.

  24. DiCicatriz says:

    Thanks for the shout-out, Jeff! I’m flattered, but I hope we can keep things professional 😉

    Anyway here’s my first entry:

    1) Santulana

    Avatar of the Hindu pantheon, Santulana serves to preserve the balance between all forces in the universe. She fights neither for good nor evil, but for whomever disturbs this balance.

  25. Jadebrain says:

    Here’s my martial artist contest entry, Johannes Liechtenauer! I decided I’d enter the famous c. 1300’s fencing master because I’m a little disappointed, yet not surprised, that whenever someone mentions “martial arts,” the first thing on everyone’s mind is oriental martial arts. European martial arts are often ignored and forgotten by the general public. I based his face on this picture:
    , and his outfit was based on what I thought he would be dressed in while fencing (I’m probably wrong).

  26. Aaron says:

    my guy has no name he is very mysterious and trained in the art of the martial arts/ninja of the year 2235.
    @jeff i hope you didnt mind me using sci-fi weapons and that bad link was not mine.

  27. Jeff Hebert says:

    Thanks Atomic Punk for the catch on Chines. Updated now, phew!

  28. Martial Art: Parsley, sage, rosemary, and ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO THE FACE!

  29. MScat says:

    The Silver Dragon

    A Samurai warrior with amazing skill. His style is of fuedal japan but is equipment is all modern. His sword and armour are hardened steel. He is ruthless and cunning…the ultimate warrior.

  30. Gargoyle323 says:

    A skilled martial artist who is blessed with the power of the Dragonheart, a special golden tattoo which grants the owner enhanced abilities.

  31. Alan Bates says:

    His origins unknown
    His technique Unstoppable
    His smell fishy.

    The Blackbelt from the Creature Lagoon

  32. I just have to do this its kinda unfair I think because his punches are considered ranged weapons.
    Chuck Norris

  33. DiCicatriz says:

    Next entry:

    2)Avi Shalev- Former captain in the Israeli Army and a master of Krav Maga. He was left to die on a suicide mission orchestrated organized by corrupt members of his commanding office. Avi moved deep into the underground, staying alive through former black ops contacts. He managed to repair his damaged body by surgically replacing his failing systems with advanced cybernetics. Now he exists solely to hunt down and kill the men responsible for his disfigurement using nothing more than his martial prowess and unending hatred. His damaged throat allows him to speak no louder than a whisper, and thus he goes by the alias: DOVEV.

  34. Ian says:

    My sole entry, I present: Feng Shui, Decoration Master, Jiu Dian. With his Staff of Harmonious Positioning and his high level of skill in Rearranging Bodies into Aesthetically-Pleasing-But-Possibly-Painful Forms, he is a Grand Master not to be trifled with.

  35. maniacmick says:

    so i noticed most people have ninja/kung fu characters, i chose to do something different, Seamus O’Malley was an Irish immigrant who made his living in bare-knuckle brawls (a raw form of martial arts) and used his skills to protect his fellow Irishmen from harassment

  36. superfan1 says:

    This, is Jessica. A reject from the original Mortal Kombat cast of characters. After her lifechanging rejection she fell into several odd jobs in the states (corporate america, teaching; etc), but was eventually led back to her passion of beating the snot out of people. She joined the Red Dragon Clan and has worked her way to the top by mastering nearly every known Eastern style of martial arts.

  37. D says:

    Here is my take on Kato, inspired by Jeff’s Green Hornet

  38. VonMalcolm says:

    Jade Blade: His bevy of weapons are perfectly functional, logical and believable: Jade Blade is able to stab, swing, parry and slash them all without impaling himself in complete synchronicity #;>}) .

  39. knitesoul says:

    Hope: A parkour specialist who uses her agility and stamina against those who would want to get her. Likes to listen to music, mostly rock & techno, for running and fighting to the beat of the music. Her style of fighting is dependant on her agile movements and the type of music that plays in her mp3 player. (close-up)

  40. DiCicatriz says:

    Two more!

    3) Nisshoku

    A rogue ninja formerly the head of his order. His thirst for blood led him to turn on his own clan. He kills without reason, ever seeking stronger opponents. He is the darkness that blots out the light: NISSHOKU!

    4) Scrapper

    Amelia Andrews was never her father’s favorite child. Much to the brilliant inventor’s chagrin, Amelia was more interested in developing her body than her mind. She practice martial arts rigorously and often neglected her familial obligations for training opportunities. Her father passed Amelia off as the black sheep of the family until the fateful day when corporate mercenaries invaded his private laboratory trying to steal his technology. Amelia happened to be home and promptly thrashed the intruders. She now travels with her father as his personal bodyguard, codename: SCRAPPER!

  41. Galahad says:

    Yoshio was a happy man. A rice farmer, he spent his days working the fields alongside his young son Yoshi, the joy of his life. You see, Yoshio’s wife died when Yoshi was very young, so Yoshio and Yoshi were all each other had. One day, however, the Emperor sent his best generals to Yoshio’s village to gather the best young men for the Emperor’s army. Yoshi, being a playful youngster, thought it amusing to steal one of the generals’ horses to take for a ride. Upon being discovered, however, the youngster was struck down and slain by General Iwao, the fiercest and most feared of the Emperor’s men and the Emperor’s eldest son. Grief-stricken upon hearing this news, Yoshio volunteered himself personally for General Iwao’s regimen. The General, unaware of the relation, accepted. After training hard to excel at every skill he’s been taught, Yoshio is ready to exact his revenge not only on Iwao, but on the entire Empire for his son’s death. Yoshio has taken the name Kodomo Nashi, meaning “Without Child”, but those who see him in action swear he’s a Ghost.

    Kodomo Nashi- The Ghost

  42. UesugiWarrior says:

    Gao Shen, The Dragon Fist

    Gao Shen was raised amongst the monks of a remote mountain temple. The monks instilled in the young boy the virtues of peace, honour and honesty. However the monks of the temple were wise, and knew that the world outside of their temple was a place rife with dangers. So at age five they began training Gao Shen in the temples secret Martial Art: Dragon Fist Kung Fu. The training needed for this style is intense, involving hours of backbreaking exercise, days of meditation and years of harsh training in the style itself. At age twenty two, Gao Shen earned the temples highest honour, The Red Dragon tattoo to indicate his mastery over the Martial Art. Now Gao Shen prepares to enter the world outside his temple for the first time. Woe betide anyone who provokes him, for Gao Shen is now, Dragon Fist.

    (Take two; my computer put me through to the caption contest page by accident, so now this guy’s there too lol)

  43. Cliff says:

    OK guys,
    Here is what I have so far:. Satyr Ninja was only the 16th HM3 I made back in April of this year..

    Satyr ninja
    Moving as quiet as a shadow in the forest, the Satyr ninja has a variety of natural weapons at his disposal: horns, powerful animal legs and hooves and the skill to summon his will and passion into his deadly hands.




    Kamakazi seems wild and undisciplned, but it is to throw his opponants off, and for him to take their measure before he swoops in and destroys them.

    Rising Sun


    RIsing Sun has a deadly array of jumps and aerial moves

    Phoenix Warrior


    Fenghuang (Chinese Phoenix) is a martial arts form of kicks, leg sweeps, jumps and aerial maneuver as well as Instant stands, all around “sight” and devastatingly powerful claw grips and deadly ridged finger jabs.

    @Jeff, how are these links, they should work as requested … I hope.

  44. spidercow2010 says:

    He is the reincarnation of all the grandmasters of Chinese martial arts who have gone before him, and all their knowledge is now his. Their chi replenishes and reinforces his to make him unbeatable. He is Ka Pao.
    Jeff, I hope at least one of these links works as well for you as they do for me; when I click them there’s DeviantArt crap there, but no other artwork to wade thru. Far as I can tell, DeviantArt doesn’t want to provide me with any other, more detailed links.

  45. coyote says:

    ok i think i may be too into steampunk and the wild west but here is the tale

    headed to Ca in the mid 1800s Young Jackson Lee lost his family in the Az desert to Bandit drifters as he wandered the lands lost and alone he found a old shaman and a man from china and a pack of coyotes in coyotes pass. the tow men raised him and taught him there was the was of the east and west .when he was old enuff he traveled to tombstone to learn his own way the way of the whites .mixing native wrestling and shamanisem eastern fighting forms and steam science he now raoms the west saving those in need and punishing the wicked . he is the devil of coyotes pass

  46. Legatus says:

    Former world class capoeirista Fernanda do Zarini from Brasil had retired had the age of 43. One year later she was invited to join a survival trip through the Amazon rainforest. On this trip she got lost and wandered all alone through the jungle. After four days she found a lake of golden water. Fernanda drank of the water and bathed in it. The result was that her body was rejuvenated, her hair and skin changed color and she was almost impervious to damage and pain. She stayed a two long weeks at the lake and then began to search for the next village. A week later she was back in Fortaleza. And soon thereafter she made her comeback in the Capoeira tournaments.

  47. Cliff says:

    Mount Fuji
    Mt Fuji is a sumo wrestler obviously. A quiet gentle giant, who can erupt in a flurry of activity to inudate his enemies.


    Dunca was the youngest son of a Knight, and brother to three other knights. It wasn’t his fault a Mage detected the talent for magic in him and took him on as his apprentice. He learned his magick lessons, but he also learned the meditative Elven martial arts where his body, mind and soul became one. Every morning he would strip down and perform his exorcises before going in to hit the magic books, which irritated his master for putting the martial arts over the magical.

  48. remy says:

    I wanted to do something with Israeli martial arts, which can be pretty brutal. I modeled my character to represent the IDF (Israeli Defense Force), but on a more street level. His name is Hatikvah, which is hebrew for the Hope (its also the name of the Israeli national anthem). This hero would not be seen fighting big villains like Galactus or anything; he’d be stopping suicide bombings and things like that. The two Israeli martial arts he’s mastered are Kapap and Krev Maga, both of which are primarily hand-to-hand, although Kapap sometimes utilizes a staff or baton (more commonly a baton, as it is easily concealable. His insignia is as identical to the IDF symbol as I could get it.

  49. Jeff Hebert says:

    Cliff, a better link would be for instance:

    That’s from the “Direct Link” box on the left of the page you originally linked to. This goes directly to the image and only to the image. The original link has the “?action=” bit in the URL which is not to the image directly, but rather a hosting page that embeds the image.

  50. Malfar says:

    Here is one guy from me. I have made it long time ago and putting it here just for fun. He is an awesome martial artist, he knows “Russian Village Drunk Fight” fight style that is called “Mordobitie” in Russian

  51. UesugiWarrior says:

    Black Bart

    Bart Smith was a humble man, who worked daily as an accountant. However beneath this mild exterior burned a warrior’s heart. Bart trained nightly in various martial arts, and because of a quirk in his genetic make-up he developed perfect recall that allowed him to very quickly master any style of fighting he sought to learn. His mind often wandered during the long hours of computer work he had to endure before he could practise hie true passion. One day after receiving the highest grade in Jujitsu, Bart stumbled across a mugging. With no time to think he acted and felled the mugger with a blow that would later prove fatal. That night Bart began to ponder the power at his disposal, the knowledge of deadly fighting arts and his own body, honed to perfection through a self-imposed training regime. Morning came and found Bart Smith a changed man. He had a revelation and decided to craft himself a new life, using proceeds from robberies and thefts. Two weeks later he had all he needed to begin his life of crime as Black Bart. The man became a notorious criminal, capable of amazing feats of strength, agility, and speed. Any who attempted to stop him were brutally attacked, with at least 13 deaths to date. The man was a martial arts master who ignored the ideals of self defence, and he is a menace to society at large. His signature staff, is a high tech implement, with grapples and electro-shock tasers in the blunt club end.

  52. Zforce says:

    I’ve been using HeroMachine since it was called “the” HeroMachine and I’ve never posted on the boards or anything ever… So I decided that after years of use I should at least post something I did. Here’s My Martial Artist… I tried to blend man and machine as a balance thing… ying and yang and all that. I also went more for a monk theme since I knew everyone was going to post either a ninja or a samurai… or Chuck Norris lol.

    So here he is… the survivor

  53. Decolda says:

    The Golden Rose of Muay Tai.

    The Golden Rose is a legend of Muay Thai the “Art of Eight Limbs” He his training in the artic has hardened his skin and resistence to pain simular to that of steel jacket.

    He has dense, soft, shiny bandage’s that are armed with sharp edge’s.

    In his search for the ultimate self-defence and the preservation of life he gained hidden powers which he only use’s against foe’s that fight to the death.

    Hidden fist of fire + Hidden fist of ice.

  54. bookaddict1978 says:

    From the flames of a Brazilian village emerges Ember, angry over the corruption that led to the destruction of her home, this lethal beauty is fluent in the Brazilian Martial Art of Capoeira, and is aiming to take down the corporation that is now strip mining the land that was once her home.

  55. Decolda says:

    Shadow Ninja of Venus

    Also known as the demon goddess of lust and vanity – the Shadow Ninja of Venus has the ability to control darkness and shadows.

    She is a distant/ranged attacker but use’s her golden blades for close range.

    She has the ability to control her subjects with shadows and when revealing her face under her mask – she can make any man fall in-love with her… she use’s this ability to turn people against each other.

    Only those of strong will can resist her dark shadowy charm.

    Shadow Ninja of Venus

  56. Danny Beaty says:

    Hi gang! Two more entries.


    Joey Tanaka is a sword for hire.


    A ninja assassin is injured in an explosion. His mind is transferred into an indestructable robot body.

  57. MScat says:

    The Blind Bandit

    A specialized assasin for hire. He uses his skill and cunning to get the job done. His weapons include blades and that can be hidden in his clothes until they are needed.

  58. Black Thorn
    With his marshal arts skills he combines his plant powers to grow weapons from his own body with wood, thorns, or vines. He can also grow tree bark over his body for armor or if hes in an area with any vegetation he can camouflage him self and ambush people.
    And no he is not just a male version of poison ivy he can’t spray poison fumes but he can make poison or make healing herbs that is secreted from his thorns so when he he punches someone with his thorn the poison is injected into his opponent.

  59. DiCicatriz says:

    5) Iq

    A hermit living in the jungles of Mesoamerica, Iq lives in a constant state of meditation harmonizing with the natural world around him. He has trained his body to survive unimaginable stresses, forgoing food and water for weeks at a time. Iq lives alone, but serves occasionally as a counselor to a small neighboring indigenous community. When this community was threatened by rogue guerilla forces and sadistic mercenaries, Iq answered their call for aid. He patrols the jungles, seeking to expel those who would harm its people.

    6) Sadist

    A highly trained assassin. Sadist can get to targets where all others have failed. He is only hired when absolutely necessary due to his disregard for collateral damage. Sadist will kill anybody and destroy anything in order to facilitate wiping out his mark. He wipes out entire families in achieving his goals. A murderer without concscience, he relishes in inflicting pain on others, he is: SADIST

  60. Me, Myself & I says:

    Darian Kross was enamoured with ancient relics his whole life. Growing up as a kid he could sit and listen for hours about medeival times.

    When he was old enough he started training in the arts of not just fensing but medeival European and Asian combat. Fortunately he was from a wealthy family which could afford all the training he could desire.

    Furthermore he studied history in university with his specialty being on the crusades. While writing his thesis he was in England researching some of the Arthurian legions when he came across an ancient tomb which had seemed abandoned for centuries.

    In the tomb he discovered a magical sword and shield lying upon a golden chain hauberk piled on a pedistal. He soon discovered that the sword and shield were both light as a feather yet unbreakable and that the sword never lost its keen edge. Darian later discovered that the shield would guard his mind against psionic intrusion and that the sword would cut through even rock if swumg full force.

    Darian felt it would be a waste, shameful even, to let these relics rest in a museum or science lab. Therefore he took up arms using them to fight evil and became The Crusader.

    The Crusader

    The Wall Display

  61. Gargoyle323 says:

    One of the most violent street fighters,Ying Hua(or Cherry Blossom)is feared by most criminals. She is a brutal bundle of energy,who uses speed,agility and her martial arts prowess to take down her foes. Her beauty is second only to her violence.

  62. Jeff Hebert says:

    Welcome aboard, ZForce 🙂

  63. BloodlessRose says:

    Nihama is a deadly assassin trained in hand to hand combat. She dislikes weaponry as she finds it messy and cumbersome. Nihama trains alone in the mountains awaiting her next mission from her Daimyo.

    From the age of 5 Nihama was schooled in many martial arts beginning with Jeet Kune Do, then moving onto various other martial art schools. After gaining all her masters in each martial art she began travelling looking for a place in the world. She was discovered by a greedy Daimyo and was hired to kill his enemies for him. She uses the shadows and the night to her advantage and she is widely known as ‘Death’s Advocate’ because no one knows her name except her Daimyo and her…

  64. Zforce says:

    Thanks!! I’ll have more to come.

  65. Sutter_Kaine says:

    MASTER OF DRAGONS – The Master of Dragons is the last in an ancient line of ninja-assassins. For years he was a high-priced assassin, then for reasons known only to him, he switched from killer-for-hire to an assassin who hunts other assassins.

  66. MScat says:

    Ok so i couldnt help myself i thought out a storyline that would include the characters i design for this contest. (NERD!!! lol) Anyways the story is the same as many others including street fighter. A world tournament is being held for the best fighters from around the world (sounds familiar hmmm)

    I wanted to do a story like that and showcase my characters from it because many ppl only think of asian cultures when they think of martial arts but there are so many other types that are truly amazing.

    From Israel, SANDSTORM:
    A special Mossad agent with training in the israeli form of martial arts Krav Maga. She is ruthless, smart, and beautiful (a very powerful combination) She rarely has a need for weapons but when she needs to she can use her deadly Flying Scarab Blade to take down her opponents.

  67. MScat says:

    Sorry forgot the link! AH!
    Ok so i couldnt help myself i thought out a storyline that would include the characters i design for this contest. (NERD!!! lol) Anyways the story is the same as many others including street fighter. A world tournament is being held for the best fighters from around the world (sounds familiar hmmm)

    I wanted to do a story like that and showcase my characters from it because many ppl only think of asian cultures when they think of martial arts but there are so many other types that are truly amazing.

    From Israel, SANDSTORM:
    A special Mossad agent with training in the israeli form of martial arts Krav Maga. She is ruthless, smart, and beautiful (a very powerful combination) She rarely has a need for weapons but when she needs to she can use her deadly Flying Scarab Blade to take down her opponents.

  68. Jordan_Xord says:

    Dragon Force

    Lawrence Farrell is a captain on the United States Marine Corps and a martial arts champion. When he helped an old man from being robbed by bandits, he was rewarded with the magic Dragon Talismans; The Dragon Claw and the Dragon Eyes. In time, he became a defender of justice and called himself Dragon Force. His skill and abilities are enhanced by the mystic Dragon Talismans, which augments his speed, skill and strength.

    The Master
    The man only known as The Master is a martial arts instructor. He lost his sight in his youth. He became the student of an old monk and learned martial arts. When time came, he was given the title of warrior in the old monk´s order and became a master years later. Despite his blindness, The Master is an invincible warrior and an extraordinary master of martial arts. His skill and ability is in superior levels, making him an unparalelled warrior.

    Manhunter, The Phantom Warrior
    James Walker III is the only son of an American couple who died in an accident in Japan. The orphaned child was adopted by the man known as The Master, who educated him and trained him in the martial arts. When time came, he graduated as a warrior and became the Ninja warrior called Manhunter. He is a skilled swordsman and fighter. He has the power to appear and dissappear without a trace, even to the extent of becoming invincible, hence his nom du guerre.

  69. Krimzon says:

    This is my first character I’ve evr entered, so please be gentle.

    His name is Anaal Nathrakh, which means “Serpents Breathe” and is also a band.


    He was once a highly-respected general in a army ruled by a cruel king during the 1400th centuary. When the king asked one favor to become his heir, the king brought out his wife and child, who found out the king’s secret plan to murder him and stop his reign. After refusing, the king had them both killed in front of the general as he watched. In a fit of rage, he charged the king and bit his eyes out and then tried to stab him but the guards took him away. As a result, the king ordered his eyes to be burned out and thrown in a cell. They ripped his eyes out with a hot poker, then wrapped a bandana around his head. For the next few weeks, he did nothing but scream endlessly. The king then ordered his mouth to be sewn shut. They tied it so tight that if he ever tried to open them, he’d rip his lips off. For 5 long years, he sat alone in that cell, going crazy. The king then said if he fights in a arena, he’d take the wire out of his mouth. He was then given the name Anaal Nathrakh, and given special weapons and armor. No torso armor though, for the king is a sadist, he loves seeing people maimed and killed and blood. Although Anaal shurgs it off as if it’s just a scratch. (Also, his face mask is supposed to be a mempo, I couldn’t find anything else that looked like it). Now the only function that seems to be in Anaal’s head is one thing: KILL. He slaughters people week after week in the arena. Ripping, shredding, tearing. The king only hopes he never breaks free. Because Anaal still knows what the king did.

    The best way to describe what Anaal is thinking is this: (The band is also called Anaal Nathrakh. The shots of the singer in a headband is how I imagine Anaal going crazy)

    Also sorry about cutting the feet off a bit, it’s my first time making a post here.

  70. Worf says:

    Here is Death Kick:

    In case that link doesn’t work here is the regular one from Picasa:

    I know I won’t win with this one, but I was too proud of the boot sole to pass the chance to put it up. 😉

  71. weee90 says:

    this is my first contest entry so i hope this is good

  72. haz says:


    If her backstory were common knowledge, then she wouldn’t be a very good ninja, would she?

  73. The Imp says:

    @Worf (93): That is awesome!!

  74. The Imp says:

    Oops, sorry meant Worf/91.

    Anyways, here’s another entry.

    In the mid 1740s, young Samuel Adams was part of a merchant fleet which went down in a storm off the coast of China. Rescued by a band of itinerant monks, Sam journeyed with them and learned their ways for several years. When he was finally able to get back to the American colonies some time later, he was just in time to fight in the American Revolution as Sam Adams: Patriot, Brewmaster, and Kung Fu Master!

  75. MScat says:

    Another of my World Fighters:

    From Brazil, Aleixo:

    A fighter trained in the dance/fighting style of Capoeria. His moves are so acrobatic and stylized they leave his opponents dazed and confused ready for his final blow. His favorite moves include extremely powerful kicks and leaps in the air.

  76. MScat says:

    I redesigned my character and added a background. I also changed his story to make him fit the theme im going with on my entries lol.

    From Japan, Silver Dragon:

    A wealthy man who prides himself on his collection of fuedal Japanese artifacts. He is trained in a fighting style used by the old Samurai’s. He created his armor out of hardened steel and carries his razor sharp katana into every battle. His technique, to strike quickly and with precision so there won’t be a need for another.

  77. DiCicatriz says:

    Group entry!

    The Family Fu:

    Cassandra Reynolds and Derek Fu met during their younger crime-fighting days as members of a West Coast based superteam. They quickly fell in love, but they were feared lost after an especially dangerous mission. Cassandra was trapped in a collapsing building and Derek went back for her. When the structure detonated unexpectedly, they were given a heroes funeral…

    Almost two decades later, Cassandra and Derek re-emerged, having faked their deaths and taken advantage of the opportunity to train and build their family free from prying eyes. They presented the superhero community with their two children, Anita and Hunter Fu, skilled crimefighters trained from birth by their parents. Together they wreak havoc on the criminal underworld and occasionally aid other heroes with world-threatening menaces. They are: THE FAMILY FU!

    7) Shenlong (Dragon)- Cassandra Fu

    The matriarch of the family, Cassandra is an extremely skilled fighter with a balanced style that is suited for a number of situations. An expert tactician, Shenlong usually helps the family escape from especially tight situations. Level-headed and intelligent, she’ll do anything to protect her family.

    8) Lao Hu (Tiger)

    Fierce and courageous, Derek is the powerhouse of the family. Having trained himself to absorb tremendous impact, through careful chi manipulation, his blows seem to strike with superhuman force. While an extremely capable fighter Derek’s stern demeanor and at times uncontrollable temper sometimes lead him to making rash decisions.

    9)Vixen- Anita Fu

    The daughter and eldest of the Fu children, Anita is somewhat of a free spirit. Trained since birth, Anita’s agility and reflexes are unparalleled. She lacks her mother’s strategic logic, but is still very clever; able to react instantly and adjust her plans on the fly.

    10) Viper- Hunter Fu

    Youngest son of the Fu’s, Hunter was trained alongside his sister. He is a very talented fighter and his youth and stature lend themselves to increased speed and flexibility. Being the youngest of the group, Hunter’s emphasis is on stealth and reconnaissance. He can slip through even the most heavily guarded areas undetected.

    Bonus group shot:

  78. @Jeff: You know I was having fun with the typo. Thanks for playing along. 😉

    And what a reaction cats and kittens! It’s… well Wednesday now… but what a response. I’ll have to focus my Chi and fung my shuei.

    Big@$$ geek-a-lotto… anyone remember “Lone Wolf and Cub”? Was there ever a live-action adaptation? Which was on a long-time movie rumor list Before the dark time, before the blogosphere.

  79. Watson Bradshaw says:

    here is my entry

    The Crimson Coyote!
    a student of the culture of the east taking to the streets of the west. Joseph Alvarez was raised in Japan thanks to his Marine Corps Father being based there. But after his father’s murder, Joseph came home to find the streets overrun with crime. Now Using his vast training and skills he sets his sights to protect the streets of his hometown of Tuscon, Arizona.

  80. VonMalcolm says:

    Inspired by spidercow2010’s Ka Pao (one of my favorites so far) I give you:

    Kung Pao Costanza!
    Karate Kramer!
    Elvira Elaine!
    Pirate Jerry the Swashbuckling Seinfeld! (AKA: The Unbearded Buccaneer or simply: No-Beard.)

    Tell That Bizarro Kessler Crew To Look The Hell Out, as well as The Mandlebaums, The Rosses, Crazy Joe Davola, The Soup Nazi, Bob and Cedric, and whoever else wants to step on up!

    Is that a Nipple?

    (I may do some work on George’s ‘pants’.)

  81. Danny Beaty says:


    An executed freedom fighter is resurrected by a powerful wizard and rebuilt as an unstoppable warrior.

  82. Danny Beaty says:

    The Steel Dragon is an unbeatable fighter and can also breathe fire.

  83. r-kelleg says:

    trained to control the winds amid the high peaks of China, she is faster than the tempests

  84. Zorbas The Awesome says:

    Im back bitches!


    First entry…

    Name: Juang Shyr
    Based: China

    16 years ago, a young boy named Xang Li witnessed his father get murdered. He was 7. The murders were Triads, an Asian gang, and did it because he wouldn’t put up protection money for his small store that he owned with Li’s mother. After this…He became very grim… He was sworn to avenge his father. He trained in various martial arts, worked his body into perfection. 10 years he spent stalking his fathers murderers, finally killing all involved directly. After he felt such depression that he vowed to never kill out of anger again…The summer after his senior year he left his hometown of Shanghai…and spent 3 years learning about “chi” and how to focus energy into his punches, making them stronger, and into his reflexs, faster. He then spent 3 more years learning about explosives…He made miniature smoke bombs, small frag gernades, and knock out gas capsules in a small ball form…his buddies in the government science labs developed an aerodynamic bullet-proof suit, adding his own personal touch,like shurikans, and with his ancient ancestor’s mantle…He set off as Shang Hai’s her “Juang Shyr”

  85. Zorbas The Awesome says:

    FORGOT THE LINK SORRY…goes with juang shyr

  86. Watson Bradshaw says:

    Here is my second entry.

    the Ice Dragon

    as her name depicts this killer is cold to all that threaten the city. she swoops in out of nowhere and without a sound dispatches all that stand in her way, the only thing you will hear is the sound of her blades pierce your flesh if you are unlucky enough to fight her.

  87. MartianBlue says:

    2.) Lee, Chan, & Wong

    I did this awhile back. Seeing as it fits the contest, and I don’t think I’ve used it before, I give you a team of ninja rabbits. A nod to the original turtles (ninja animals).

  88. Kabare says:

    My two entries.

    Name: Alyne Sundier
    Base: Fantasy
    Story: Alyne Sundier is well skilled staff fighter with higly accelerated martial art skills. He barelly often use her elvish rune longstaff. Her title is the Guardian of the Forrests. She always walk in the forrest and defend the innocent animals for the rough and agressive hunters.

    Name: Messor
    Base: Fantasy
    Story: Messor not only a name. Messor is a class. The messor class barelly often bodyguard type assasins, whose perfectly bare hand and melee weapon fighters.

  89. weee90 says:

    here is my second entry: White Belt!

    addicted to 80’s kung fu movies, young william matherson always asspired to be a kung fu warrior. william took kung fu classes but dropped out before he could reach anything higher than a white belt because the class was too easy and now fights crime under the alias white belt!

  90. Zorbas The Awesome says:

    Second Entry:

    Name: Artillery
    Base: St. Louis
    Entered in the military at 18, Charlie Marsh, quickly earned the title of Sergent. He got placed in human performance enhancing expieriments. With a cybernetic implant, he is linked to a power suit. Armored, and flexible, he is the perfect weapon, able to move and fight with added strength and near invulnerablility. After his suit went haywire the project was cancellesd… but the cybernetic implant messed with him without the suit… so he stole it back fixed it himself, and decided to stay in the U.S. and fight against crime… armed with a Bo-staff, and a high powered pistol, he dubbed himself Artillery, and made a career as a hero.

  91. Phatchick says:
    Here’s my tribute to Mrs. Peel, Cinnamon, Modesty Blaise and all the other sexy 1960s spy chicks. The ladies who could out-think, out-fight and out-class their male counterparts and look good in a miniskirt and gogo boots while doing it.
    Whether she called herself, Coffey, Cleopatra or Foxy, Pam Grier was, IMO, one of the hottest and deadliest street-fighters on the planet. She could Luke Cage a few lessons in kicking butt and looking good doing it.

  92. Phatchick says:

    Sending this again as I needed to make some corrections on the links:
    Here’s my tribute to Mrs. Peel, Cinnamon, Modesty Blaise and all the other sexy 1960s spy chicks. The ladies who could out-think, out-fight and out-class their male counterparts and look good in a miniskirt and gogo boots while doing it.
    Whether she called herself, Coffey, Cleopatra or Foxy, Pam Grier was, IMO, one of the hottest and deadliest street-fighters on the planet. She could Luke Cage a few lessons in kicking butt and looking good doing it.

  93. Phatchick says:

    @VonMalcolm- LMAO! You win for best comedy heros!

  94. Morzan says:

    Abraxas – Divine Avenger
    This demon was invoked by a few young students, when they sought how to live eternally. Their curiosity ended tragically, when Abraxas appeared. A lion’s head, surrounded by rays of light was floating at the center of the room, but not for long. He immediately possessed on of the summoners, adn slaughtered all the others. Now, stuck in the mortal’s plane, he tries to hide from the seeking eyes of demon hunters, but there’s one he can’t avoid. He’s the father of the possessed son, and he swore to hunt the demon down. Lead by his passion, he cannot be stopped… He is the Divine Avenger.

  95. Me, Myself & I says:

    Phatchick, I can’t even see VonMalcolm’s entries.

  96. VonMalcolm says:

    @Phatchick: Thanks, but I was going for dark and edgy, not comedy! 😉 Seriously though, The Seinfeld Crew looks pretty tough, but I think at the first sign of trouble they would drop their weapons and knock over any pregnant woman, toddler and/or disabled person that was in their way of escape!

    @Me, Myself & I

    I kept on fixing little errors I would catch then reloading the image; I did this like 20 or 30 times! -I even permanently crashed my browser, perhaps this is what was preventing you from seeing the pic(s). I think (hope) I am done revising now – George’s ‘pants’ still bother me though.

    I hate it when I can’t see other people’s work: checking out other people’s creativity is at least half of the fun for me in these contests.

  97. ajw says:

    Sun Wukong the monkey king of chinese legend he looks more serious than his playful nature really makes him a master of the staff and unarmed combat.

  98. ajw says:

    sorry comma or period between (him) and (a master)

  99. ajw says:

    Kainetic uses the potential energy he gains while rushing his foes as fuel for his ability that allows him to double the output of kinetic energy in his strikes so every move he makes is slightly faster and stronger not to mention precise than a normal man, a master of krav maga, kung fu, and judo

  100. Me, Myself & I says:

    Fore those people who have been having difficulty posting pictures for people to view I have a suggestion. I use Dropbox and it is really easy to view files for anyone. Best of all there is no extrainious data to filter through when viewing.

    From my experience only about half of the Facebook or Deviantart links I’ve seen work. I can only view the UGO links from home due to work security settings. The Dropbox should avoid most of those issues.

    Its just an idea anyways.

    Drop Box Link

    To see an example of a Dropbox link and how it displays check here;

  101. ajw says:

    The crane a legend of kung fu, creator of one of the seven styles, and a protector of riverside villages all across china.

    no im not chinese, just in case someone was wondering

  102. MartianBlue says:

    @ajw, I can’t see any of your entrants.
    says, “content is currently unavailable – The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may have expired, or you may not have permission to view this page.”

  103. Bloodless Rose says:

    Kurisu is a buddist monk training in a temple set high up in the mountains. Whilst he prefers not to fight he has disciplined himself in the art of defence through martial arts. He dislikes causing harm to other monks in the temple so a special dummy was commissioned for his training use. His training is only a part of his life as he spends many hours meditating and achieving Zen before displaying his skills to the Head Monk on a daily basis. His skills are honed to perfection and as such he was named Defender of the Temple. His robes were emblazened with the Wolf symbol and his chest skin was branded with the mark of Fenrir, meaning strength,might, Ferocity and power. He defeats all foes that try and demean the temple and its way of life.

  104. Gargoyle323 says:

    The Order of the Golden Dragon is an ancient sect of monks who believe in defending and protecting the world from mystical threats. In times of great peril, one select individual is blessed with the Golden Dragon, a tattoo which grants the bearer with amazing agility and quickness. The Shadow Council of the Order seeks out and trains this person in a variety of martial art forms.This person becomes the Jin Se Teng,or Golden Dragon. He or she will be tasked to protect the Earth,with no one knowing their name. They will just be one more in the long line of unknown heroes to bear the power of the Jin Se Teng!

  105. Me, Myself & I says:

    Gargoyle, I think the weapons racks in the background for your character JIn Se Teng (125) are great! That’s a cool idea.

  106. Lloyd says:

    A special Warrior of Yin is born every few hundred years forged from fire. He is Zhayu, devourer of evil.

  107. Gargoyle323 says:

    Thanks MM&I! I thought it was a good way to show off some weapons and tie my color scheme together at the same time.

  108. Invisiboy says:

    A character I made a while ago, inspired by the lack of female equivalents of some items. I polished her up for the contest.

    Michelle (couldn’t think of a better name)

    Critical injuries sustained in a horrible accident left one side of her body damaged and requiring crude cybernetic replacements by the mad scientist who was first on the scene (I didn’t really spend much time on her backstory.) As a result, she is now much stronger and more adept with her undamaged side, which makes her a skilled fighter hand-to-hand, especially since she prefers not to use the power saw on her left arm.

    (Note: I kind of screwed up naming the file. I hope Jeff doesn’t have too much trouble with it.

  109. haz says:

    @Invisiboy: I love how pissed she looks, and the gradient on the bike. But I can’t help but think that she has a hell of a time shifting gears 🙂

  110. chris says:

    This is Sinch a martial artist(of course) who fancy’s in weapons, and his newly developed power of fire. He was born an orphan and grew up training with Lycans on a remote island off of Alaska so he is pretty much immune to the cold. he came to New York for discipline of fighting , what found was crime and death. he had to do something to stop it. his fist night out he stumbled upon a laboratory, and the scientist slipped a gene bending shot into him which gave him the power of fire. he sets heroes to an all new standard.


  111. DiCicatriz says:

    11) Sawafi

    Warrior of the East, Sawafi lives for hire as a guide for those unfamiliar with the desert. Mysterious and soft-spoken, Sawafi pledges to guide his charges safely through the treacherous sands. Most underestimate his strength… a mistake they make only once. In his element, Sawafi stirs up the shifting sands and moves unseen through the blinding debris. The flash of his twin swords has ushered many a rogue to their deaths. For this, he is given his name. SAWAFI!

  112. Haxxx says:

    Two more entries:
    A rouge investigative. Cane uses his skills with the Naginata to subdue his foes.

    A mutant, he was born that way. Goblyn always wanted to play Football but when the Mutant Team called he joined, using a verity of circus acrobatics and full on bashing to knock his foes out.

  113. joel says:

    first character.

    a boy was found deep within a forest in japan. he was taken in by a guild of deadly assassins. at first he seemed to show no particular skill in the arts of death, and had no special talents, except for one. though no one was sure if it was supernatural or not, this boy seemed to be built without a limit. that is to say, he could train and train, and his body and skills would never reach a peak. this being the case, he trained for years and became almost superhuman. he can move completely silently. he has physical characteristics (speed strength etc.) unlike any other man. he can sense your presence almost immediately and his body is deadlier then the sharpest sword. he has even memorized the entire human anatomy so he knows just were to strike. he is so good that no one can say for sure if he even exists. because of this, he is called kage (or shadow). all how have heard of him fear him, for he is the deadliest assassin.

  114. Galactic Ketchup says:

    Smoke & Storm

    Smoke and Storm are the Essence of the Way of the Ninja. Together, they embody the two fundamental skills required of every Ninja Warrior. Smoke is the physical embodiment of the stealth a Ninja requires, how they must move as fluidly and as silently as a cloud of smoke, and Storm is the avatar of a Ninja’s speed. They must strike quickly and ferociously, like lightning.

  115. Original Black Thorn
    I originally made Black Thorn on HM2 so when 3 three came out I had to use what I had but seance you came out with the new headgear thanks same powers just more of his element

  116. joel says:

    here’s my next character.

    Ichigo Kyuuraku was always rebellious. his rebellious streak never got him into trouble though, until he was in his late teens. he got into problems with the Japanese mafia, and they killed his entire family. he was stricken with such grief and despair that an Oni (demon) appeared before him and offered him a deal. Ichigo gave the demon both his eyes, and in return, the demon inhabited his body, giving him great demonic powers and martial arts ability. though Ichigo can no longer see, all his other sense grew far stronger, and he gain a sixth sense that allows him to smell the blood of evil. these sensory gifts combined with his great strength, speed, and Onigenkatsu (demon fist) martial arts turned him into Onikira (demon killer). he now uses this name and the deadly powers he sold his soul for, in order to kill evil, weather they be mafia or petty smugglers. however his greatest power is known as doki (wrath). this power activates when he becomes enraged. when doki is active, all Onikira’s powers (speed martial arts and so on) become three times as great, however he looses control of himself and will attack anything or any one nearby. he is a powerful hero but also a deadly monster.

  117. Watson Bradshaw says:



    Using nature as his greatest weapon he battles anyone who would defile the Forest that he calls home.

  118. Zorbas The Awesome says:

    Last entry:

    Name: Hassasin
    Base: Rome
    Story: (short, because i just didnt want to explain EVERY detail) Luther Wright, was 16 when he discovered his ancestory in the Hassasin order. He became slightly obsessed, finally when he turned 21, he went in search of another Hassasin. Finding one he was taught in hand-to-hand combat, and assasination. After he finished training, became the hero Rome, “Hassasin”.

  119. Zorbas The Awesome says:

    I forgot the damn link again. For Hassasin.

  120. coyote says:

    Captain Francis Bastille Ex french Navy captain master of savate swords and some guns …history in the late 1700s after bringing many a pirate to justice and retiring to port royal Francis was happy his wife game him to son frank and Alex and he was a large land owner . till a pirate calling him self the ringleader sent a message . his wife and son Alex died that night forcing francis to send frank to France to live with his brother Drake . francis be came a freelance privateer hunting down first the men who killed his family then the man who sent them . he has sworn they will be punished !! Drake to protect Frank changed the faimly name to Castle and moved the whole faimly to the newly formed united states to the town of new amsterdam and lived in peace .!/photo.php?pid=31579216&id=1309659782&ref=fbx_album

  121. coyote says:

    Alex wayn was a lab ascent To Dr Tesla . when tesla came up with the tesla unit alex saw it could be used for good. nikola told the young man that he could only use it to save people affter he had some traing. alex traveled the world leaning many fighting style. from the east to the west and to place of true mystery when he returned yrs later the good Dr lay on his death bed but he kept his promise and gave alex the yools he needed to protect the weak and inocent . that when alex took to the steets under the name Tesla shocking to world as a masked hero . sorry had to use one last steam hero!/photo.php?pid=31579480&id=1309659782&ref=fbx_album

  122. coyote says:

    sorry about the bad links jeff its hard to explane but its my comp

  123. Anarchangel says:

    Here’s my first entry.

    Hurt is a villain who is constantly in pain but can relieve some of it with her power to inflict immense pain upon others via touch. She does this by doing her best Bruce Lee impersonation on their faces.

    Jeff I apologize if I get this link thing wrong.

  124. Kabare says:

    My third entry.

    Sacred Flower

    Sacred Flowers only be womans, and they the real powers in the back of the warlords. But they not only just a pretty face. If someone attack hers they use the magnificent dagger and martial art skills.

  125. VonMalcolm says:

    Are a lot of people having trouble with Deviant Art? If a lot are I will find a new venue to display my stuff.

    @Me, Myself & I: I checked out Drop Box: I don’t like the thought of having to download something to use their service: yes, I am a bit paranoid.

  126. captperv says:

    I Love heromachine I spend as much time playing with it than I do anything else on-line. I usually only make sexy chicks on it. But today i made Kung-fu Wu. I guess he is a Shaolin monk practicing some animal forms.


  127. Me, Myself & I says:

    @VonMalcolm: Just s suggestion is all. I have been using it for quite some time now and it has worked well for me.

  128. Watson Bradshaw says:


    went kinda nuts and did a few more

    a man of few words, Sun-Strike hits quick and hard.

    Once a member of the palace guard, he failed to protect the young queen during a raid. Now banished, his honor will only be restored if he can get her back.

    Snow Leopard
    A lightning fast warrior sent out of her temple home in the mountains to protect the world below.

  129. joel says:

    another entry.

    Akuma is an elite member of a gang of street fighters known as “Hell’s Gate”. Akuma is very skilled in martial arts. he specializes in staff fighting. Though possibly his greatest power is his intellect and cunning that allow him to trick his enemies and almost always predict their moves in a fight. despite his great skill with martial arts, he never fights. he wares large bulky clothes, the reason being to hide the fact that he wares metal armor underneath. he even sports metal gloves with spiked knuckles and weighted boots. however he still moves with great speed despite the heavy armor. because of his fighting style he has been nicknamed “Akuma the dirty”.

  130. joel says:

    sorry, in my last post, i meant to say “despite his great skill with martial arts, he never fights fare.”

  131. joel says:

    and here’s most likely my final character.

    deep within the jungles of India, there lives a great deity that protects them. he is Indra. all who seek harm to his jungles must face him and his unstoppable “six hands” martial arts style. apart from the “six hands”, Indra has the power to unleash his divine aura as spheres of energy to attack his foes. he also possesses eyes that can see the soul, so he always knows if the person he looks upon is good or evil, and therefore deserving of his mercy or wrath.

  132. Gargoyle323 says:

    Tommy is a master of the martial arts. He runs his own school and has won numerous tournaments throughout the years. He believes through discipline and hard work that you can achieve anything. He lives a drug and alcohol free life and treats his body as a temple. People have labeled him a hero, but he is just a man living to his full potential.

  133. Watson Bradshaw says:

    Contest entry 7

    okay this may be my last for this contest.

    Here is KUTA.
    when Eric Stewart First opened his grandfathers vault and found the ancient sarcophagus of Iry-Hor he found that it was engraved with instructions to a ancient forgotten fighting style called Katu. Using these teachings to train himself he is ready for battle against any foe.

  134. VonMalcolm says:

    GAMMA X: Gracie Alien Mixed Martial Artist Xi!

  135. captperv says:

    i tried to take advantage of HM 3 freedom of movement with my shaolin monk type character


  136. Sutter_Kaine says:

    KALI – Kali is a former member of the Black Lotus Society, an all-female sect of assassins who revere the Hindu goddess of death. After mastering the skills of assassination and various martial arts, she left the Society and now sells her skills to the highest bidder.

  137. rya_josh says:

    someone tell me if i did this right, and the monkeys name IS JOSH!/album.php?aid=14947&id=100000618115940&ref=mf

  138. Me, Myself & I says:

    @rya_josh (169 & 170)

    Sorry to say it rya_josh but those links do not work.

    @captperv (167)

    Your link doesn’t work either.

  139. joel says:

    My final entry!

    not much is known about his past, but for whatever reason, Engetsu (crescent moon) has dedicated his life to defending the weak and punishing the unjust. Engetsu first gained his reputation by defeating the Japanese mafia. because of his unique and deadly martial arts style, Engetsu was referred to as “The Phantom of Martial Arts”. He is a master of chi/ki and can use them for both attack and defense. the reason he got the title of “Phantom” however, was because of his signature attack: a barrage of punches so fast, his opponents cannot see which punches are real, and which ones are just after images left by his previous attacks. after defeating the Japanese mafia, Engetsu came to the USA and now protects the streets under the name “phantom”

  140. Gargoyle323 says:

    There is little known of the mysterious Silver Dragon. She is an assassin for hire who is a master in various forms of martial arts. Rarely does she use weapons,preferring to show off her vast fighting techniques.She is beautiful,silent and deadly. She has never failed an assignment,so if you are on her hit list,get ready to meet your maker.

  141. Gargoyle323 says:

    My apologies to MScat(35); I did not realize that you had created a character with the same name as mine(174). I hope no hard feelings.Again, my bad!

  142. spidercow2010 says:

    One more:
    My first entry was a dude, so I did this so feminine energy represents too. Also I wanted to work with the pose.
    She is known only as the Lily of Pain.

    Well, hell, while I’m at it, this is one I did a while back which fits the criteria: She is Qi, the equally proficient sister of the Lily.

  143. Zorbas The Awesome says:

    Name :flare

    no backstory i am just SO f-ing tired

  144. DiCicatriz says:

    12) Kabuki

    Daughter of a famous eastern dramatist, young Megumi witnessed her father’s untimely death at the hands of local feudal warlords for refusing to pay tribute. Her mind came unhinged upon witnessing her father’s death and awakened a deadly split personality within her. Now when Megumi feels threatened, the dread Kabuki comes out cackling. Kabuki is a lethal warrior with a flair for the dramatic. She fights with ancestral blade of Megumi’s family, targeting anyone in her path.

  145. Zorbas The Awesome says:


    Not much to say except he’s Hassasin’s enemy…instead of using rockets, he scales buildings.

  146. Gargoyle323 says:

    Grace Kim is an F.B.I. agent who is working on a huge undercover assignment. She is posing as a Geisha to gather information and to protect possible victims in this case. She has been trained by some of the greatest martial artists and uses these skills because weapons are not always an option when in costume. This case involves big time drug lords and dirty politicians from the U.S. and the Far East.Being a Geisha allows her to get close to the individuals without raising any suspicions.

  147. captperv says:

    color me embarrassed, I double posted and fouled up the link. here is a good link.

  148. Me, Myself & I says:


    Jimmy was like any other kid. He ran, he hopped, he skipped and jumped. He played ‘Cops & Robbers’ with the neighborhood kids (of course he was always a cop). He would even play super hero’s. His whole life he dreamed of growing up and being a policeman like his father.

    There was just one problem; he was very short. The condition that caused his Dwarfism was unique and the doctors never have determined exactly what it was. Unlike many people with Dwarfism, Jimmy was never teased by others. They soon realised that he was stronger and faster than all of them. Somehow all of the might that would be difused in a larger body was concentrated in a small powerful little package.

    When he was finally ready to join the police force, Jimmy was refused entry due to height restrictions in his city. The irony was that Jimmy had been training for the job his whole life and was better skilled than anyone he knew. He was faster, stronger & tougher than anyone on the force. He was well adjusted socially and didn’t have any bizzar psychosis. He was even quite talented as a detective. He was just, to short.

    He was not about to let his dreams go so he set out to fight crime on his own as Tonfa. Tonfa has gained a reputation among the cities underworld and is now feared widely.

  149. Me, Myself & I says:


    Taiyou is the english translation for the Japanese word for “Sun”. His costume emphasizes his heritage and he sees himself as a national Japanese hero. Taiyou is seen with quite a bit of controversy in Japan for to reasons. First, there has been a lot of controversy over how the national flag should be displayed ever since the second world war. Not only that but the particular version of Taiyou’s costume specifically represents the war flag.

    Taiyou also carries a Katana and Wakizashi, a combination of weapons traditionally reserved for Samurai. Seeing as his identity is kept secret, and in some people’s eyes dishonorably, many question whether he has the right to wield them together.

    What the public does not know is that Taiyou’s power is the ability to channel past lives and he actually does channel ancestral Samurai and use their skills in battle. In fact he can use the skills of more than one ancestor at a time making him quite formidible.

  150. Haxxx says:

    A capoeira master. In his daily job he teaches the art at a local school. When trouble arise he smashes bad-guys faces with his feet, never using his hands. (ya it’s Sanji from One Piece)

  151. Gargoyle323 says:

    Sue Nahmi was an F.B.I. agent in a terrible,life threatening accident. She was taken by a government shadow group known as the Talon Foundation. They gave her cybernetic legs and four additional arms. She could now whirl her body around like a cyclone,thanks to some other enhancements. She was trained in the martial arts and the use of hand weapons. After nearly two years of recovery and training she was ready to be put out in the field. A human/hybrid machine of destruction… THE CYCLONE!

  152. Zforce says:

    Is there a reason why every time I get more than a few layers the program goes super slow? I mean it takes it like 3 minutes to display the drop down menu so you can forget editing things… I’ve tried it on different computers and connections but it always happens to me. I want to be dynamic like DiCicatriz with my poses but it just wont let me… I don’t know what to do… this last entry I’m working on was supposed to be my finale but it just isn’t how I envisioned.

  153. 70s Blacklight Tiger Poster:

    @Zforce: The quick fix is to save your character, clear your browser’s cache, and reload the page.

  154. Jeff Hebert says:

    Zforce: Try not doing your color and especially your patterns until the very end. Those seem to be the things that make the program slow the most.

    I do want to address this in the code rewrite somehow.

  155. Me, Myself & I says:

    Mr. Green

    It is not often that a hero appears who is handicapped. At first many of the public questioned how he could battle evil missing an arm but his exploits have proven them all wrong.

    Mr. Green is the best at what he does and what he does is win.

    Mr. Green

    Mr. Green Close Up

  156. Dave Clark says:

    This is The Red Machine. The hero of The Communist Aliance.

  157. Zforce says:

    @Atomic punk: I just did that and loaded it and my character was missing pieces… like the custom cybernetics i built from tech shoulder pieces, firearms, and belt pieces…. sigh… its okay though. I mean technically it is moving faster lol. Excelsior!!!

  158. Zforce says:

    Here’s a modified version of the survivor… The sword just didn’t look right. I don’t think my second entry will make it in time.

  159. thirteeneighteenfive says:

    Here’s my fisrt entry to a Heromachine contest. I created a version of this guy as a villain for a Mutants & Masterminds campaign. He ended up getting crushed when one of my players was playing a dragon. The idea behind him is he burned out his eyes and learned to sense the chi of others through his fingers, so he can see in several directions, even in total darkness. He can then attack peoples chakras and pressure points to instantly disable or kill them.

  160. Zforce says:

    Actually… I decided to re-do the my second entry but forgive me for a lack of background and setting. I didn’t know if there were rules against NSFW stuff so I did this character twice just in case. I always liked Goro from Mortal Kombat so this is my version of the character. Anyway… without further ado… Gora.

    Gora Natural [NSFW]:

    Gora Dark [SafeVersion]:

  161. El Completo: El Rey de los Luchadores de “Lucha Lunes”

    @Zforce: Jeff’s suggestion to save Patterns for last helps alot. As for the missing pieces, I have that problem. Here’s the solution that I found. When you re-load, select the Item Group of the missing piece (ItemRight > Pistol). Then, select “Multiples”. Click on any random Item in the Group. Your missing Item should appear. Delete the Item that you just selected to make the other original appear.

    Hope that made sense.

  162. East Meets West: Defending the Ming Dynasty from Invasion

  163. Neon Sequitur says:

    Warning: this character’s background includes very grim and somewhat tasteless humor. Please don’t take it seriously. It wasn’t easy coming with a story, ANY story, to explain this character’s picture!


    Bonnie Sawyer’s ex-husband (deceased) never really understood her… he never spent a penny on ‘bling’ for his wife, but on Halloween he surprised her with a trashy bunny costume. Completely baffled by her lack of amusement, he agreed to make it up to her by paying for martial arts classes, but not without complaining — it meant less power tools for his garage! Little did he realize she was about to snap completely. The transformation from bored trophy-wife to gold-digging psychotic bimbo from hell was sudden and violent.

    Bonnie Sawyer is now CHAINSAW BUNNY, the world’s worst-dressed, power-tool wielding, jewelry store-robbing martial artist, ever. She’s also a widow, and her husband won’t be needing those freshly-repainted chainsaws any more….

  164. thirteeneighteenfive says:

    Here’s my second entry. I came up with the name a while ago without a story or design to go with it. I’m also submitting this as a response to everyone saying how all the entries are either ninjas or samurai.

    Before he became the undead horor he now is, the man who would become Senor Muerto was once a highly regarded Lucha Libre Technico, the style of good Mexican Wrestlers who emphasize speed, agility, and complex moves. He beacame so confident that he would accept any challenge, an attitude which proved his undoing. Before a match with an unknown Rudo, the evil style of Mexican wrestling which is more akin to brawling, the champion Technico offered a wager. If the Technico won the Rudo would unmask. The Rudo countered saying that if he won the match the Technico would surrender his soul. The Technico was taken aback by such a macabre wager but in the end agreed. The match was over quickly with the Technico astonishingly pinned in a matter of minutes. The Rudo unmasked and revealed he was El Diablo and dragged the Technico down to hell. In the infernal pits, the Technico’s body was broken and rebuilt in a ring of spikes and flames until he was a mindless servent of El Diablo. Now he is sent back to enforce the evil one’s will on earth and capture souls who try to escape their deals with the devil.

  165. thirteeneighteenfive says:

    This guy started out as a prototype for Death Fist. I started playing around with patterns until I got to the reptile look. It took a while before I finally perfected him here.

  166. thirteeneighteenfive says:

    This was another guy who went through several looks on Heromachine 2.5. The idea is he can freeze his opponents that shatter their bodies or slice them into pieces with his blades.

  167. Deseret Fighter: Character update from HM 2.5 to HM 3A.

  168. Normally, I don’t re-post. But something didn’t quite fit.

    East Meets West: Revised, Official Contest Version and the original with self-critique.

  169. captperv says:

    this is my second submission,
    its my take on the the body guards from the story “journey to the west”

    Im not happy with the back ground and i think the monkey king looks like Ang from Avatar cartoon

  170. Gargoyle323 says:

    Master Lao is the latest of a long line of Master martial artists from the House of Lao. They follow the teachings, passed down through the generations,that only they know of. The ancient scrolls are kept locked in a special chest that only gets opened after the death of the current holder. It will be passed on to the next blood relative,who will then start their training.They will train in seclusion until they achieve Master status. This is how it’s been since the beginning of time,and how it shall be till the end of time.

  171. haz says:


    Yes, the link actually works this time. I submitted the first version and then spent the week obsessing over details. So here’s the newer, better version.

    No one really knows anything about her. Because she’s sneaky like that.

  172. joel says:

    I swear this is my last entry!

    Shinnimaru is the leader of the street fighter gang “Hell’s Gate”. His martial arts skills are second to none, and those who have fought him said they were nearly superhuman. however, his greatest power, is the presence of death that looms over him. this is why he is called Shinnimaru (shinni means death). the people who face him feel the presence death around him and know they will die. most enemies he faces are to paralyzed to even move.

  173. VonMalcolm says:

    Inspired by Cliff’s Kamimazi (intentional spelling?) I give you KamiNazi (I couldn’t help myself), even though KamiNazi is kind of a redundant name (Operation Barbarossa).

    Has anyone else noticed that png is way better (brighter and clearer) for the HeroMachine creations than jpg? I have been using jpg but I am switching now.

  174. Bake-zōri: “Kararin, kororin, kankororin!” (“Eyes three, eyes three and teeth two!”)

    @VonMalcolm: Not only are they better quality, but files saved as PNG instead of JPG are also way smaller. At least in my experience with HM.

  175. Not sure if this is going to win but it works
    then with a background
    yep I made Ezio from assassins creed 2
    I dont care if this one wins just thought it would be good.

  176. Gargoyle323 says:

    “Everybody was Kung-Fu fighting,(HUH)”
    “Those kids were fast as lightning(HAH)”
    *(courtesy of Carl Douglas’classic song)

  177. The Mordstreich Technique: European-style fighting.

  178. Dragon man
    From when he was born he knew he was different “and no it wasn’t his hands” he could never have fun like the children in his village he would always get mad and would it be pushing someone down or break someones arm/leg but the elders of the village and tested him they made him so angry that his hand turned into a dragon claw and tried to slash one of the elders. They discovered that the prophecy was true the dragon warrior would come from there village so they trained him to control his anger and his powers.
    his powers are he can turn any part of his body in to dragon form like his hand into a dragon jaw to crush ppl with but he can turn into his full dragon form which looks like this.

  179. MScat says:

    Before this contest ends i have a few entries left.

    I am a big fan of the Avatar the Last Airbender cartoon and in it the benders use a form of martial arts to bend so it matches this contest.
    ASUKA- The Water Tribe

    While most women of the water tribes are healers Asuka is a fighter. She is more powerful than many of the male soldiers and on top of that is the next Avatar!
    RU- Air Nomads

    Ru differs from the average airbender. He is not a relaxed and ejoy life kind of person. He is disciplined and focused nothing distracts him from his training.
    SHIROU- The Fire Nation
    In ancient times the fire nation was a peacful nation. The benders there focused more on self discipline than combat. Shirou was an amazing warrior and friend of the Avatar of that time. They spent many years perfecting techniques, one of which was Lightning. Shirou was the first fire bender to create Lightning!
    KAIMANA- Earth Kingdom
    Kaimana is your typical earthbender strong, forceful, and never backs down. He lived in a peaceful time. He trained with the Monks in the Airtemples, there he learned that bending was a gift never to be misused. Thus Kaimana chooses to use his amazing bending skill only when it is absolutely necesary, any other time he relies on his physical strength.