Caption Contest 81 VOTE!

Thanks to everyone for the funny entries in Caption Contest 81! I've selected what I consider the best ones in the poll below -- vote for as many as you think worthy, and click any image to see it at the larger size.

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Good luck! Whoever has the most votes as of Monday will win their choice of either any item they like, or a portrait, to be included in HeroMachine 3's final version.

4 Responses to Caption Contest 81 VOTE!

  1. Jake says:

    Why are there two options that involve Aquaman? Seems like basically the same joke twice.

  2. Jeff Hebert says:

    I thought about that Jake but I felt they were sufficiently different enough to both warrant inclusion. Besides, they both made me laugh. One of them basically is Batman giving up on Robin, the other one is more like a visit from Bat-Pedobear.

  3. aaron says:

    I really thought my sleep with the fishes one would make it

  4. UesugiWarrior says:

    Gao Shen, The Dragon Fist

    Gao Shen was raised amongst the monks of a remote mountain temple. The monks instilled in the young boy the virtues of peace, honour and honesty. However the monks of the temple were wise, and knew that the world outside of their temple was a place rife with dangers. So at age five they began training Gao Shen in the temples secret Martial Art: Dragon Fist Kung Fu. The training needed for this style is intense, involving hours of backbreaking exercise, days of meditation and years of harsh training in the style itself. At age twenty two, Gao Shen earned the temples highest honour, The Red Dragon tattoo to indicate his mastery over the Martial Art. Now Gao Shen prepares to enter the world outside his temple for the first time. Woe betide anyone who provokes him, for Gao Shen is now, Dragon Fist.