I don't think anyone's noticed, but I'm way behind on these. Sorry -- I'll do my best to catch up over the weekend. In the meantime, enjoy this disgusting spectacle that makes me simultaneously ashamed and giddy like a school girl.

12 Responses to SOD.211

  1. Avatar JOJO65 says:


  2. Avatar Gargoyle323 says:

    Jeff, you reek of awesomeness!!! I’m glad to see these two get a much deserved butt thrashing. I have made a follow up picture for what happens next. Hope you like it.

  3. Avatar Gene says:


  4. Avatar Mr. Q says:

    Wonder how far the ambiguously gay duo will fly after being smacked by that tree? Great job.

    Mr. Q

  5. Avatar Me, Myself & I says:

    Actually Jeff, I did notice. But you know what, I figured you’d catch up eventually. Besides I think everyone was so excited about the new insignia’s that they were more than satisfied.

  6. Avatar Tim says:

    Haha!!! This is awesome!!!

  7. Avatar The Imp says:

    Okay, this one made me laugh. 😀

  8. Avatar Myro says:

    Oh man, poor Bert and Ernie. And after Prop 8 was overturned in California. I’m just saying…

  9. Avatar DiCicatriz says:

    Hey cut out the ewoks and the flames, it looks like they’re having a cozy spa getaway.

  10. Avatar Connor S. says:

    Wow Gargoyle, it may not be the best HM3 look, but that pic reeks with originality and skill. Good job. And on the picture that Jeff drew, those Sesame St. thingies Bert and Ernie are totally screwed. :D. And yes, I just got my new computer after my old one was fried, so I’ll be back on board w/ HM again.

  11. Avatar Joshua says:

    What you gentlemen may not be aware of is that Bert is behind this madness. He knows there’s a trap set, he deliberately sprung it. Think about it. We’re talking about Bert here– evil is his FIRST name. 🙂

  12. Avatar Me, Myself & I says:

    Here is another artist making fun of Hurt and Burnie . . .

    I meen Burt and Ernie.