Lone Wolf. Or Rabbit. You decide.

Our feelings of human camaraderie have prevailed -- or possibly we just wish to be surrounded by more human shields in the event of an attack -- and we have decided to seek out the company of the refugees fleeing along the road.

The people look tired and hungry. They have come many miles from their burning city. Suddenly, you hear the beat of huge wings coming from the north.

'Kraan, Kraan! Hide yourselves!' the cry goes up all along the road.

Just in front of you, a wagon carrying small children breaks down, its right wheel jammed in a furrow. The children scream in panic.

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Now this is where the rubber meets the road! Or the wagon wheel gets in a rut. Or the foot falls in a puddle. Whatever, look, we've got a clear choice here -- run like a rabbit or stand like a lion? I'll just note that Hercules wore the skin of a lion, but not a rabbit. However, they never made a movie called "The Rabbit King" either. They did make "Watership Down", though, which was pretty awesome. Am I rambling? Focus, Jeff, FOCUS!

In any event, look at this kids before you make your decision:

First of all, those children are clearly possessed by Satan. What they need is not a Kai Warrior but a good exorcist. Can there be any doubt the one on the right is eating her mother right now? I think not. And the baby is at least half caterpillar, which is just disgusting.

So really, the choice is whether to run away and hope to fight again, or stand up to an invading group of flying badasses in order to save the spawn of the devil. At least partly human hell children, admittedly, but hell spawn nonetheless.

So what'll it be, and why?

8 Responses to Lone Wolf. Or Rabbit. You decide.

  1. cavalier says:

    No way would the writer punish us for helping people. It’s going to be better to help.

  2. Montana Player says:

    I vote for saving them. Who knows we might get a hellspawn favor out of it.

  3. Oquies says:

    First of all Watership down was awesome! Second those people could probably scare off any flying mount. Third wouldn’t we want to wear a wolf skin? So really, there was no point to anything I just said. I voted run away to be out of the norm.

  4. NEON_N64 says:

    Help the children !

    [sees the children]

    OMG!! RUN !!! RUN !!!

    OK, seriously, help the children. But those children are fugly.

    “If you wish to help the children, turn to 194. 71% (36 votes)”

  5. Worf says:

    Maybe if we ever find our inner warrior we can wear kraan skin. Or maybe if we die, we can make our final scream “KRAAAAAAAAAN!!!!” 😉

  6. William A. Peterson says:

    I refuse to use my dying breath to sound like William Shatner! 😉

  7. Owl_Poop says:

    Actually, I’m here to chuck them muties right at the flying beast because (since the subject came up) I’d rather wear Kraan skin, too.

  8. Owl_Poop says:

    Plus, the local exorcist is at the front of this conga line outta town. ‘Nuff dead? I think not.