23 Responses to SOD.207

  1. this all most looks like porn

  2. SMURF RAPE!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. haha “Papa Smurf Goes To Prison”.

  4. WOW!!! You rock,Jeff! The Ewoks are taking over! Watch out Muppets,your asses could be next!!!You have hit gold with these Ewok drawings,Jeff. Please keep them coming!

  5. Avatar Sean From Edwards

    I only saw the top half at first, it ended up being far more tame then I initially thought

  6. Avatar Nick Hentschel

    The Ewoks WERE Muppets, Gargoyle! (In the same sense that Sweetums was, that is.) And so were Yoda, the Wampa, and Jabba the Hutt: the Creature Shop “made” the Star Wars trilogy as much as ILM!

  7. That looks wrong on so many levels. Guess Papa should have read the sign.

    Mr. Q

  8. I wanna see a Kentucky Fried Big Bird and a side of Elmo! 😀

  9. Never knew ewoks could be that awesome.

  10. Avatar Danny Beaty

    But when do we see the violent, bloody deaths of the Ewoks?

  11. Avatar The Doomed Pixel

    Ewok VS Pedobear!

    DO IT!

  12. Swell.

    Now I need brain-bleach.

  13. Hahahahahhahahahahhahaha
    *deep breath*

    Yeah Jeff, you might be onto something with the Ewok vs. stuff. Kinda like that Bear back in the 80s. Don’t remember his name, but it was a comic series of this bear vs. various comic characters.

    Keep them coming 🙂

  14. Is that a smile on Papa Smurfs face?The old perv likes it! 😀

  15. I bet he’s thinking of Smurfette!

  16. Holy Crap!! Jeff, you rule!!! EWOKS FTW!!!!

    @The Doomed Pixel (#11): YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. OK, I missed the mark on this a bit — this wasn’t supposed to be sexual, it started out as a wrestling hold where the ewok had his foot in Papa Smurf’s back, but then it sort of changed and ended up … well. Not exactly what I intended.

    Although it DOES look like something unspeakable is going to be taking place in the next ten seconds, I grant you that.

  18. Pixel, I don’t know what a pedobear is … ?

  19. Hey Jeff can you make another one where the Ewok is beating the chocolate out of a Umpa-Lumpa!

  20. And I propose ,if everyone is ok with it that you make this like a permanent thing ,maybe once a week SOD of an Ewok defeating another character.

  21. I does kinda look like something I had to write case for one time.

  22. Avatar The Doomed Pixel

    @ Jeff:

    Pedobear is exactly what he sounds like. There’s just one of him, and his exploits can be seen all over the internet today. See link for some commonly used examples:

  23. OK, let me et this right … my pic of Element Lad lazing around in an innertube disturbed you … and this is OK? LOL