SOD.194 – Never try to sell fake Skoal to a redneck wizard

14 Responses to SOD.194 – Never try to sell fake Skoal to a redneck wizard

  1. Avatar MartianBlue

    That’s a pretty original concept. Where’d you get an idea like that? lol. Great character.

  2. I love the cat peeking over his shoulder. That’s an all-around awesome picture.

  3. If you have a small magic crystal ball sitting on top of a broken bigger magic crystal ball, you may be a redneck wizard!

  4. Thanks guys, glad you like it. It started with the hat, honestly. I started drawing a standard wizard cap and all of a sudden it had a baseball cap brim on it. And I thought, that’s what a redneck wizard would wear, and it was on.

  5. This is completely awesome. Great picture!

  6. Avatar spidercow2010

    “Abry-Cadabry, ah jest made a batch of the White Lightnin’ of Vishanti. Now ah’m’onna bring Dale Earnhardt back from th’ dead!”

  7. Remember the cyber-hillbilly you did oh-so-long ago? Maybe you should come up with the whole RIFTSbilly clan.

    The vampiress cousin, Emmy-Sue…
    Granny Golem…
    Jed the inbred (with his mecha-tractor)…

  8. Avatar MartianBlue

    I agree, you have to make a granny of some sort, rockin chair, rifle, the whole kit n’ kaboodle

  9. Now that is FUNNY! I started to laugh my ass off when I saw this.Very original idea.You really could make a whole cast of characters from this one drawing.Well done Jeff.One of my favorites!

  10. I was going to say how much I liked that hat. I didn’t realize that’s where you started off with the character. Great work.

  11. I’m not sure what skoal is, but this picture is great. I wonder where I could get a hat like that…

  12. Avatar Me, Myself & I

    Skoal is also known as snuff or chewing tobacco. I have an uncle that used to use it.

  13. Avatar Dan Gonzalez

    Great sketch. One of the best yet. This picture tells a story.

  14. Being a bit redneck myself at times (I’m originally from Georgia) I really like this concept. Nicely done.