RP: Luckily "property rights" ain't in the Constitution

(From "National Comics" number 2, 1940.)

4 Responses to RP: Luckily "property rights" ain't in the Constitution

  1. kingmonkey says:

    Candy City? Sweet! I bet a bunch of suckers live there.

  2. Don’t let the Candy Door hit your Candy … on the way out!

    Oh, the punnery.

  3. spidercow2010 says:

    This sounds suspiciously like metaphorical criticism of America’s foreign policy. Did the communist “Daily Worker” have a funnies page?

  4. knight1192a says:

    Ok, now we know the truth. He’s not that strong, that door’s made of candy. It’s just like those sugar “beer” bottles they use on TV and in the movies for smashing over someone’s head in bar fights. He’s really afraid the next door he tries smashing will be real and he’ll break his wrist on it.