SOD.168 – Cowboy surprised

7 Responses to SOD.168 – Cowboy surprised

  1. Avatar Me, Myself & I

    I like the expression.

  2. The chin dimple really grabs my eye. A coworker has a dimple like that that’s practically a divot and I have to not stare at it, either.

    That said, it’s a great expression. You can tell it’s surprise, but he’s not scared of whatever it is. He actually looks curious as well as surprised, like he’s going to move in closer in just a few seconds.

  3. Glad you like it! I was definitely going for exactly that expression Laridian, happy it came through.

  4. I agree with Laridian about the expression.I also liked the shading on the face which added more depth to his expression.Nice job,Jeff!

  5. my first thought was I bet he’s thinking: “My god…its so…shiny”

  6. Must have read the critic’s reviews for “Jonah Hex”. Speaking of which, if, and I do mean IF, (…I know the missus doesn’t take a fancy to them thar’ comic films.) you get the chance to see it, Jeff… we’re a’hankerin’ for a review.

  7. Surprised, indeed. I’m surprised no one has made a Brokeback reference yet.