Quest of a Lifetime

Hammerknight's back for another round of RPG Corner, introducing a new scenario this week that I think has a lot of promise.


5 Responses to Quest of a Lifetime

  1. kingmonkey says:

    Hammerknight, have you noticed that you keep misspelling your own screen name in the title logo?

    Do we presume this is a fantasy RPG?

  2. Hammerknight says:

    Thanks I did not notice that. I’ve been coping it from the other post. Thank you for being nice enough to tell me.

  3. joel says:

    Here’s an idea for a character for the rpg. he is a stranger dressed all in black with a hood and a plain white mask. he rides a large white wolf with a strange blue symbol on its forehead. he has no other animal with him, for he carries a simple pack with food, water and some bandages inside. he has several knives upon his person (also engraved with strange symbols. though these markings are in red). he also fairly heavy black gloves with small hidden pressure activated blades that can extend when he clenches his fists. he uses the knives for hunting (among other things).

  4. Kalkin says:

    I think traditionals are the best option for an all rounded travel. Pack mules loaded with:
    -Camping gear (tent, bedroll etc.)
    -Eating gear (pans, spoons, cup etc.)
    -Some tools (axe for firewood, shovel, hammer and some nails etc.)
    -Hunting gear – if has hunting skills (snares, bow and arrows, fishing line and -hook etc.)
    -Light (lamps, torches etc.)
    -Food for travel (smoked or salted meat, nuts, ale, biscuits, water etc.)
    -Spare clothing and for special occasions (winter suit, rain coat, sun hat etc.)
    -Some cash for trading (properly hidden of course)
    -Some entertainment to keep occupied on travel (a jojo, a board game or maybe a rubik’s cube, etc.)
    -Medical kit (bandages, tourniquette, some pure alcohol etc.)
    -Personal grooming appliences (razor, mirror, soap, tick removing pincers etc.)
    -Spare weapons (whatever character likes to use)
    -Repair kit for the rest of stuff (for armor, sharpening tool, needle and thread etc.)
    -Miscellaneous (Rope, a ten foot pole, writing kit with water resistant pack, chalk, sacks etc.)

    Then there is the character himself, who can be just about anything with:
    -Weapon(s) (Whatever suits character)
    -Clothing (includes armor for warriors)
    -Occupation related gear (spellbook for wizards, lock picks for thief etc.)
    -Mount (whatever suits character that is controlled enough not to eat the pack mules or strong enough to be pack animal itself)
    -Special gear, stuff not available to general public (Magic items, alchemical potions, complex mechanical machines etc.)

  5. Hammerknight says:

    Great job Kalkin, you hit the nail on the head. That is exactly what I was going for.