HM3: Miscellaneous

OK, I am finally settled in Colorado, and although my internet access situation is still in flux (meaning, it sucks but I am working on it), I have the computer and tablet set up and have started drawing items for the ItemRight-Miscellaneous set. Please let me know in the comments specific items or types of items you would like to see, keeping in mind that I am going through the HM2 Miscellaneous set and the Expansion to port the relevant objects over.

Thanks in advance for your ideas! As usual, requests with links to specific images are the most helpful.

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  1. Avatar Danny Beaty

    A seltzer bottle.
    A rubber chicken.
    A trick gun with a “BANG!” flag sticking out of the barrel.
    A spitoon.
    A baby rattle.
    A long cigarette holder.
    A cigarette.
    A frying pan.
    A rolling pin.
    A glass jar large enough to contain a human head.

  2. Avatar UesugiWarrior



  3. A newspaper.
    A ladle.
    A ping pong paddle.
    A tennis racket.
    A piggie bank.
    Soap on a rope.
    Playing cards.
    Skiing pole.
    A shrunken head.
    A hotdog.
    A bottle of ketchup.
    A picnic basket.
    A purse.
    A steering wheel.
    A toilet seat.
    A hubcap.
    A doll.

  4. I know this doesnt go to the misc category, but can you add a military belt with pouches? Like the one ULt. Captain America has.

  5. Avatar Danny Beaty

    @Jeff: Hi! How is Colorado treating you? I thought said in an earlier posting you were moving to Oregon. Oh well. Do you still have the same email addresses?
    Jeff, about the SUPERMAN VILLAIN character contest: Can we remake a character from a previous character contest and give him a new name and new identity and enter it in the current contest?

  6. A little flag
    Playing cards
    An eight-ball
    Brass knuckles
    Spiked knuckles
    A lighter

  7. A cocktail or wine glass.
    Boxing gloves. (unless those would go in Hands)

  8. An aerosol can (add your own fire)

  9. Avatar Bloodless Rose

    Magical Books (open and closed)
    A Lighter
    A Coat Hanger
    A Hand Mirror
    A Set of Keys
    A Set of Cutlery?
    Various Bottles of Alcohol

  10. Danny (7): Yeah, it’s confusing — we were going to go to Oregon but the property there fell through at the last minute, so we had to go with the backup plan with a rental in Colorado. I think this is where my wife really wanted to be all along, so it all works out.

    Emails and all are still the same, yep.

    In general I prefer that characters not be re-submitted from contest to contest, but it’s not against the rules or anything. It’s more just if I’ve already seen it once, it doesn’t have the impact of something new. On the other hand, I have an abysmal memory, so there’s that to consider.

  11. A deck of cards
    A laptop
    A cellular phone
    Attache Case
    A chinese fan

  12. Ohhhkay… Misc. requests coming up (admit it… you knew I’d show up this time also ;-)…):

    – Lockpicks:

    – Matches:

    – Potion bottle:


    – Wine glass:

    – Beer/Soda can:

    – Bag:

    – Scroll case:

    – Magic lamp:

    – Magic wand:


    – Rings:

    – Brass knuckles:


    – Syringe:

    – Gladiators’ net:

    – Alchohol bottle:

    – Pepper spray:

    – Claymore mine:

    – Detonator:

    – Bomb:


    – Flare:

    – Rocket:

    – Fire extinguisher:

    – Treasure map:

    – Miners’ pick:

    – Grimoire:

    – Crown:

    – Bear trap:


    – Jewels:





    – Chalice:

    – Trophy:

    – Sealed letter:

    – Ninja Caltrops::


    – Dice:

    – Coin:

    – Dollar bill:

    – Feather:

    – Handkerchief:

    – Blowtorch:

    – Pills:

    – Voodoo doll:

    – Banner:

    – Frying pan:

    – GPS:

    – Gold bar:

    – Scalpel:

    – Corkscrew:

    – Ashes:

    – Stone tablet:

    – Chicken leg:

    – Flower bouquet:


    – Gold nugget:

    – Mushroom:

    – Mirror:

    – Magnifying glass:

    – Blood pack:

    – Herb:

  13. Flowers
    Lap top
    spray can
    chemistry set
    weight scale
    fire extinguisher
    fire hydrant
    mail box
    splatter shape
    dripping shape

    Just what came to mind of the top of my head.

  14. Avatar Me, Myself & I

    ~ Rope Coiled
    ~ Rope Knotted
    ~ Money (a roll or loose bills)

    Oh, and here is an idea for companions section. How about a beat up old shopping cart?

  15. Avatar Dudey McCool

    this isn’t really relevent, but could you maybe do a few mouths that aren’t so femenine? and maybe a kind of serious/scowely/baring teeth one :’)

  16. I suppose requests for marital aids to be drawn for HM3 will not be considered. Ah well, here’s hoping for an upcoming Porn Machine soon πŸ˜‰

  17. Avatar Jack Zelger

    Here’s some random ones:

    cricket bat (blank)


    weed wacker/lawn trimmer

    hockey stick
    TV remote control
    ice cream cone

  18. Just want to congratulate you on settling in Colorado!
    So confratz! πŸ™‚

  19. Congratz*

  20. 1.Captain America’s Shield
    2.Iron Man’s Helmet
    3.Thor’s Hammer
    4.Superman’s S-symbol
    5.Machine guns
    6.more foot items
    7.more arm items
    8.more shoulder items
    9.more headgear
    10.a robotic looking body that clothes can fit on

  21. X (22): We can’t legally do copyrighted and immediately recognizable items like your first four.

    The last six items aren’t related to the Item-Miscellaneous set, which are supposed to be things the character can hold in his or her hand.

    Otherwise, thanks for the suggestions (and the well-wishes, Sefy!) so far everyone. By all means keep ’em coming!

  22. A bowl.
    A toothbrush.
    A comb.
    A pick.
    A crushed pop can.
    A pencil.
    A pen.
    A bowling ball.
    A shovel.
    A garden hose.

  23. Avatar knighthawk

    A child dolly
    fingers of a closed hand to lay on top of a weapon for a properly “gripping” look.
    open noose
    soda can/beer can

  24. Double barrel sawed off shotgun
    Beer Bottles
    Cricket bat
    Alcohol bottel,

    ps. Jeff Hebert, are you done with the clothing options for Heromachine 3 and you rock

  25. fingers I know people would flip the bird but maybe just a thumb and index finger

  26. Maybe a generic looking banana clip style Ammo cartridge? and a straight drop ammo cartridge?

  27. jeff can i ask for an old rail road lantern i know you had a camping style in hm2

  28. Funny you should say that RJ mcd, since I was literally working on the Coleman lantern as I tabbed over to read this comment.

    I don’t know what a railroad lantern is though, do you have a reference image you can point me to?

  29. The classic femme fatale cigarette holder :

    Or the hippie version:

    A soft drink aluminium can

    Bug-catching net

    A Holy Bible

    A deck of cards, fanned out

    A wooden cross

    A Stake

    A hand detonator (for anything. bascaly a small stick with a button on top)

  30. Avatar AssassinKlown

    Is that going to be an homage to Gary, Mr Hebert? lol

    My wishes:

    Miscellaneous bottle(s) (soda, beer, whiskey, etc)
    Bent car axle
    Large flashlight
    Coffee cup

  31. I demand a plate of cookies!

  32. A coffee mug.
    A slurpee cup (preferably with crazy straw).
    A cell phone.
    A carrot.
    A pocket knife.
    A toy dinosaur.
    A remote.
    A remote controller.
    A ruler.
    A toy rocket.
    A fork.
    A spoon.
    Crumpled up piece of paper.
    A fish bowl.
    A trash can lid.
    A towel.
    A box of chocolates.
    A present (preferably with a bow.
    A stapler.
    A checkbook.
    A foam finger.

    A milk carton.
    A computer mouse.
    A balloon.

  33. money
    bubble wand/blower
    opossum being held by tail
    electrical cord
    feather (or quill)
    realistic heart
    alcohol jug (jug w/ XXX on side)
    vial and/or test tube
    teddy bear
    milk jug/carton
    picket sign

  34. I’d also like to congratulate you on the move. L-O-V-E HM.

  35. Avatar spidercow2010

    Chemistry beakers, test tubes, flask, tubing, that sort of thing

  36. A mask made to be held in-hand (e.g. spiderman holding his mask in his hand
    Doctor Who’s sonic screw driver

  37. Avatar spidercow2010

    …and a baby’s arm holding an apple.

  38. I would like to see some old items from Hm2



    mechaGun,falchion & lightsabre




    bfg,grenadegun,blasterrifle,winchester & sawedoff.

    And when it comes to Headgears i would like to these items in Hm3


    firestorm & milBeret


    arabian & commset


    hornedhelm but without the horns.





    veemid from Hm3





    gi,tunic & tunicnosleeves.


    scifi & upchevron.



    tac & cargo


    robe & scifi.



    blox & tek
















    tek1, wrought & inline.




  39. Handcuffs:
    Both like this-

    and like this-

    and I’m still looking for a straitjacket- although that probably belongs in tops

  40. Avatar Dudemeister

    A coiled vine. Sort of like a rope, but a vine.

  41. Avatar Jack Zelger

    How about a ridiculously oversized wooden mallet you might see the Joker or Harley Quinn swinging?

    Like this one:

  42. Well, I reread your original post and it said item right miscellaneous. The items I was thinking about would be more like props. Things that would be used add a little flare. Will there be items like that?

  43. Oquies, yes, I do want to do a “props” type of set for Backgrounds, though I am not certain exactly what to call it yet. But it would have things like you’re suggesting so a scene could be set.

    But yeah, that’s not what this is — this is generic hand-held items that don’t fit in one of the sub-sets.

  44. Glad you made it there safe and are getting settled in. I liked your drawing of the day from your new window.
    Well here is my list, some of them have already been mentioned, but I thought I would add my votes, in case those with more mentions got more priority:
    Alchohal bottle
    wine skin,
    wine glass,
    Chalis (I tried with two Fencing foil hand guard domes and a shrunk axe handle … but it kept glitching),
    closed book,
    open book,
    American flag on flagpole,
    Union Jack on flagpole,
    a rose,
    ivy (I want to make Poison Ivy, but I didn’t mention a copywritten character),
    large mushroom,
    venus fly trap (really needs to be in backgrounds probably),
    teddy bear,
    tubing/wire (for machines and mechs),
    unpeeled banana,
    pizza box,
    a hot dog,
    Gramaphone (to make a certain music trophy)
    upright piano.

    Thanks for all your hard work. It is very much appreciated.
    Hero Machine RULZ!

  45. Just some ideas, I donΒ΄t really know if someone has post them yet but i think there are good

    Cartridge of ammo(for rifles,MG and handguns)
    drinks (can, glass..etc) and food (obviosly something you can take with you)
    thngs like that

    P.D: i will recomend that maybe you can fullfill the armors set with news gloves and hands, legwear and foot armor. Thank you for all your hard work, and congratulasionts for such a good website.
    P.D.D: sorry for my english iΒ΄m from spain and i dont know if every think i wrote is correct

  46. Tire and a Flashlight would be good too.

  47. Some dice
    Deck of cards, both the deck and a poker hand
    stack of bills
    A mask held in a hand, also a cowl not worn but in the back.
    poker chip
    Thats al I got, wish I had links though

  48. Fantasy Based:
    A turkey Leg
    Wood and or Pewter Tankard
    Quill Pen
    Wine Skin
    Scrolls, both unfurled, and rolled up.
    Skeleton Key

    Sci-Fi / SuperHero:
    A PDA
    Cell phone
    Powerbook or Laptop PC
    Hand Radio / Walkie Talkie
    Cell Phone
    A Tri-Corder like device
    TV Remote Control

    MISC. Items:
    Wine Glass
    Coffee mug
    First Aid Kit
    Suit Case
    Brief Case
    Wine / Beer Bottle
    Broken Wine / Beer Bottle
    Ring of Keys
    Test Tubes / Beakers
    Magic Wands ( from a stage magician’s wand to a Harry Potter-ish type wand, to a faerie godmother type wand )

  49. A teddy bear

  50. Weird request, but How about a Pool Skimmer, please:


  51. Avatar dementedtheclown

    I Only Have One Request. A Gem Stone, Like Kryptonite.

  52. A potion vial

    A beer bottle

    A gourd

    A simple stoneware cup.

    A piece of meat… like a turkey left or ham on a bone.

    Some stone tools.

    A two part basket that has a separate back and front piece

    some fruit.

    Smaller stone knife.

  53. Avatar Me, Myself & I

    Here is an idea that I haven’t heard discussed. I bring this up due to the sheer number of requests in this thread. I know there is a maximum amount of items that can fit feasibly into a category. What about having a couple miscellaneous categories? ie. Misc1 & Misc2, etc.

  54. Multiple sets in the same theme is certainly possible, as I did with Blades. But for now, until I get all the big areas well covered, I probably won’t do so. I hesitate to work on a second set of the same kind of items when, for instance, Legwear still needs so much work, and Gloves, and Feet, etc.

  55. I would like to see a stright jacket or insane asylum outfit.