3 Responses to SOD.144

  1. Nice SOD. I really am enjoying the SODs. Can’t believe it started on Jan. 14 and today is May 23. Seems like yesterday.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, GreenBat. It has indeed been a long time, and there’s a lot longer still to go. Kind of intimidating. I’m glad to know you’re enjoying them, though, that helps a LOT.

  3. Yeah, I never really comment much on how much I ENJOY the pictures as much as their pros and cons. I do enjoy the SOD’s very much in fact. They are a nice daily thing and I have a passion for art so it’s fun to get a new piece every day. Also your genre of art is what I find lacking in every famous piece of art. They lack STYLE. Ok, you made a picture of an ugly chick with a big nose. Where’s the fun in that? I like the impossible, like fantasy and superheroes, which you almost always make a picture of. I do enjoy art like Van Gogh’s Starry Night and such, but I would much rather have a nice fantasy drawing. But I’m ranting. Your drawing is really good this week, almost as good as the earlier Hawkman SOD. (If that’s his name. Not much of a comic person, but I like superheroes and stuff) I think he looks kind of posessed, what with the crazy eye and odd hand gesture. Also the jagged knife adds a good effect, while the robes are put in there nicely. Good one.