SOD.117 – Hangout

I wanted to try a small scene with non-people stuff in it.

6 Responses to SOD.117 – Hangout

  1. I can’t believe Mary Jane chose that wimp Parker over me!

  2. Too creepy “lurker in a booth at Pizza Hut” look. Unless he’s waiting for a refill of pepperoni slices at the buffet.

  3. LOL @ Atomic Punk; that’s exactly the first thought that I had. 😀

  4. His name is, in fact, “Pizza Hut Booth Lurker”. That’s hell to fit on a chest logo, but you gotta roll with what got you there, you know?

  5. Avatar Dan Gonzalez

    “Where the hell is my diet coke refill?”

  6. Hey! If you could include that seating as a backdrop or furniture item in HeroMachine 3, I’d love you to pieces!