SOD.106 – Green Hornet (ess)


11 Responses to SOD.106 – Green Hornet (ess)

  1. Good Job Jeff

  2. Feminine and practical for the occupation, besides the high heels, but she wouldn’t be a comic woman without them. Pretty sweet drawing, I like the insignia on the belt.

  3. Thanks Carrigan. Originally they were big ol’ pumps, but they just looked too clunky. As you say, there are certain customs to be observed even when they’re a bit silly.

  4. So since you have The Green Hornet(ess), any possible chance for you to do Kato to go along with it?

  5. Replace the green cape with a green coat.

  6. Danny, I think that came across more demanding and harsh than you meant it. So that’s all I will say about that.

    If I wanted her in a trenchcoat exactly like the original she’d be a he to boot. But I wanted it to be different so that’s how I drew it.

  7. @Jeff: I wasn’t trying to be harsh or demanding, no offense intended. How does putting a trenchcoat on a woman change her to a man? A leather motorcycle jacket might also work. In my opinion the cape doesn’t work with the shirt she is wearing. I like the hat, the belt buckle, mask, pants, hair, and boots, and the pose. I think the shirt works, but it would work better if the shirt were a light green. I think she needs some gloves to hide her fingerprints.

  8. Avatar Neon Sequitur

    Wouldn’t that be Green Hornette?

    Very nice work!

  9. Avatar William A. Peterson

    It’s… interesting, but the face seems pretty masculine, to me.
    Also, she doesn’t seem to have anywhere to carry the pistol, or other assorted gimmickry, that the Green Hornet usually carries.

  10. You can say you don’t like it WillyPete, you’re not alone 🙂

    She’s a tough chick. Not everyone’s a supermodel elf, you know? I like a woman with a strong jaw, the Nordic look does it for me.

    The holster and gun are over on her right hip where you can’t really see it in this pose. That’s what the belt is for.

  11. Speaking of Kato, here’s my take:

    Now I think of it, I should have saved it as a GIF instead of a BMP. Oh, well.