SOD.102 – Wonder Woman riding a dinosaur

Because, that's why.


14 Responses to SOD.102 – Wonder Woman riding a dinosaur

  1. dementedtheclown says:

    She Wet Herself

  2. Jeff Hebert says:

    It’s called a shadow. BTW, why do you always capitalize every letter of the sentence? That’s really odd.

  3. Joshua says:

    I wanted to love this, Jeff, but it would have been 10x better if it were Batman mounted atop the mighty T-Rex; now, substitute a T-Rex for Pegasus and we have us a winner.

    P.S.– Jeff, it’s been awhile since we’ve gotten a movie review from you. I’m an 80’s kid, which I imagine you are as well, so how about your review on “Clash of the Titans”?

  4. Jeff Hebert says:

    Batman on a Pegasus? I’ll have to think about that.

    I hardly ever get to the movies Joshua. Last night my wife and I saw “Date Night”, that ought to give you an idea of the kind of thing I am usually allowed to take in!

    I’ve heard bad things about Clash of the Titans, though. I’ll probably wait till it’s on PPV.

  5. John says:

    Having seen it last Friday, I can give you a two word review of the new “Clash of the Titans” that will tell you everything you need to know:

    It. Sucks.

  6. Gero says:

    Is that really suprising? The original sucked, too. I’m still not sure why a movie made around the same time as the first terminator and after the first Alien movie had all the special effects of the original King Kong; not to mention all the acting talent of an elementary school play…

  7. Ian says:

    Actually, Jeff, this would have been a zillion times awesomer if it had been a Wookiee instead of Wonder Woman, and instead of a lasso, he had a cannon that fired LIVE SHARKS at people.

  8. Danny Beaty says:

    I wish I was that dinosaur.

  9. spidercow2010 says:

    Must speak up. When Gero produces anything CLOSE to the stop-motion animation genius of Ray Harryhausen as seen in the original Clash of the Titans, I will listen to his opinions on special effects. It may be that you were reminded of King Kong because Harryhausen got this start studying with Kong’s SFX creator Merrian C. Cooper. And while I’ll admit that Harry Hamlin was out of his depth in C.o.t.T., it’s partly because he was up against Maggie Smith, Burgess Meredith and Laurence Freakin Olivier. Some elementary school cast!
    And all y’all: Jeff hardly needs defending by the likes of me, but really now, stop telling him what he should have drawn; draw it yourself. Or shut up.

  10. Jeff Hebert says:

    @spidercow: Thanks for the defense but I think the guys were just joshing 🙂 Ian had the whole wookie with the shark cannon idea on his blog a few weeks back, he’s having a bit of a laugh. And you have to admit, a shark cannon would rock almost as much as a bearapult.

  11. Danny Beaty says:

    This picture is the perfect representation of marriage: a big dumb animal with a domineering shrew on his back.

  12. gero says:

    Personally, I think the picture is hilarious. Though I do like the idea of Batman on the pegasus. Maybe Jeff could do something like the two guys he’s shown on here who are doing the ABC’s things with super heroes. Only instead of letters, each one can have a different super hero on a different kind of steed…

  13. Jeff Hebert says:

    Not a bad idea Gero! Some days I do struggle to come up with a subject I want to draw, so I need to remember to put that in the ol’ memory banks.

    As for this particular drawing, I’d give it a “C”. I don’t like her face or hair or shoulder. I like the T-Rex though.

  14. Connor S. says:

    This is the coolest no-sense-at-all drawing ever! And I have an equation to prove it!
    Superheroes+Dinosaurs= yxJames Cameron