HM3: Let’s get wordy

I just uploaded a quick HeroMachine 3 update, word balloons in the Background slot!


You may wonder why they're centered -- it's because that's the center point for the Background slot in general, most of which are full-screen and so make sense to be placed there. If I put the word balloons where you'd expect them by default -- upper left, by the head -- then when you rotate them, they rotate around the center point and that's irritating. Plus, you then can't manually drag them over to the left, which is also irritating. So instead I chose this slightly less irritating method whereby you can drag it wherever you want once it's placed.

If you have other word balloon shapes you want, let me know in comments.

Yes, I am still working on Musical instruments but they're slow going.

13 Responses to HM3: Let’s get wordy

  1. I’ve always liked the way Dream of the Endless talked…
    Here’s an example (in the VERY UNLIKELY event that you don’t have any sandman lying around),,20213067_20213322_20210144_16,00.html
    Could you add something like that?

  2. Good idea Worf, it’s in now — if you don’t see it yet, it’s a caching issue, try refreshing your browser, or otherwise it’ll take an hour or two for the server to uncache it.

    Good suggestion, thanks!

  3. THAT looks awesome! Great work Jeff. And thanks for being so fast!!!

  4. Good work Mr. Hebert.

  5. Any addition is a good addition.

  6. Avatar Demented The Clown

    Nice, I’d Like To Suggest That The Circular Area And Triangular Area Be Separate So That U May “Talk” In Any Direction.

  7. Avatar The Atomic Punk

    Yes, with a new Character Contest even! Heaven’s to Mergutroid!

    Maybe an anime style “exclamation” bubble? I can’t find an example off-hand, though. :/

  8. i think you need more insignias try looking at mass effect 1 or 2
    and you need more spandex designs ckeck this link for more ideas

  9. Can we get some iron man speech bubbles?

    Maybe some sarcastic “icicle” speech bubblesttp://

    Also, can we get the kind where there’s no bubble?

  10. Also, the more modern whisper (the one on the right)

    The wavery injured/drunk

    The attached

    Conversation “stacked balloons” (alternating balloons from one character and another as displayed here by Spidey and Pres. Obama)

  11. How do you type in a word balloon?

  12. Alex, you have to add a Text item from Fonts-Standard. Type in whatever you want and then drag it up to be inside the balloon. They’re two separate pieces in two separate places.