SOD.077 – Green Arrow

This started out as a female Green Arrow like the female Flash, but somewhere close to the beginning it turned into just a generic ranger type female, then at the end it turned back into female Green Arrow. I think the resultant muddle pretty clearly reflects that lack of vision.

Yeah. This color thing is hard. Black and white lineart after the jump.


Learning about coloring line art comics-style is really fun, but it also takes a long time. So I don't know how many more color sketches I'll do in the next little while, because I really need to get back to drawing HM art.

11 Responses to SOD.077 – Green Arrow

  1. Are you going to add the top, pants, and the boots that she has on to HM3? The cape would be nice also.

  2. I like it.

    And I’ll second the comment about adding the parts to HM3…as I have on many of your SOD pictures πŸ™‚

  3. I like the costume; however, I think the color of the top should match the cape. Also, she should have something to hide her identity, such as something to cover her nose and mouth but leaving the eyes and forehead exposed.

  4. The top matching the pants doesn’t work. The current GA has a yellow-green undershirt with an open-neck coat over it, but on this one I wanted her more free — with breasts, you don’t want your coat binding up on you as you draw back the bow string.

  5. What I should have said is the color of the top should match the color of the cape.

  6. I tried it that way, it blends in too much and looks like one band of color that’s strangling her. You need some color variance between the two pieces to break it up.

  7. @Jeff: Did you try making the top brown?

  8. Yes I did, actually. Brown isn’t really part of GA’s color scheme. Used very sparingly, like for the belt, is OK but really it shouldn’t be in there at all (at least as the costume is designed currently).

  9. @Danny: So… what you’re saying is that the carpet should match the drapes?

  10. @Imp: LOL! I never thought of it that way! Good one!

  11. @the good Mr. Hebert: I’ve got it! Just get rid of the top all together! She could be the Topless Avenger! I’m a genius!