SOD.042 – Barbarian


The first version of this drawing blew chunks, so I redid it on the same base sketch. After the jump I've put the original, crappy version, and a quick screencast explaining not just that it sucks, but why.

First, the drawing:


And now the video explaining why it's so crappy:

6 Responses to SOD.042 – Barbarian

  1. triple h is conan

  2. I really like little crosshatchy stuff! I hate to see it go! But I can’t really argue with your analysis overall.

  3. Oh, cross-hatching as a technique is great, but it has to be used properly. Which it was most emphatically NOT, in the first pass. It’s one of those things that seems really simple when you see it done well, but is actually fairly difficult to do properly. A great technique, though.


  5. Not without a beard he ain’t!

  6. he Beowulf after him first shave at age 2