SOD.039 – Ribbeting


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  1. Hah! Great pic, jeff!

  2. this is so cool. If only there would be a way to include it in my star wars rgp campaign… young huttling perhaps…

  3. just too cute!

  4. Thanks Tristan, that’s fun!

    I can’t use as I am on a Mac, but in Photoshop here’s what I do to color black lineart.

    Make two copies of the art layer, right on top of each other.

    Set the Layer Blend Mode of the top layer to “Multiply” and then lock it.

    Color on the bottom copy layer and the color should show through to the top layer, while the top layer’s black lines stay black.

    If someone tries that out in, let me know, I’ll be curious if it works.

  5. Avatar Demented The Clown

    Whoah Nice Job, I Missed This 1