Caption Contest 53 Prize – Alpha and Omega

Steve and I have completed his prize for winning "Caption Contest 53", his brother-sister twin duo of Alpha and Omega:

Thanks to Steve for his patience and willingness to work with me on this.

7 Responses to Caption Contest 53 Prize – Alpha and Omega

  1. That’s a great pic, Jeff! Good work!

  2. Thanks Darkvatican!

  3. Why am I the only one who commented on this pic?! Psh!

  4. This is a great pic Jeff.

  5. darkvatican, I wasn’t around to comment on it.
    (And to be honest, what could I say about it? Very little besides “Good work, Jeff” – which you already stated.)

  6. I was more surprised that I was the only commentor than upset. heh ^_^

  7. I also congratulate Jeff on his outstanding work…it is so good to see something from inside your head finally take form on ink and paper..