HM3: HandRight minor update

I just added a handful (get it?!) of items to HandRightStandard in the HeroMachine 3 Alpha. These are the additional hands from the BodyMaleAlternate set that weren't already in there.

6 Responses to HM3: HandRight minor update

  1. Great job on the hands Jeff, are you planning to add more feet soon? Like Werewolf feet and what not.

  2. That’s *ahem* handy! See, I can make puns too!

  3. Thanks Jeff, how about female hands next 😀 .

  4. Got to *hand* it to ya Jeff, great job 😉

  5. about the hands i hav a problem where if i add a wepean the weapon will either be on top of the hand or underneeth it not being held by the hand

  6. lolzyboy, you have to use the “Mask” tool to make items look like they are being held in the hand. There’s a tutorial on how to do that here.