HM3: More alternate body pieces

I just updated the Body-MaleAlternates set of items with the upper bodies broken up into complete upper torso; torso only; left arm; and right arm. Next up will be the left leg and right leg, then the hands and feet will go into those slots.

10 Responses to HM3: More alternate body pieces

  1. Nice

    Are you planing on eventually separating the arms?

  2. You mean into upper and lower arms? Not in this set. Maybe if I do a Limbs set, but I don’t know for sure.

  3. Avatar Demented The Clown

    Nice Work

  4. Any chance we cna get feline limbs and feet?

  5. Hey Jeff what ever happened to the potential changes you were talking about
    ( )
    Are you still planning to do that?

  6. Nice. You’re really blazing through this, Jeff!

  7. Rockin Jeff!

  8. Yes HecNukem, those are still on the docket. I got into a drawing mode again for a reason I forget, but pretty soon I’m going to need to stop adding items for a while and focus on the code again.

  9. Will you make shirts designed for specific poses,like if their arms are crossed?

  10. @Zach: No, there are no plans to do non-Standard shirts.