RP: Marvelous


(From "Mary Marvel" number 1, 1945.)

11 Responses to RP: Marvelous

  1. Yikes. She hit him so hard his ass is talking.

  2. Maybe it’s just me, but “hillbilly” doesn’t seem to match the rest of that lettering. I wonder what it might have been originally?

  3. @Bael: Sharp eye, now you’ve got me curious, too.

  4. but little did she know that he was into that.

  5. That made me laugh, Xstacy.

  6. After reading “Man of Steel Woman of Kleenex” by Niven, I can’t help but wonder whether the world’s mightiest girl would have knocked his colon into the ground had she actually spanked him.

  7. I think she knows, Loki. Girls in miniskirts don’t throw boys across their laps if “subdued” is their objective.

  8. I think she spanked his spine out of his mouth.

  9. From the look on her face, she’s beginning to realize that being good can mean different things to different people.

  10. “Because when Atlas gets back to hold up this narration, he’s not going to be happy to hear you’ve been fooling around with his stuff.”

  11. Makes you wonder if she’s into bondage and S&M. Probably failed to kiss her shoes and say “yes mistress.”