HM3: Plan 9

I've just published the Heads-Aliens set of items for the HeroMachine 3 alpha. It includes many of the items you suggested in that last thread, so thank you! Solander in particular put up some electron microscope close-ups of real-life critters that worked out great, they're towards the end.

The set is a mix of completely finished heads (like in Heads-Animals) and pieces that you can assemble with the "multiples" setting enabled for your own custom creation. I've also imported some alien-like items from Ears, Noses, and Mouths, along with some of the non-proprietary Lordi items you've not had til now. All in all this release has 58 items in it, out of which maybe 15 or so are repeats. I thought it was worth it to have similar items all in together.

Here's a quick sneak preview of twelve of the new items at the top, and at the bottom are similar items from HeroMachine 2 for comparison's sake:


Finally, in the course of basic testing I ended up putting together an entire character, which I hardly ever do any more. But since it does have one of the new Alien Head pieces (the lion-like snout), and since people for some reason (or hundreds of millions of reasons) want to build cat-like aliens, I decided to include it. Apologies to all the people who do waaaaay better putting these together than I do!


Let me know anything you'd like to see but don't, bugs, or things you like in the comments.

And no, I haven't 100% decided what to do next, so by all means feel free to lobby.

26 Responses to HM3: Plan 9

  1. Great set of items. I personally would like to see the non-human limbs done next.

  2. Rockin Jeff!

  3. Very cool stuff!

    Non human limbs, and torsos (Spider, horse, fish, etc) would be cool.

  4. Agreed. Non-human limbs sound perfect next.

  5. bustiers or non-human limbs next

  6. Great! Love it!

    But just to remind you, all those cat-aliens need catlike feet (paws and claws). Hooves don’t work that well with cats.

  7. Oh yeah, what about centaur cats, hunh hunh hunh?!

    Kidding. So far non-human limbs seem to be way out in front for Next status.

  8. Thanks Kyle, I think you already posted those in the New thread. I wasn’t able to use them, but I did see them, thank you.

  9. Looks good. Hoping for non-human limbs next. Seems like things are moving pretty quickly lately. Great job.

  10. Good work on the alien heads, Mr. Hebert! As for what to do next, I vote for Tops Female Tech. The chicks need body armor!

  11. Thanks for adding those close-up critters Jeff. They look really cool!

    As for the next thing, my vote is non-human limbs as well.

  12. Would mechanical limbs fall under the non-human limbs category as well?

    Just curious.

  13. Very nice job Jeff, I like the one you did for me, looks great. I would like to request one more head type, the basic alien, I may have missed it, but if not, would it be too much trouble?

    This type head

  14. @Jeff: Great set. Love it.

    And don’t sell yourself short, that is a very good character.

  15. I found a problem with the set.
    Page 3
    Last Item
    Ear Left, is not an Ear, it’s the fin hawk, like avage dragon.

    Also, the reason I requested the alien head in the post above is so I can remake myt martian blue character, so if it’s possible to get it in, I’d really appreciate it.

  16. Avatar Demented The Clown

    @tim I Hope So

    I’d Like Sumthin Along These Lines.

  17. @MartianBlue: Thanks for catching the problem with the ear! That has been corrected and the head fin moved to the last item. Good catch!

    As your reward for being a bug catcher par excellence, check the file — your martian head is now the second to last item. It’s a pretty expected thing to have in a set named “Aliens” I reckon.

  18. Thanks alot, Looks great, as do all the items. Oh what fun I can have now. Your the man, Jeff!

  19. Hey, I just realized, that cat fellow in the picture is a villain from Thundercats. He had a bit different color scheme, spiked mace and one fang.

  20. At last! This has been my most anticipated item list since Jeff announced it last year. Thank you, Jeff. Everyone looks as they should: ugly and misshapen (…*LOL*– believe me, Jeff, that is the HIGHEST compliment. I’ve love what you come out with. Good job, sir!).


  21. You forgot hadrosaur like crests.
    The heads are awesome. Particulary the Vance’s Chash and Wankh like. Great. I’m a Vance fan. The Dirdir is easy to make (i made a one with hippo streched whic i’ve add crest and fangs and it looks absolutely awesome). The Pnume miss.

    For the next you could creat a Body- Alien with chitinous and reptilian torsoes.

  22. Fabien: I didn’t so much miss it as decided not to include it 🙂 And I have no idea what a Vance, Dirdir, or Pnume is.