Random Panel: It looks like it was an “ass-teroid”


(From "America's Greatest Comics" number 3, 1942.)

7 Responses to Random Panel: It looks like it was an “ass-teroid”

  1. He’s seeing stars – and a moon.

    (Oh, wait, was there innuendo in that? Totally unintended.)

  2. It’s not fair to make him the butt of your jokes. He’s been up since the crack of dawn fghting crime. He tried to build up a decent reputation, but with your careless joke, you wrecked ‘im— given him a bum rap!

    … yeah, I guess that’s all of them for now.

  3. You shouldn’t have eaten those bulletburritos, cuz now you’re fireing burrito bullets.

  4. @ Kingmonkey: Damn. That was quite a bout of puns. I tip my hat to you, sir.

    With that said, I think it’s high time we stop laying down and taking it up the- never mind, the point is, we need to get a restraining order against those gosh darn ninja tanks!

  5. Kingmonkey: Aman, brother. Great post. Open the door a crack and these bloggers just run and run…

  6. Really? Assaulted from behind, and a comet is his first thought? Wow. Or maybe he just butted heads with the Bullet clan, and some of the crazy rubbed off.

  7. Maybe he really overestimates his super durability, and thinks nothing short of a space rock traveling thousands of miles an hour could hurt him. I think it was a kid with a slingshot, personally…