HM3: Hair suggestions

It looks like "Female Hair" won out for the next set of items for me to work on, so if you have specific requests for that, please leave them in the comments to this post. Any links to actual images of what you want will be the most helpful, but anything goes.

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  1. How about some head tentacles. Like Twi’lek Lekku and Kit Fisto’s head tentacle things.

  2. A good short straight haircut.

  3. Beehive
    Medusa snakes
    Farrah Fawcett
    Short spiked
    Icicles (Hair that looks like frozen water.)
    Feathers (Think of the bird guy from the second season of “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century”.)

  4. I’ll use some fictional examples:

    Bride of Frankenstein (also Rogue and Pixie on Marvel’s side for duotone fun and really varied haircuts)

    Emma Frost’s shorter haircut (

    Rachel Summer’s short-cropped haircut during Excalibur run (

  5. Morrigan’s hair from Dragon Age would be a good addition.

  6. How about long hair flowing down and partially covering one eye? Something like this:

  7. This picture of Kyra Sedgewick came up when I was doing a search for “1940s hairstyles.” I thought some styles with a kind of retro, Golden Age of Comic Books vibe would be nice:

  8. I would like to see some bits and pieces too. Items that can be layered and masked to make something unique.

  9. My suggestions:
    Spiky and short (lawl butch cut)
    Shoulder-long with a curve at the end
    Short but with long-ish bands
    Emover (A cool looking combover with lots of hair on top)
    Laughing Octopus (If u’ve played MGS4)
    Slicked back

  10. Oops, sorry I posted twice :/

  11. Oh boy, hairstyles it is:

    – Avril Lavigne style:

    – Lidsay Lohan style:

    – Meg Ryan style:

    – Scarlett Johansson style:

    – Jennifer Anniston style:

    – Gothic hair style:

    – Posh hair style:

    – Braids hair style:

    – Afro hair style:

    – Mohawk style:

    – Jessica Simpson hairstyle:

    – Halle Barry hairstyle:

    – Victorian hairstyle:

    – African hairstyle:

    – Fantasy hairstyle:

    – Ninja hair style:

  12. I’d like to see the hair in your Jean Greyesque image you did to demonstrate the proposed female bodies for HM3

    I’d like to see it both as you have it drawn here and in a flame rendition.

  13. Corn rows

  14. The hair of the alien chick in “Queen of Blood”.

  15. Avatar SarcasticHamster

    I like Maximilian’s idea. have complete haircuts, and then bangs, ponytails, accessories, and other things for custom haircuts.

  16. Beehive, beehive, beehive!


  17. @kingmonkey: In the immortal words of Austin Powers, “Oh, Beehive!” 🙂

  18. Howsabout this style as worn by the lovely Kathryn Morris:

  19. I like a lot of the hair from HM2.5. A short cut would be nice. Long wind swept and braided as well.