Random Panel: This week on “Super-Hero Spy-Cam”


(From "Bulletman" number 12, 1943.)

10 Responses to Random Panel: This week on “Super-Hero Spy-Cam”

  1. Bulletman, i don’t even want to know what you mean by that.

  2. On a less disturbing note, why do the bullets always talk about themselves in third person? Gero thinks that’s a little creepy…

  3. Walking the bulletman’s shiny helmet…is how the kid’s call it today?

  4. I just noticed something, is he waking up in bed, already in his costume?

  5. Let’s face it: Bulletman isn’t the first guy to “fire off a few rounds” while alone.

  6. Avatar William A. Peterson

    Naw, I think he’s just taking off his shirt…

  7. “Naw, I think he’s just taking off his shirt…”

    Hmmm…in light of the renowned level of discernment excercised in the Bulletworld, I offer this.

    “Mommy, that man has a giant metal hat on! Is he Bulletman?”
    “No, dear, he’s not. Bulletman wears a red shirt, and that man is wearing a white one.”

  8. …getting freaky with bubble wrap there.

  9. I think that’s Susan’s dress that he has wrapped up in his hand, for “going out alone.”

  10. I’m too sexy for my shirt.
    Too sexy for my shirt,
    So sexy it hurts.