Random Panel: Nerds Gone Wild II, Bibliophile Beach Edition!


(From "Bulletman" number 15, 1946.)

7 Responses to Random Panel: Nerds Gone Wild II, Bibliophile Beach Edition!

  1. Avatar Hammerknight says:

    Jeff, when did you shave? lol I can’t pass it up.

  2. Avatar The Eric says:

    Hey, that was the Monster Manual! 🙁

  3. Avatar William A. Peterson says:

    Now, you’ve got me wondering what the caption was all about!

  4. Avatar Niall Mor says:

    Speaking as a former librarian, I’d have to say that anyone who “crumples a few books in his excitement,” is obviously one of the most fiendish supervillains the world has ever seen and must be stopped. 🙂

  5. Avatar kingmonkey says:

    The key thing that tells us how much of a nerd this guy is is the fact that he has the manual strength necessary to crush such a large book in one hand.

  6. Avatar Jeff Hebert says:

    I love that he’s a nerd, yet he’s super strong. And yet he apparently tears up books for fun, which is decidedly non-nerdy.

  7. Avatar Frankie says:

    “Oh joyous day,
    Oh joyous day,
    It’s Book Crumpling Day!
    Oh what fun when the children play,
    so I can crumple these books,
    for which I did not pay.
    On this day. On this glorious day.
    Book Crumpling Day!”