Caption Contest 65: Bulletcharades

Come up with the best replacement dialog for this Bulletman panel and you'll win either a caricature of your gorgeous mug OR an item of your choice to be included in the final HeroMachine 3 version!


The rules are simple:

  • Leave your entry or entries in the comments to this post;
  • No more than three entries per person;
  • Keep it clean (appropriate for late-night broadcast TV).

That's even easier than falling down! I'll announce the winner next Tuesday. Make sure in your entry you indicate who is saying what, like so:

Bulletman: I think I might've crushed Bulletroach!
Bulletgirl: No, I think I snorted him in this nostril -- gross!

Good luck!

41 Responses to Caption Contest 65: Bulletcharades

  1. BM: “Rock beats paper! Ha!”
    BG: “I’m sorry…what were we doing?”

  2. darn he took my rock paper thing. oh well.
    bm: cmon, lets play rock paper scissors for it.
    bg: No, now for the last time get in there and clean that toilet.

  3. BG: Okay one word, the topic is a strange movie from the 90’s
    BM: Ah…okay. Coneheads!

  4. 1. BM: Why CAN’T we have a baby?
    BG: Because the “bullets” you keep firing are blanks!

    2. BM: I’m tired of doing THIS every night!
    BG: Not until Friday!

    3. BM: Why don’t you like our helmets?
    BG: Because they look like suppositories!

    Not for consideration:

    BM: Honey, it hurts when I do this!
    BG: Then don’t do that!

  5. BM: Darn it Bullet girl, now is not the time for sloppy work!

    BG: i said that last week but you don’t here me complaining.

  6. 1. BM: Bullet! Bullet-Bullet bullet!
    BG: B-b-bullet??? BULLLLEEEETTTT!!!!

  7. BM: Now honey, please sit still, we don’t want another child.

    BG: Would you be quiet! Bulletdog is having fun in the next room with Bulletpoodle. Now, punch me right here in the stomach. That should take care of things.

  8. BM:Damn! I know my bulletgun is around here somewhere!
    BG:Hmm…Did you check in the other room?

    BM:We’ve got to convince the police chief to let us help!
    BG:I know! I’ll go ask his daughter!

    BM:…and then I smashed the villain into the wall of a building!
    BG:Is that what that hole in our living room is?

  9. @Gero: your second entry is OUTSTANDING!

  10. (all three of these are related, like multiple takes of the same scene a la Mike Meyers in Austin Powers movies)

    1. Bulletman: Paper! No, wait, rock!
    Bulletgirl: Get out.

    2. Bulletman: I like it best when you do it this way.
    Bulletgirl: Get out!

    3. Bulletman: Great Scott! Seeing your helmet reminds me of something we haven’t done in a long time.
    Bulletgirl: OUT!

  11. BG: Bulletman, look! a totally inappropriate and hilarious scene right over there!

    BM: By george, we’ve got to go add it to this month’s issue!

  12. BM: Bulletgirl, have you noticed that we have huge seashells on our hea–

    BG: Shhhhh! I think I can hear the ocean.

  13. @John: I just decided to capitalize on how clueless bulletgirl and her family always seem to be ^_^

  14. 2. BM: And then we goin-
    BG: Wait who are you and what have you done with my boyfriend!?

  15. 2)BM: One of these days, Bulletgirl! One of these days!

    BG: Yeah I know, right to the moon! Well my kisser is wide open, swing away!

  16. BM: Aw, Mom, do I hafta?

    BG: That’s enough out of you, young man! To your room this instant!

  17. BM: “I’m suffering from intense muscle pain!”
    BG: “Thank goodness there’s a pharmacy over there”

    BM: “Slamming my fist into my palm indicates that I’m angry!”
    BG: “I don’t care. I’m too busy trying to direct traffic”.

  18. BM: “Susan, you know we can’t fly under the influence. Now touch your nose and say the alphabet backwards.”

    BG: “Z…Y…X…W…”

  19. BM: “Are you pondering what I’m pondering, Susan?”

    BG: “I think so, Jim. But, if we give peas a chance, won’t the lima beans feel left out?”

  20. BM: Damn it….here comes my stalker who always dresses lime me….
    BG: Hi Bulletman….Look we’re dressed the same again….what a coincidence…hehe

    BM:Holy banana split ice cream Batman…
    BG:Wrong comic book dude.

    BM:If it weren’t for those damn kids and that talking dog….
    BG: You’re a moron

  21. BM: “I’ll get a brace and bit and drill ear-holes in our helmets!”

    BG: “Talk slowly! I’m having trouble reading your lips.”

  22. BM: I’m telling you Bulletgirl … Rock beats Booger everytime!
    BG: NoseBullets!

  23. BM: Golly, Bulletgirl! When you said you could suck the chrome off my dome; I didn’t think you meant literally!

    BG: Mmmmm! Salty!

  24. BM: Damnit, Bulletgirl; when I said “Fire me, boy!” I didn’t mean to light my “boys” on fire!

    BG: But, I was just following Chef’s recipe for his chocolate salty balls…

  25. 1) BM: Quick Bulletgirl! The hostages are in danger!
    BG: Sshhh…there’s a Ninja tank over there…

  26. Bulletman: “Damnit, Susan! I can’t believe you let a tank run over Bulletdog.”

    Bulletgirl: “But it just came out of nowhere. Look! It’s gone already.”

  27. Bulletman: “Two bulletcars in every bullethouse. Bulletequality for every bulletman, woman and bulletchild. Bulletgifts under the bullettree. And soon the world will be my bullet. Bullet.”

    Bulletgirl: “Oh my. Jim, enough with the crazy bullet talk. You need to call the tv repairman before I miss the next episode of Southland Bullets.”

  28. BM: “Bulletgirl! Thank heavens. Snickerdoodle super glued my fist to my palm. I won’t be able to remove my helmut.”

    BG: “(gasp) Bulletdog! Quick, fetch the disintigration ray, or I’ll never be able to see my boyfriend’s face again.”

  29. BM: Then they grind the bugs to make dye.

    BG: Oh. That’s why lipstick is red.

    (NOTE: This is the truth:

  30. BM: “Jeff Herbert is mocking us? I’ll moidelize him!”

    BG: “Shhh! I think he’s just outside this panel.”

  31. Entry 1:
    BM: “So honey, what do you say tonight you ‘bite the bullet’?”
    BG: “Last time, I chipped my tooth.”

  32. so far, so good!

  33. BM: Like this, see? Works every time.
    BG: I don’t know. Are you sure that’s how to perform CPR?

  34. BM: … and so we could call ourselves Mulletman and Mulletgirl! What do you think?

    BG: See this expression? Out! Now!

  35. BM: You did say *anything*. And the women in the video looked like they were having fun…

    BG: …Look, a distraction!

  36. 3)
    BM: Alright Susan, we’ll flank the bank robbers through the back…ah, you’re not listening to me are you?

    BG: Is there something in my teeth?

  37. 1)
    BM: The line must be drawn here!
    BG: Why not over there?
    BM: Quick Bulletgirl, to the Bulletcave to get our Bulletguns!
    BG: Okay but shouldn’t we go over there and get our Bulletbullets first?
    BM: … then I should’ve pounded that big lummox into paste!
    BG: Um, Bulletman, the big lummox is right over there.

    There’s just something amusing about abbreviating Bulletman that way … something very third grade about the whole thing.

  38. 1.)
    BM: NO! I already told you Bulletgirl, we’re here to work, not shop!
    BG: But Bulletman, they’ve got Mink Stoles, and they’re on sale.

  39. 2.)
    BM: And so, we’ll . . .
    BG: Ummm. Why are we having this converstaion here? There’s a roof top right over there.

  40. BM: I really wish we had cups and saucers!

    BG: Oh, sorry! I forgot to tell you. I bought new ones the other day, and I put them in that cupboard… At least, I think I did.

    BM: I must find my athletic support!

    BG: *sigh* Dear, it’s on your head.

    BG: Oh my god! I thought I saw something over there, but I can’t tell what it is! The damn illustrator didn’t draw this panel big enough! Oh, Jim! What shall we do?

    BM: I’ve got it! I’ll hit my hand with my fist while you point in a meaningless fashion!

  41. BM: Speak Bulletgirl! Oh wait nevermind. Ok, 1 word, far away, wait fly, no, finger!
    BG: Wow you’re so stupid!