Random Panel: Great moments in bad prom dates


(From "Bulletman" number 10, 1942.)

10 Responses to Random Panel: Great moments in bad prom dates

  1. @Jeff: I tried to add an answer to the Bulletpoll, but it wouldn’t take.

  2. You have to wait until after you’re married honey, then you can let them rip any time you want!

  3. I think maybe there’s a limit on the total number of answers that can be in the poll? I’m not sure, it’s a plug-in thing…

  4. @Jeff: Understood. Thanks for the quick reply.

  5. Better out than in, I always way.

  6. wait.. I thought girls “passing it” was an urban myth. hehehe

  7. Are you trying to say you’ve never once used sleeping gas on a prom date? Pfft, don’t play me like that.

  8. @kingmonkey– Sir, should father’s everywhere be concerned about allowing you to take their daughters to the prom? *LOL*

    @Jeff Hebert– I was merrily strolling through the site when a thought broke in and demanded my time and other valuables: Jeff, Batman has Kane/Finger, Superman Siegel/Shuster, but do you know who the creator of BulletMan is? I ask, now getting around to that previous mentioned assailant thought, because I imagined that man sitting in a retirement home with tears welling in his eyes, because in his dementia he is both honored that someone remembers his obscure creation and pissed because you and all of us have such great fun in picking it apart. Can you add a face/name behind BulletMan? *LOL*

  9. Joshua, through the magic of Wikipedia, the creators of Bulletman were Bill Parker and Jon Smalle.

    He was a very popular character at the time, and was brought back in various incarnations at DC several decades later, so he hasn’t really languished in complete obscurity. I get the impression it was an influential comic for a lot of the creators in the generation that in turn inspired me.

  10. So Bill Parker was the Bill Finger to C.C. Beck’s Bob Kane; appears that Capt. Marvel has two fathers– something I did NOT know. What began a joke now turns to to something more tragic. Though, it’s unknown to me if Bill Parker dealt with the same problems that plagued Bill Finger. Hope not.