HM3: Mech!

On one hand, I'm sad to report that the HM Mini I've been talking about has been canceled again. They didn't like the coloring book idea, so the whole thing is dead at this point.

On the other hand, that loss is your gain, as I have now translated over all of the mech stuff from it to the HeroMachine 3 Alpha! It's in two parts, "BodyMech" and "HeadMech", with the Body set having torsos, arms, and legs. All of this was drawn at a three quarter angle view as opposed to the regular HM straight-on model, so the pieces aren't going to work with most of the existing clothing and such. But you can build a pretty cool looking robot and some of the heads go well on existing creations, giving them a looking-off-into-space look.

Here are a couple of screen shots to show you some of the options:


Let me know what you think, and if you want me to edit the arms so they lack hands (allowing you to drop in your own from Left/Right Hand).

The next few days I'll be working on cleaning this stuff up, adding some more to Mark's great Polearms set, and then we'll see from there.

26 Responses to HM3: Mech!

  1. kingmonkey says:

    I do believe that we win, fellow fans of HM3. I already have a few idea for these pices as they presently are. I think using these heads on existing bodies may help add some dynamism to some characters.

  2. dementedtheclown says:

    Oo: Yaaay F***ing Sweet. I Just Made A Robot, Imma Needa Rethink Him, n Turned Heads Sweeeet.

    Great Job Jeff.

  3. cavalier says:

    Can you talk about the intended client at all? Some of those parts look kind of familiar. It’s got my curiosity up.

  4. neon_n64 says:


    It’s a shame these items are not 100% compatible with the rest of the HM3 items, but still, it’s definitely good to have them 🙂

  5. Jose Inoa says:

    Banzai!! Mech rule!! I’m totally busting out my GURPS Mechs books out for this! Yeah!!

    Mr. JH! Can ya give us a more “girly” lookin’ mech head, or a “teddy bear” type? Just suggestin’… These are great.

  6. Reid says:

    Totally awesome…Mecha
    Their loss is definitely our gain
    Off to the assembly line

  7. Solander says:

    Amazing mech stuff Jeff! Love them. Bravo!

  8. Reid says:


    If it is not too much work could you please expand the “work area” of HM3 to the same size as HM 2.5

    I would really appreciate it, my eyesight isn’t what it used to be

    Thanks Reid

  9. The Eric says:

    Aw yiss! Mech parts! Thanks Jeff!

    But i seem to have a problem. Sometimes when using Multiples, especially with more than one genre and item type, items will not be deleted.

  10. Jeff Hebert says:

    @Eric: Yeah, that’s an ongoing bug, on the list to be addressed at some point. Not sure why it happens.

    @Reid: HM2.5 had a work area of 337×494. HM3 has a work area of 408×626.

  11. RJ mcd says:

    jeff can we have more humanoid arms? even with resizing the “car robot” limbs are to bulky

  12. Matt says:

    These are awesome Jeff, can’t wait for the mini either.

  13. Hammerknight says:

    Thank you Jeff, it is very nice.

  14. berserker says:

    whats the contest though for this week?

  15. Kaldath says:

    @cavalier; I agree with you that these new mech pieces seem very familar. If you asked me I’d have to say that there’s “More then meets the eye” here

  16. Jeff Hebert says:

    Afraid I can’t comment on the original client, guys, though there may be some … image editing to come in a few days, removing some of the more, um, obvious elements. Like some of those panel-like rear shoulder pieces.

  17. Whit says:

    Fantastic stuff!

  18. Tim says:

    Really Awesome Jeff! Thank you.

    Michael Bay would be envious 😉

  19. Polonium Apatite says:

    Wow! The alpha is sweet! I haven’t tried it out fully, but enough to be in awe. One thing: coloring:

    might want:

    custom names for custom colors and delete, edit buttons
    keep track of customs

    hsv/hsl (preferably hsl) color space support for custom colors

    automatic tint and shade swatches based on custom color
    0% 25% 50% (maybe 75%)

    square swatches (at least 8 or so) possibly taller
    rectangle ones I think are just a little too long and odd shaped

    outline thickness
    really cool if this is integrated

  20. Kalkin says:

    Very good parts. Still needs retrotech clockwork limbs and terminator-style skeleton limbs, though.

  21. The Imp says:

    They’re great, Jeff. Especially some of those arms and legs; I’m already busily making use of them…

  22. bats says:

    Isn’t that EJ Su’s Ironhide head design up there?

  23. ollie says:

    these are awsome iv already started using them. could you make some more tho coz im making a transformers team and iv run out of pats to use lol XD

  24. Jeff Hebert says:

    You’re in luck Ollie, I’m working on a new Mech Warrior style mini starting Monday 🙂

  25. New Mechs! Open to suggestions?

    I think I’ll wait for the official announcement on Monday. No, can’t wait! Too excited. A couple of quickies.

    1. Cockpit-style heads and chests, open and closed designs.

    2. Maybe some animal kingdom influence?

  26. Terrance Rodgers says:

    I agree with Kalkin, clockwork limbs would be much appreciated.