Sneak preview

All righty, assuming this radical change in course for the mini works out, this is the kind of thing you'll have to look forward to:


Originally this was going to all be separate pieces -- left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg, torso, head, and the random background element. I still have everything all separated, so some of that would be usable in HM3. But now it looks like it is going to essentially turn into a series of static pictures like this one, pre-assembled, that you can color. If I can manage it, I'll try to have many (many) more than three colorable areas, so you'd click the paint bucket and fill each discreet area however you want. Like a coloring book. Mostly.

Is that cool, stupid, or somewhere in between?

27 Responses to Sneak preview

  1. That sounds pretty cool. It’d be especially cool in the main HeroMachine.

  2. Coloring books are cool. An HM generated one is cooler! I vote for at least four colorable areas, JH.

  3. it reminds me of transformers!

  4. Looks good! I agree with The Eric about it being in the main heromachine.

  5. I like the idea of a “kitset” more. I’d rather have that than a “model” that can only be painted.

    Pic looks great, btw.

  6. 1) That robot looks awesome.

    2) The filling tool sounds interesting. It would be really awesome to use it on the most complex items in HM3, the backgrounds.

  7. sounds good JH

  8. I agree with neon_n64. The filling tool sounds neat.

  9. That is stupid cool!

  10. Avatar William A. Peterson

    I agree with the “kitset” request, if possible…
    “Machine Machine”? “MechMachine”? If not, yes, adding Mechs as vehicle “companions”, with multiple areas to color would be kind of neat…
    Any chance of them making it into version 2.5?

  11. we need more cyborg/robotic parts to make my army incress i mean make hm3 better 🙂

  12. Willy, I think HM2.5 is pretty much finished now.

    Fantastic job Jeff! It looks really cool. A kitset thingy would be pretty cool. Keep up the good work :).

  13. We need more robot body parts in HM3. Those look good.

  14. Will textures/patterns be an option in the mini?

  15. Avatar dementedtheclown

    I Agree With Every1 On The More Robotic Items, Would Be Nice To Have A Robotic Endoskeleton. I Think Once You Get All The Main Items Finished It Would Be Cool To Start Coming Out With Themed Sets Of Items, Robots, Aliens, Monsters, Cowboys, Knights, Wizards, And So On. Btw Is There A List Of Items That Need To Be Made, Or You Just Go By Suggestions? I Know We Still Need Auras, And A Few Other Things. Any Estimate On When We’ll See A Beta? Or That Just Not A Question Yet?

    Either Way, I Love This Thing, Cant Believe How Many Heros I’ve Made Already lol. Keep Up The Great Work, n I’ll Definitely Check Out The New Coloring Book.

  16. I I have to confess I don’t know what a “kitset” is, can someone clue me in?

  17. Well the latest in this ongoing soap opera is that they don’t want a coloring book after all. Now it appears there won’t be a mini at all though, given the turns this has already taken, who knows? Regardless, many of the pieces will find their way into HM3. Which emphatically is NOT done.

    There are still many item sets from 2.5 that need to be converted over plus of course all the female stuff. No dates yet but still a ton to do. Plus once all or most of the items are in there is a lot of coding work to do.

  18. Jeff, Kitset just basically means there are all the parts needed to make a robot like that. You could say that HM3 is a human kitset.

  19. is a cross between stupid and cool Cupid or Stool?

    Sounds cool, I like the bucketing idea.

  20. The more stuff crammed into HM3, the better. I’d much MUCH rather have too much stuff than not enough.

  21. Mecha + HM3 = Awesome!

    Plus more cyborg limbs would be awesome too 🙂

  22. @The Imp: Agreed!

  23. I have a question…When HM3 is finshed is it going to be online only or will it also be available on cd/disc format?

  24. That hasn’t been decided for sure yet. I am writing it in such a way that it is usable on a cd or as a download but it’ll be up to UGO whether or not to do so. Their whole business model is selling ads based on page views so we’ll have to figure out the economics of the whole thing.

  25. Avatar dementedtheclown

    The Answer Is Product Placement, Coka-Cola Armor, And Red Bull Machine Guns

  26. Avatar dementedtheclown

    @Imp Agreed
    @Tim Agreed Robo Limbs Pleeeeeasee

  27. “Their whole business model is selling ads based on page views”

    You got that right. Can anyone say ‘five bajillion pop-up ads’? 😀