HM3: Polearms update!

Although I haven't been able to work on the Polearms for HM3 due to the new mini, long-time HeroMachine contributor (and designer of many of the most-loved items from 2.x) Mark Shute has stepped up to the plate and generously offered his time to put together a set of them for you all to use and enjoy. His mix-and-match polearm shafts and heads are now available in the HeroMachine 3 Alpha in the ItemRight slot.

Let Mark and me know in the comments what you think of the new set. Once the new mini is out I'll circle back and add in my own bunch of items to it as well, so it's not complete by any means, but Mark's provided a very solid and flexible collection that should greatly enhance your ability to make the perfect character illustration.

Enjoy them, and be sure to say thanks to Mark, he worked hard on these and did a great job!

19 Responses to HM3: Polearms update!

  1. I know it’s a little heavy on historic European polearms, but I had good European source material to work from. I hope to add some more Asian influenced pieces soon.


  2. Avatar dementedtheclown

    Wow Thanx Mark. Im Also Excited To See This New Mini.

  3. Thanks, Mark! Possibilities are already pretty high with the mix-and-match items.

  4. Great job, Mark. Much appreciated!
    Greetings from Germany!

  5. Great job Mark, and thanks!

    It’s extra-specially good because some of the items can be made into swords and things.

    Thanks again!

  6. Good stuff, Mark. Thanks!

  7. Can I just ask everyone on the HM forums, are you having trouble getting on to it? It keeps on saying it contains no data. All other websites work, it’s only the forums.

  8. Those forums are … challenging. I’m tempted to start up some here but I don’t want to piss them off. Tempting tempting though.

  9. Looks great Mark! Nice options and I can’t wait to see your Asian influenced items as well.

  10. They look great Mark, thanks.

  11. @Hakoon, the forums are not letting me on either.
    @Jeff, a photo album type of forum would be nice, it would work great with the contest.

  12. I can get back on it now. Must of been a server error or something.

  13. I like the new items, thanks a bunch, dude! Can’t wait for the Asian style items to be put up also!

  14. Woah! Thanks Mark, these are great, I hope Jeffs paying you πŸ˜€ .

  15. So Jeff or Mark what items are you working on next

    Thanks Mark!

  16. I got four Asian-inspired polearm heads done tonight, along with a roman trident. It’ll be a few days before I can do any more drawing.


  17. Thanks Mark, they all look awesome!

  18. Those are some sick polearms Mark! Thank you!

  19. Mr. Shute, astounding job. The entire Imp clan thanks you kindly.