Random Panel: Epic retcon fail


(With thanks to FailBlog.)

14 Responses to Random Panel: Epic retcon fail

  1. Spider sphincter tingling!

  2. What in the name of god?!?

    Words fail me. 😀

  3. He is going to need hemorrhoid cream for that.

  4. Hmm, odd those Japanese are.

    That is why they fail 🙂

  5. @Tim: I think it’s Korean, actually.

    Still weird and east Asian, though.

  6. Webbing which comes from the backside? Now that’s an embarassing superpower.
    If he was peeing repulsor beams, now that’s another story.

  7. Avatar Strange Goliath

    According to some of the comments on fail blog, it’s an advertisement for a Korean water park.

  8. I just wish I could read what is written so I could fathom what is it that they want to convey with this very disturbing image.

  9. Avatar Denise Adams

    Gives the meaning “spidey sense tingling” a whole new meaning.

  10. “Spider-Man 2099” thanked his god that THIS wasn’t where he shot the webbing from. Ughh, it’s a Korean website. Fictional though it is, I like Spider-Man & Mary Jane Watson-Parker as-is. I just don’t get the humor in going through with the whole marketing ad… Peter Porker, anyone?

  11. Note the website in the upper right corner: http://www.spavalley.co.kr

    It’s indeed a Korean water park. I understand the goggles and the flippers in that context, but the webbing-out-of-the-butt is just freakin’ out there. Talk about lost in translation. Oy.

  12. Reminds me of the movie Earth Vs The Spider, although the web sphincter was in the guys chest.

    If he makes the web from his rear end like a real spider, does that imply that when the web is of no longer use he efficiently eats it like most aracnids do?

    Aside from that, I find that the whole stamping of funny images with the word FAIL makes them 33% less funny.

  13. Avatar Dan Gonzalez

    Are we sure that’s webbing? Maybe Spidey just braided his pubes. Rapunzel junk.

  14. LOL @ Dan G. 😀