Random Panel: Walt Disney interviews gone bad


(From "Day of Vengeance" number 1, ©2005 DC Comics, Inc.)

4 Responses to Random Panel: Walt Disney interviews gone bad

  1. Redwall, The Mice Templar, Mighty Mouse, Johnathan Brisby, Danger Mouse, Pinky & The Brain… ring a bell? Bueller? Security?

  2. Okay man, back off, I’ll quit telling your wife that I have a mouse in my pocket, I thought she was single, you can calm down dude.

  3. Avatar William A. Peterson

    Actually, from the comic, that mouse was the Phantom Stranger!
    You really *don’t* want to get the Spectre mad at you…

  4. Avatar ThatStrangeGirl

    Everything. The mice have to do with everything. They know everything about you, your family, and the dude your wife’s leaving you for.