Random Panel: File under “Hunches, bad.”


(From "Whiz Comics" number 2, 1940. Because what Hospital HR Director in their right mind is going to hire someone named "Dr. Death"?)

5 Responses to Random Panel: File under “Hunches, bad.”

  1. Avatar William A. Peterson

    Oh, please…
    First, I used to live near a Hospital (officially named “Skokie Valley Community Hospital”) that was known as “Death Valley”…
    And, it’s not like the use of “Doctor Death” in quotation marks didn’t already suggest the use of a psuedonym!
    You can do better than this, Jeff!

  2. They can’t all be winners, Willy.

  3. That actually sounds almost like real detective work there. Maybe the writers were sick that day? Otherwise they would surely have visited a fortune teller or something more likely to work…

  4. It was a simpler time, Bael, when detectives actually detected instead of only hitting things with their fists. Wimps.

  5. Well, in their defense, Superbrat Prime hadn’t yet Scientifically Proven that hitting things hard enough could change reality. They just didn’t know any better.